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Engel Fridge Review | The Best Portable Refrigerator In Australia?


When we were kids, we used to wish for something that would keep us cool throughout our long journey. Obviously, there was that one relative or a place where it took ages to reach. The drinks we brought eventually warmed up and were no fun drinking. If only there was a fridge in the car, right? Well, luckily (not as much as for us as compared to our kids), the technology never ceases the amaze.


Nowadays, portable fridges can be found for a pretty neat price that can hold your drinks, medicines, etc. in them and keep them at the temperature you want for as long as you want (with a few catches). With that being said, would your fridge count as running if it was inside a car and someone from outside saw it? Is your fridge running? BCF’s Engel Fridge is one of the fridges in the market which are suited just for that purpose. Not for running, for being portable.


About Engel Fridge:

Engel Fridge is not your typical thermos looking bottle type container where you can put your drink to be kept cold or warm. It is a proper portable refrigerator capable of holding a few bottles or similar things in its container where it keeps it cold through a refrigeration process similar to the ones used in regular refrigerators. There are no chlorofluorocarbons involved in this process, though. Whether you want to keep your food safe and healthy, your drinks cold, your medicine intact, your caught fish fresh, this is the best of your options. Being a car fridge, Engel Fridge can be carried almost anywhere. 


Engel Fridge Models:

Engel Fridges have four major different variants or models. A brief explanation of them is provided below:



The most basic model in the MT series; the MT35F-U1 has dimensions of 25.5 x 14.3 x 16 and weighs about 60 lbs. Furthermore, it has a volume of 34 Qt.



A slightly bigger model than the old MT35F, the MT45F has dimensions 25.5 x 14.3 x 20 and weighs 66 lbs. Well, greater the size, greater the weight. However, it kind of compensates it with a volume of 43 Qt. 



This is the biggest model in the MT series with the dimensions of 31.1 x 19.3 x 17.4 and weighs 86 lbs. That is quite heavy but since it is the biggest model in the series, it also provides the biggest volume to keep the stuff in. Its volume is 64 Qt.



This is slightly bigger than MT35F-U1 but has lesser weight. God knows how they managed to get this done but the efficiency remains the same so we can say that they probably did some magic trick that they are not willing to let the people know about. With the dimensions of 25 x 15.5 x 18.5, this model weighs almost 48 lbs. and has a volume of 40 Qt.



Engel Fridge Review

Engel Fridge Features:

The unique features of Engel Fridge are what make it stand out from the rest of the similar brands.


1. Uniquely built:

One good thing about Engel Fridge is the uniqueness it so possesses. The fact that it looks, feels, acts, and works differently yet provides the best of experience is actually pretty relaxing about the fridge. It is unique as compared to its competitors (more on it in a section later on).


2. Durable:

Is a product really good if it is not durable? I didn’t think so. Engel Fridge is durable. And when I say durable, you better believe me. The metallic frame with steel-lined outside in the exterior and the interior made out of the best materials in the world; I’d say it’s pretty durable.


3. Reliable:

If it is durable that much, it should automatically be reliable. You can use it to the full of its usage capacity and it would give you the best of results without any kind of performance hindrance. 


4. Efficient Cooling:

The way the portable freezer slash fridge is designed, it is pretty efficient. You can use it anywhere and it would give the best output. The power loss is pretty low as compared to the competitors. This makes Engel Fridge keep the stuff inside it cool enough so even if it runs out of batteries, it is still pretty good and can go for a time provided that the user does not open the fridge.


5. Simple & Easy to Use:

The fridge is pretty easy to use. You can power it on and off with just a click of the button and all you need to do is open or close the fridge anyway, so it is pretty easy to use.


6. Good-Looking:

This travel fridge is easy to use, durable, reliable, and pretty unique. But one more thing that adds to its quality is its good looks. The appearance is pretty simple. It looks like a fridge and feels like a fridge but in a small container typed housing. 


Engel Fridge Disadvantages:


1. Not enough spacious:

Due to the fact that the fridge is lined up with all kinds of heat-resistant metals, etc. and to keep it efficient, the space inside of the fridge is reduced. It is not as spacious as the competitors but gets the job done pretty good


2. Weight:

With all the things equipped inside it to make the best, weight becomes an issue. It is pretty heavy. Be sure to keep that in mind when you are considering to purchase a camping fridge.


What makes them so special?

Engel Fridges stand out of all the other portable mini-fridges. Some might even call the best camping fridge. But that is just their opinion depending on which factor they choose the fridge to be the “best”. Engel Fridge is a 12V mobile fridge which is pretty easy to use, has good appearance, is durable, reliable, and really, really efficient in its working. This is not something that you see every day. This certainly makes Engel Fridge stand out a lot.


Is Engel Fridge better than its competitors?

Well, this is the complicated part. You have to have (a) certain factor(s) to find out which of the portable fridge is the best. Engel is pretty good in a lot of ways but there can be other competitors who are better where Engel Fridge is not. There are competitors like Igloo Iceman or Coleman Thermoelectric. The two are pretty good at their job and weigh a lot less than Engel. However, Engel beats them in space and efficiency. This makes Engel a bit costlier than the others. If you are okay with the increase in the cost, you can surely go for Engel as it is the best for you. The others might not be the best for long journeys, etc. but they are good for office, hostels, etc. 


Are they really worth it?

Ah, yes. The question that has no answer. Are they really worth it?


To be quite honest, we don’t know either. Engel Fridges are pretty situational. If you have a need for them and are willing to spend a few hundred extras to get a better service, they sure are worth it. Otherwise, not so much. You might consider the alternative options as they might better suit your needs.

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