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EK Holden Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

EK Holden Review Australia


Under the name of EK Holden, you can have two models with multiple trims. It was manufactured from 1961 to 1962. But, you can notice a significant upgrade in the later variants. You can have a 1962 model in Sedan vehicle, Ute, Van, and wagon styled. One thing is constant, its rear-wheel-drive (RWD). You will get high-class options on gearing transmission, engine, interior upholstery, and visually appealing layout. If you are looking for a smoother, safer, and pleasing ride, you can choose any of its trims. Every model has a perfectly balanced power to weight ratio, offering low gravity and making acceleration easy.


Think well, either you are purchasing EK Holden standard or special trim. The major drawback is that it lacks a diesel engine. Running on petrol might be a problem for a few! It is spacious enough to take you on a relaxing ride with a good storage capacity. Its fuel-efficient engine is a plus.


EK Holden Review Australia: 

Holden is the symbol of high-end cars. Without any doubt, Holden EK is one of their masterpieces. It is a midsize car with an all-new impressive and eye-fetching layout. It offers multiple sizes and seating capacity.


You can choose from the following options:

4-door sedan car

5-door station wagon

2-door coupé-styled UTE

2-door panel van


We can say, the utility and van models lack few details but still, it will give you a satisfactory drive experience. The distinguishing feature is their wheelbases which makes them suitable for small and big family trips. In total 112,860 vehicles of 1961, EK Holden were manufactured. EK series is available in various international markets of automobiles in both left-hand and right-hand drive configurations.



If you are thinking of buying a 1961 or 1962 EK Holden model car, you will have no confusion regarding its engine. All models have a basic identical engine setup. They feature a grey coloured efficient motor system. The company has engineered a powerful engine to ring speed. After several real life testing and thoughtful advancements, an incredible infusion of the old-styled car with engine modernity is presented. In its 1962 models, you can find high-quality and flexible rubbers with adaptable seals. It is known to have a satisfactory fuel tank capacity of 9.5 gallons (ca. 43 litres) making it up to 43L. Besides a few old structural layouts of the engine, EK Holden has modern machinery.


You will get a 2.2L petrol engine with an in-line six-cylinder. The engine size is 2262 CC and works perfectly with a single carburettor. Its grey-tinted motor is set up under a broad, robust-looking bonnet. The maximum speed is 55kW @ 162 NM, whereas maximum torque is 120lb (ca. 54 kg)-ft (163Nm) @ 1400 RPM. Its exclusive piston aspirated engine lets you enjoy a comfortable ride with an easy-to-handle drive train. One thing, you must know is that the gearbox is fixed upfront, not on the floor. For a few drivers, the column might be a distraction.


Depending on its standard and special trims, you can have a 3-speed transmission in Manual or Hydra-Matic automatic handling. There is the best intercooler or cooling system to make the engine run faster without getting temperature instability.


The highlight of the engine specifications includes:

12 volts

Flexible coil and springs in suspensions

Efficient fuel distributor

Automatic centrifugal distributor

Vacuum-themed advance controlling setup

Octane selector

Adjustable, independent front axle suspension with Delco direct-acting tube-shaped shock absorbers

Semi-elliptic springs in rear axle suspension offering Hotchkiss Drive with Delco direct-acting tube-shaped shock absorbers


Design of EK Holden:

Well, if we start talking about the remarkable design of EK Holden, you will be impressed. The reason for its durability is ideally dimensioned unitary construction.

Standard Sedan has 4 doors offering 6 seating capacity

Standard EK Holden UTE has 2 doors offering 3 seating capacity

Standard van has 3 doors offering 3 seating capacity

Standard Holden EK wagon has 5 doors, 6 seating capacity


In the earliest of the 1962 models, a modernised upfront grille of 8 bold vertical bull bars can be a distinctive feature. The trims have received sideways body molding. The major difference you can find between standard and special trims is that standard comes with a monotone exterior without complementary stylish trimming and fancier fittings. On the contrary, special variants are equipped with modish stainless-steel trims giving an anti-rust frame. Its white roof and chrome signified badge just fit perfectly giving an extra touch of luxury! Where the structure is already pretty inspiring, the interior is also spacious, sturdy, and comes with a soft-felt dual-shade vinyl wrapped cabin.  


In the topmost grille bar, striking headlamps and front turn indicators are fitted. If you do not like the congested interior, you must look into its details. It has a better and all-new ventilation setup. It has a maximum carrying capacity supported with advanced spring coils. The superb curved roof line and rear wings will definitely catch your eye!


Other special equipment found in its interior are:

Finished and dandy dashboard

Electric wipers


Petrol gauge for fuel check

Warning lamp for the water temperature to keep the engine under check

Oil warning lamp

Generator warning lamp

550 payload capacity


Additional features:

30 or more NASCO Accessories

Wider grille

Feasible bonnet lock

Lockable tank cap

Built-in heater

Rear-view mirrors for maximum vision



Engine immobiliser

CD portal

AUX player

Wide central console or glove box


In comparison, you must always look for the more advanced vehicle and it is a 1962 model. With a few incremental upgrades and improvements, a special touch is given to its interior and exterior. The highlight is its rust-free body frame.


EK Holden V8 specs:

4-door Station sedan vehicle

5700 CC sized engine

Advanced and speedy V8 engine to take you on the bumpy roads

Maximum power of 253 kW @ 6000 RPM

The maximum torque of 470 NM @ 4000 RPM

Automatic gear shift with 3-speed transmission

Adjustable, independent suspensions featuring flexible spring coils, traction bars, and powerful tubular shocks absorbers are the best part to keep steady control over vehicle speed

Ventilated Discs brakes on the front and back offering strong stopping power

Assorted panels in the cabin for a fancier touch and accessibility

Powered and tilt steering wheel to give maximum control


Final verdict:

Holden EK comes with luxury-oriented mechanical and design work. The company doesn’t only offer fuel-efficient engines but also satisfactory exterior frame and roomy interior. All trims are modernised with the option of gear shift transmission. But, the old car has old problems. To avoid inconvenience, you must get all the details beforehand. For additional security, get access to the car’s past accidental, theft, and driving history from our instant portal Quick Revs.

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