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EJ Holden Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

EJ Holden Review Australia


If you have always liked Holden cars, you might find this model also satisfactory up to a certain limit. In comparison to the previous versions, it has an improved braking system and adaptable suspensions for better road performance. The most striking feature is its advanced Hydra-Matic automatic gearbox. The company has made it with a friendly styling, for sure, with a significant Retro appeal. The exterior is slim and sleek with a fancier horizontal slatted grille fitted right in the center of headlamps. The magnificent badge shouting "HOLDEN" along the full width of the front bold grille is something extraordinary.


EJ Holden is manufactured by one of the most renowned companies in Australia. This motor vehicle does not give you a variety of models as it was only marketed for a year, from 1962 to 1963. You can call it with multiple names, such as Holden Standard, Holden Special, Holden Premier, Holden UTE, and Holden Panel Van. The most amazing thing is that the company successfully engineered two absolutely different variants in such a short span. You can have it in Sedan & Station Sedan styled vehicles designed from July 1962 to August 1963) or UTE & Panel Van (designed from January to August 1963).



As a standard, the motor system in the EJ Holden UTE, wagon, and sedan is like the previous EK model. The only difference is the engine location. As it is offered in a variety of trims, but not a single trim has different equipment. Complete EJ series is installed with an aspirated 2,262 CC inline 6-cyl engine.


Unfortunately, it is pretty sluggish and gives only 56 kW of the maximum power. Not suitable for a longer ride or even for the bumpy roads! You will get the famous Holden grey motor in the Holden EJ series which has helped to maximize the road performance along with carburetor single. No doubt, it is a safe handling car to ride because of its clutch featuring diecast aluminum housing offering durability and sturdiness.


The only biggest advantage of this slow-paced engine is that it is noise-free, absolutely quiet even at its peak speeds. The engine is designed to give you a smoother on-road drive regardless of its speed. If you are looking for the name of Holden and engine performance, but the speed does not matter to you, EJ Holden fits the budget. The fuel tank capacity is also slightly small, only 43.2L.


For a smoother drive, premium quality front and rear duo-servo brake setups are equipped to refine the stopping power, even at the little pedal pressure. In the front, short and long arm independent suspension type is fitted with telescopic shock absorbers and adaptable stabilizer bar. And in the rear axle, exclusive semi-elliptic springs are installed. 


Besides having a single engine option, it offers only manual transmission of 3-speed on EJ Holden wagon, sedan, special, and UTE. Do you prefer the auto-mode drive? Not a problem! Its luxury model, called the Holden Premier, comes with an exclusive Hydra-Matic automatic gearbox with a 3-speed transmission. The twist is its "4th" speed, complemented with the torque multiplier. To make your drive more comfortable and pleasing, minor improvements are done to the gears and bearing. You will feel the difference once you have driven it yourself.



Apparently, you will find this car as a deep reflection of old times with the V-shaped styling lines upfront. It has unitary construction which means a monocoque layout. With a down-sized battery, the front bumper and bonnet are made smaller. The chassis of the car is also lightweight which complements the speed. On the front, you can see sealed beam lights in a stylish shape.


Overall, we can say, it is a decent-looking Holden with a characteristic lower roofline. It lacks the signature fins of the Holden series and has a subtle rear design. Back in the 1970s, it was considered a car with modern styling but now, I doubt it. 


Coming to its interior, the first thing you will notice is unnecessarily visible seat belt anchorages. The Diamond Dot radio is the only rare feature inside. The instrument panel will give you a pointer type speedometer with a magnified mileage recorder.


As a standard, the following features are available:

Petrol gauge

Water temperature warning lamp

Oil warning lamp

Generator warning lamp

High beam warning lamp


The old-styled turn indicators fitted below the bumpers add up to the front boldness. The EJ Holden gives you fully curved windscreens with slanted front pillars. These C-pillars look amazing, but they restrict your rear visibility, which could be pretty dangerous. Besides safety belts, another luxury is the rubber padded instrument panel offering a soft-felt touch. The famous horn ring is not there to disturb your ride, instead, you get easy going pad buttons. One thing you will love is its steering. It has an accurate position and offers a confident turn.


EJ Holden Premier:

The Premier version will give you certain advantages in its design. First of all, it is quite difficult to take the eyes off of its distinctive chrome engine hood ornament. Moreover, the chrome finessed wheel trims are a definite fit for its exterior with exclusive Magic Mirror acrylic polish. Its leather-wrapped interior and carpeted floor give you slight premium feels.


Other specs of EJ Holden Premier include:

Comfier bucket seats with foam seat cushion pads

Modish lift up door handles

Flashing handbrake warning lamp

Press-button steering wheel


2-speed fan

Anti-glare rearview mirror

Coat hooks and assist straps

Luggage compartment

2-speed electric wipers

Windscreen washers

Dual horns



Sluggish, slow-paced engine

The old motor can be disturbingly noisy 

No cigarette lighter

No Air Conditioner

No AM/FM radio

Stiffer transmission

No infotainment display, LCD, or touch screen

No CD or DVD access

Lacks USB portals and auxiliary points


Safety features:

Although it has seatbelts for the driving and passenger seats but doesn’t expect anything else. The car is absolute zero in accounts of safety. It has strong and powerful brakes but no other safety feature is installed. There are no reversing lights, ISOFIX child seat-points, or sensors. In short, it lacks basic features to ensure your safety on the road.


Final verdict:

One thing is sure, that if you get EJ Holden, you will be given a rare piece of Australian motoring history. With its great looks, you might get impressed but the slow engine, single manual gearbox option, and old-styled motor will make you doubtful. It has a well-sized cabin space but offers no luxuries, not even in the top-most Premium Holden trims.


Similar to other old cars, it has old problems and particularly, its parts are difficult to find. So, it would be better if you get the right details of the car before finalizing a deal. And, we are providing you an instant way to get all the car’s accident, driving, and theft history. For your help, we have a 24/7 accessible portal on our site Quick Revs!

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