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EH Holden Review Australia | Features, Specification, Performance

Eh Holden Review Australia

Holden has been equivalent to the Australian vehicle market since the time it was introduced in 1948. It was the car of its time as this car was manufactured that is spanning over 60 years. This car is presently offering an assortment of little hatchbacks, enormous cars, and huge SUVs to Australians. Holden's best model was the privately made Commodore which held an incredible contention with Ford's Falcon until creation halted in 2017. The brand presently imports vehicles from around the globe including Colorado from Thailand, the Astra from Germany, and Acadia from the United States. 


Body and Chasis:

Most of the models of EHs in the market have invested in many panels and discovering filler where metal is unavoidable. The places where you should be sure of having rust-free steel incorporate all the floors, inward ledges, sub-casing, and back spring mounts, around the front and back windows are hard to find. Used EH panels without rust or window patterns are particularly uncommon. 


However, it was an inch more wide and hardly two inches lower than the EK, the styling made it look a lot more extensive and lower. A huge front windscreen and wraparound back screen implied the EJ offered preferred vision over the past EK model. Furthermore, it is a significantly more current looking bundle. There was additionally more inside space for storage with improved front suspension.



The 'Red Six' engine range that created such energy when the EH was presented is a basic yet versatile engine. They adapt well to execution tuning, turbocharging, or can be reconditioned to standard.  The new EH manual move switch could fold like the tail on an over-energized Labrador. The Hydra-Matic auto was a moderate old thing yet reliable.


Diffs are practically difficult to break yet cry on the off chance that they come up short on grease. Search for stains on the lodging. The new seven-bearing pushrod unit (with water driven lifters) came in three variations: 149ci low-pressure appraised at 95hp, a standard 149 at 100hp, and the 179 guaranteeing 115 ponies. However, it is more remarkable than the four-bearing dark engine. it has asserted better mileage.



 ✓ Engine: 138ci (2.26lt) inline six 

 ✓ Bore/Stroke: 3.062 x 3.125 inches, (77.8 x 79.4mm) 

 ✓ Compression: 7.25:1 

 ✓ Power/Torque: 75bhp (56kW)@4200rpm, 120 lb/ft (163Nm)@1400rpm  ✓

 ✓ Fuel system: Bendix-Stromberg singl bbl carb 

 ✓ Cooling system: Liquid 

 ✓ Transmission: automatic 3 spd 

 ✓ Front Brakes: Duo servo 229mm hydraulic drums 

 ✓ Rear Brakes: Duo servo 229mm hydraulic drums 

 ✓ Wheels/Tyres: 13" standard f/r. 6.40 x 13 four-4 ply 

 ✓ Wheelbase: 105 inches (2667mm) 

 ✓ Weight: 2639 lb (1197kg) 

 ✓ 0-100kph: 21 sec (approx) 

 ✓ Top Speed: 124 kph (approx) 



If you've picked a Premier and need to copy the true creased cowhide upholstery that will include a pro engine trimmer and somewhere in the range of thousands of bucks to take care of the tab. However, vinyl for your seat Special is still genuinely simple to discover. Minor fixes can be embraced without supplanting the whole spread. Electrics are fundamental as well, simply be certain that the admonition lights that mean low oil pressure or electrical issues do enlighten with the start. 


Additional features: 

 ✓ Speedometer 

 ✓ Petrol gauge 

 ✓ Water Temperature warning lamp 

 ✓ Oil warning lamp 

 ✓ Generator warning lamp 

 ✓ Turn Signal lamps 

 ✓ High Beam warning lamp 



 ✓ Standard Sedan 

 ✓ Special Sedan 

 ✓ Premier Sedan 

 ✓ S4 Special Sedan 

 ✓ Standard Station Sedan 

 ✓ Special Station Sedan 

 ✓ Premier Station Sedan 

 ✓ Panel Van 

 ✓ Utility 


EH Holden Reviews: 

Review 1: 

Eh holden 186 red motor, 4-speed manual, HR front end, custom bucket seats. had the side windows plated up. I built the car twice after I crashed it. had it resprayed and all chrome redone. very good car but had to sell for my gt project 


Review 2: 

one of the fastest cars from 1964 20 sec down the 1/4 braking is pretty good handling is good as well build quality is great interior is great with buckets seats upfront red carpet white steering wheel white gear nobs exterior BEST LOOKING HOLDEN EVER MADE lovely hips. 


Review 3: 

performance: the 179 is still going strong after 46 years with a monthly check-up build quality: good considering its a 46-year-old car fair amount of rust but fixable appearance: chunky body lines built like a brick but are the cool cost of ownership: isn't overly great on fuel but needs a better tune fun factor: not really fun but your always cruising in style 


Review 4: 

The EH has a slow takeoff but better performance in the top end. I've had her to right on 100mph but had to back off quickly before I drifted off the country road. The handling is like that of a tractor. The steering wheel has a lot of giving before the steering responds. It is in original condition apart from surface rust etc being taken out, being on gas conversion, and having an am/FM radio installed. Complete with bench seats, automatic column shift, high beam light switch on the floor, Jesus straps in the back & no seat belts, it's just like the day it rolls off the factory production line. It's green with a white roof with matching interior, (all vinyl). It's an awesome cruiser for the Sunday drive or weekday down the coast. As my first car, I love her. 


Review 5: 

Performance is rubbish - 45-year-old technology will do that. No acceleration, no braking, no handling. Build quality is good - everything was built a little bit better back then. Appearance is everything - the car looks beautiful. Cost of ownership not so bad - the cost of rebuilders, not as bad as you'd think - but still a lot. 



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