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EFS Suspension Review Australia | Suspension and 4WD Accessories

EFS Suspension Review Australia

Enhanced Four Wheel Drive Suspension is a quality product that has proved itself in 4WD competitions throughout Australia, having been pushed to the limit by 4WD enthusiasts around the world.


Shock absorber design hasn't changed much over the last 50 years. One thing has changed. 4WD enthusiasts know what they want and they look for products that have been developed to suit Australian conditions. That's why EFS shock absorbers have been rigorously tested in Australia. Don't be misled, this product is purpose-built, and designed right here.


The suspension is not just a Shock Absorber. It is a completely integrated suspension package of Springs, Shocks & other Components. They work together to give quality on-road handling characteristics and superior off-road ability. EFS has been developing shocks for years and has the use of its own specialized shock dyno facility, where each shock is fine-tuned to not just its own demanding specifications but the specific needs of each individual 4X4 it’s destined for.


It has designed this high-quality suspension system to combat Australia’s harsh off-road conditions. The EFS range is under constant development & is put through the harshest tests with competition vehicles.


The EFS Shock Absorber will ensure controlled and consistent dampening. It is based on a large body twin tube, low-pressure nitrogen gas design. The experienced team at EFS has taken much care in designing and developing valve codes to ensure that consumers’ expectations are met in all situations found when crossing various road networks and remote areas around Australia. This is what makes EFS superior to many competitors.


Go Pro For More HighlightsGo Pro For More HighlightsGo Pro For More HighlightsThe EFS torsion bars give a 25-30 percent increase in strength over the standard units and give a dramatic increase in towing stability as well as keeping vehicles planted yet nimble when carrying an increased load. The bars are prestressed to ensure longevity, plus they’re bar peened and rolled to help the units retain their strength for the life of their service.


“Because leaf and coil suspensions create different ride characteristics, the EFS shock absorber has been designed to suit each individual application”. EFS R&D Team. The EFS leaves are made from high-quality Japanese grade SUP9 and SUP9A alloyed carbon spring steel. The shot-peened and scrag tested leaves offer not just greater wheel articulation and durability but give a more comfortable ride over the rough stuff.


The tapered leaf ends reduce the inter-leaf friction and improve pressure distribution over the bearing area. The EFS pins and shackles are made from medium- to high-grade carbon steels which are then case hardened and gold cadmium plated for increased strength and corrosion protection against the elements while the carbon steel U-bolts are powder-coated to ensure longevity

EFS Suspension Product Range including shocks, leaf springs, coil springs, bushes, and shackles. EFS stand behind their product with a 3 year / 100,000 km Warranty


EFS provides a wide range of products which includes:

Steering Dampers, Shock Absorbers in four categories, X-Treme Shock, XTR Shock, Elite Shock, and Enforcer Shock,  Coil Springs,  Leaf Springs, Torsion Bars, Bushes

Some of these products can be seen below:


Xtreme Steering Dampener:

The EFS X-Treme Steering Damper provides unmatched steering control and reliability. Designed with increased valve forces to aid in the control of oversized tires that increase bump steer.



 ✓ 35mm Bore

 ✓ Oversized Bulged 60mm Body

 ✓ 16mm Hardened Chrome Shaft

 ✓ Increased Valve Forces To Suit 33-37 Inch Tyres


X-Treme Shock Absorber:

The EFS X-Treme Shock Absorber has taken over three years to develop and test. During this period it’s had countless trips along unsealed corrugated roads, highly strenuous technical off road situations and has seen many laps of 4WD race tracks in competition vehicles.

During this period the X-Treme has exceeded expectations and has been pushed beyond the boundaries that a normal 4WD shock absorber can endure.



 ✓ Oversized eye ring and pin mounts

 ✓ 20mm hardened chrome piston rod

 ✓ Durable over sized concertina dust boot

 ✓ 2mm H/D external wall thickness

 ✓ Internal hydraulic rebound stop

 ✓ Bonded rubber eye bushes

 ✓ Special high-temperature fluid

 ✓ Quality multi-lip Viton seal

 ✓ High strength iron piston rings

 ✓ Large 45mm bore

 ✓ Twin tube hydraulic design

 ✓ Dynamic motion control valve


Elite Shock Absorber:

The EFS Elite Shock Absorber range from Superior Engineering is developed for the 4WD owner who only pursues the best for their Four Wheel Drive vehicle. The Premium Elite shock features a 35mm piston with twin-tube construction for better control of the spring during rebound and compression, with the 51-60mm external tube offering a greater oil capacity to keep the valve at a lower operating temperature.



 ✓ 51mm external tube - Greater oil capacity to keep the valve at a lower operating temperature

 ✓ Low-pressure nitrogen gas - Helps prevent the oil from cavitating (foaming)

 ✓ Long travel design - Maximises wheel articulation

 ✓ 35mm piston, twin-tube construction - Increased control of the spring during the rebound and compression cycles

 ✓ 16mm quality hardened chromed piston rod - longer service life and greater lateral strength

 ✓ 1.5mm outer and inner wall thickness - Greater durability and strength

 ✓ Dynamic motion control valve - Adjusts to different road and off-road conditions.



“Have now got EFS shocks fitted to the front and am getting new EFS shocks for the rear as well. All I can say is that they are Australian made for the local conditions, have the ABSOLUTE best warranty anywhere. Since fitting the new front shocks my ride has improved over the old Pedders shocks. I think the fact that they are locally made with the very best warranty, and they make most of the suspensions components for off-road racing vehicles, speaks for itself. I would highly recommend them.” – Ozkahuna (https://forum.australia4wd.com)


“I fitted EFS Extreme shocks to the Troll, together with King Springs, about two years, and 60,000 km, ago and I have simply not had to think about them since. They do the job without fading or any noise and while the Troll isn’t a speed freak it does do quite a bit of corrugated road travel at dirt road speeds and I haven’t had an issue. Warranty? Well I haven’t had to use it so that’s a bit of a non-question for me. I have no hesitation in recommending them.” – Joe (https://forum.australia4wd.com)


“I put the full EFS set in my first jack (98 v6) 40mm lift coils, t bars and 4 shocks - $1200 fitted. Loved it made a huge difference to her, no probs whilst I had it. I have also had them make springs for me in previous cars out at the Campbell field factory in Melbourne. Very good service. I would get them again no hesitation.” – Brad (https://forum.australia4wd.com)

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