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EF Falcon Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


EF Falcon Review Australia


Ford Falcon has been producing tons of cars every year and every year model comes with a significant advancement that will awestruck you. Well, even if you are a fan of old classical cars, you can go for the old Falcons, particularly the EF Falcon series. It is a series of a full-size car manufactured from 1994 to 1996 and in such a short period it gained enough status and reliable repute.


Need a compact yet spacious sedan? Or prefer larger vehicles such as wagons for big families? 4-door sedan? EF Falcon has both a sports car and luxurious Fairmont models to bring the extravagance. With a slightly tweaked chassis, this falcon has become highly usable. Besides, it is laden with amazing specifications. Consider it a giant leap forward for Ford regarding appealing styling, mechanical refinement, and premium build quality.


Apart from being affordable, their highlight is its brilliant balance of performance. As it comes in a softer and rounder style, EF Falcon looks smaller than it actually is.



If you are expecting a high-grade performance, you will not be disappointed. No matter if you have chosen a base or luxury model, you will get a satisfactory on road and off-road performance. Where its handling is agile, the speed is ravishing. Loaded with adaptable suspensions, a responsive braking system, and a classic motor, EF Falcon offers durability.


We can say, all mechanical setups are highly reliable and sturdy. The steering is wonderfully designed to offer maximum responsiveness and precision. Apart from a directional and appropriately weighted steering, the pedals seem to be engaging. Throttle's response is incredible and will take you on the highways, effortlessly.


GLi and Futura - Base models:

Available in sedan and wagon, you can have any as both are equipped with a similar engine. But the best part is that despite its one engine configuration, it has a larger engine in option. With amazing throttle control, it is controlled better. The on-road performance over tighter roads seems to be appreciated. As a standard, you will have 4L SOHC inline 6-cyl engine mated with a quick and smooth5-speed manual transmission. And as an option, a 5L V8 engine is provided complemented with a 4-speed automatic transmission in EF Falcon. Both run on petrol both offering eye-opening drivability.


XR6 and XR8 – Sport model:

Although EF Falcon sports models have the same engine configuration of 4L SOHC inline 6-cyl, the significant change is its Tickford alloy cylinder heads along with an innovative EEC programming. Capable of offering 164 kW power at 5000 rpm, it is of lesser speed in comparison to its XR8 version. The XR8 comes with a 5L V8 engine ensuring 170 kW power at 4500 rpm.


As far as transmissions are concerned, both options are offered, a 5-speed manual as standard and a 4-speed automatic. The gearboxes guarantee faster shifts even at higher accelerations.


Fairmont lineup – Luxury models:

The engine configurations are similar, the 4L SOHC inline 6-cylinder or a 5L OHV V8. But, the gearbox is provided with a 4-speed automatic mode as a standard. If you are interested in buying a Fairmont 6-cylinder Ghia version, you will find it similar to the XR6 with a slight difference in power output.


Everyone wants a soothing ride and the EF Falcon Ghia engine is surprisingly quieter due to a more efficient exhaust system.



Base models:

Even if you are spending less money, you will be getting loads of equipment as standard in EF Falcon base models, making your cabin comfortable and ride conveniently.


The exterior of the GLi models is featured with robust 15-inch wheels and the same body-colored front and rear bumpers. Apparently, both have changed the front view by eliminating the grille fitted between the headlights. Now, it has only the blue oval badge. For safety, you will get a driver airbag as standard.


In comparison to EF Falcon GLi, the Futura is considered more feature-rich as it includes:

Power windows (front)

Adaptive cruise control


Rear headrests

Interior map pockets with map lights

6-speaker stereo system

Digital clock

Variable intermittent windshield wipers

Fold-out rear-seat armrest


As an optional, you can get:


Tickford body kit

Boot mounted spoiler with an infused stoplight

Variety of 15- or 16-inch alloy wheels

6-stacker CD player (except GLi)

Disabled drivers pack

Airbag compatible 'Smart Bar' bull-bar


Sport models:

EF Falcon XR6 is undoubtedly the best balanced and best volume vehicle. It has a feature-laden cabin but is offered at a reasonable price. The cabin has its comfort zone while handling every need delightfully. Where XR6 is available in both sedan and wagon, the XR8, is available only as a sedan. With their exterior design, it will grab your attention, right away.


From the front, it has twin headlights complementing the red or black bumper strips and exclusive 15-inch sturdy alloy wheels.


All EF Falcon XR models have the features of the Futura in addition to their own such as:

Tickford reprogrammed gear

Tickford developed sports suspension

Rear spoiler with built-in brake light


Adjustable see-through front and rear headrests

'Sports' front bucket seats featuring side bolsters

Gauges (oil pressure and battery voltage)

Charcoal leather-wrapped steering

Warning lights (low oil pressure and low washer fluid)

Dual horn note


Luxury models:

Branded as Ford Falcon EF Fairmont or Ford Fairmont Ghia, they have all the features that are offered on base and sport models.


With the above-mentioned specs, Fairmont has:

Trip computer

Climate control

Adjustable steering wheel

Keyless/Remote Boot Release

Remote/Keyless Entry

Central locking

15-inch alloy wheels


The Fairmont Ghia additionally has:

9-speaker stereo system

Boot mounted 6-CD stacker


Ghia badging


Both the Fairmont and Fairmont Ghia models have:

Chrome accents

Strikingly designed headlights

Sturdy front bar

Fake grille

Fairlane/LTD bonnet


Series II specifications:

Marketed back in October 1995, EF Falcon has hundreds of added features making it more acceptable. And if we compare both series, you must keep more refined series II on priority. Unfortunately, you cannot have the XR6 EF Falcon wagon as it was eliminated from the vehicle series. The drivability is more revving with its advanced front suspension.


While driving, you will face no road issues that you might face in old versions/series I.  No more twitchiness, no more nervous roll oversteer, no more hyperactive turn-in response! Smooth, stable, and firm ride. Another big refinement that maximizes your safety is the standardization of a passenger airbag.


Moreover, it features:

Power-assisted steering


Body side rub strips

Black B-pillars (Fairmont Ghia)

Widely angled convex passenger side door mirror


On the base models, you will see the EF Falcon badge at the rear in eye-catching frosted silver finesse to give the glossy, prestige-packed extravagance. The latest Ghia Fairmont is easy to spot with its chrome finessed molding encircling the fake grille and brighter silver finesse between the spokes of the aluminum wheels.


Its full leather upholstery shouts premium. The imposing ‘Cappuccino’ interior trim has been 'imported' from the Fairlane/LTD.


Final verdict:

With its significant drop in fuel mileage with a touch of extra refinement, EF Falcon is considered the most stylish, reliable, and revved-up vehicle from the old ages. Wind and road noise is no more an issue as the cabin is manufactured using neoprene rubber-based blockers. A lot of attention to safety has been paid to making it a secure and usable car.


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