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East Coast Bullbars Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

East Coast Bullbars Review Australia

The role of the bull bars in keeping a vehicle safe is quite essential. Nowadays, it is used for better styling instead of offering protection. Additional use of the bars which most of the people forget is its part in securing an automobile’s cooling system. In Australian slang, you can call it a push bumper, roo bar, or nudge bar. It goes by many names all around the world. It is placed upfront, saving the engine from possible collisions. The question is, from where you can buy the most appropriate and cheap bullbars!


In Australia, East Coast Bullbars is one of the most ancient manufacturers. Every product is crafted with care and hard work, right here in Australia. It has a team of efficient engineers. Besides, they have successfully upgraded their safety protocols to make it more authentic and resistant. The company seems to be on the top for using cutting-edge techniques. The logo says “Lighter, Stronger, Better”, and indeed it is! East Coast Bullbars have introduced most lightweight bars with tensile strength in the market.


ECB is known for providing top-quality and the world’s Best Alloy Bullbars for the past 50 years. They have been expanding their variety of bars in aspects of designs, models, features, dimensions, and strength. They have expertise in the Automotive field. Their bullbars deliver maximum protection from the animal strike. Bars can be made on-demand as per the vehicle’s suitability. They have plants where you can find elite and most advanced technologies. The latest achievement was the addition of 2 Kinetic Hi-Def Plasma cutters. For instant services, you are free to contact them through email. East Coast Bullbars prices are quite economical and bars are affordable.


Variety of Bullbars:

East Coast Bullbars consists of 6 excellent categories of bars for super cars. Every bar is available in their classic mirror-polished alloy finesse:

Big Tube Bar: It weighs only 85kgs reducing the overall fuel consumption along with headlamps mounting spot. It is manufactured within a range of mm thickness.

Winch Compatible Big Tube Bar: It is a single fold bar with 6 mm dimensions. It features high tensile and premium quality alloy. It also has mounting spots for fitting fancy headlights.

Nudge Bar: The distinguishing feature is its multiple lighting choices. It comes in an extra sportier & sleek structure. They are anti-rust and corrosion-resistant.

Type 8 bar: It is known for providing ideal protection to the vehicle’s bumper and engine setup. It has particular spots for the headlamp setting.

Series 2 Nudge Bar: It also has an option for multiple headlamp options up to 1.75 kg. It is available in multiple colors and comes with extra finesse.

Midi Tube Bar: These bars have a suitable spot for headlamps fitting. They offer high protection to the upfront fog lights, bumper, and grille. It weighs around 16kgs and is made of anti-rust alloy.


East Coast Bullbars doesn’t only offer a wide range of SUVs or UTEs bars but also for massive trucks. They offer services to all truck ranges of Isuzu, Fuso, UD, and MAN. The company deals in High-class tensile mandrel bendable tubes of alloy. They are delivered in all colors, even in their signature shiny textured mirror-polished theme.



Every bar is processed efficiently. They use gussets creating one solid piece instead of bolts for fitting. They use gussets creating one solid piece instead of bolts for fitting. The process continues as the bars are baked according to the desired design with extra care. The powder coating is done through the adhesion technique, as the last step to provide the finesse. Basic colors are Textura Black, Black Ripple, Silver Hammertone, and Silver Ripple. Are you a fan of exciting shiny presentations? They got it covered by a Mirror Polished theme.


Why should you choose East Coast Bullbar?

This brand has been in relation to Australia’s market of automobiles and vehicle accessories.


Some substantial aspects that make them stand out are:

East Coast Bullbars has a history of using Hi-Tensile alloy which offers ultimate strength.

What else is better than a personalized bar in demanded size and dimension. They are capable of delivering precisely customized bars in the aspect of thickness.

Bars are lightweight making it feasible and appropriate. It also decreases fuel consumption efficiently.

Gusseted fitting.

Every bar comes with a spot for headlights mounting with a maximum height of 230 mm and a width of 270 mm.

Virtually attractive colour schemes.

Their signature mirror-polished look.


New products:

They have familiarised a wide range of new items suitable for:


Chevrolet, Jeeps, warlock, Mitsubishi Vans and Pajero, city cabs, Suzuki Jimmy, Nissan, Hyundai, Subaru, Iveco, and Renault.


Additional services or products:

ADR Compliant & Airbag Compatible

LED Indicator/Park lights/DRL’s

Premium Range of Finishes

Specifically Engineered 8 mm Steel Mounts


Customer’s reviews:

Review 1:

“First class product and service, thanks for the presents with my decals, they are world leaders.

Would recommend to anyone seeking high-end product.”


Review 2:

“After paying top dollar for a bull bar thinking I was getting a premium product am extremely disappointed by the after-sales service and the quality of the fit of bull-bar. I always try to buy Australian made but the lack of any useful support I received from ECB and Opposite lock Newcastle has left a sour taste in my mouth will look elsewhere if I ever require another bull bar.”


Review 3:

“Purchased an ECB bullbar approx 2 yrs ago, looks great and luckily never needed to do its job so far. Developed an issue with one of the parking lights, a couple of emails and I had a pair of replacements 2 days later at no cost. Professional and friendly, definitely got my vote, great product, and great service.”


Final verdict:

East Coast Bullbars has a significantly long history of satisfying customer’s needs. It is known for providing elite frontal protection. Powder coating and mirror polishing are significant features making their outlook attractive and impressive. Their modernized designs are found tempting enough according to certain customers. But, based on reviews, lately the customers have been facing certain issues regarding dimensions and strength.


Another issue that could be possibly faced is their accurate fitting. We appreciate you reading our review. But, we also offer multiple services for our customers which includes providing a history of your selected car of any model. If you want to know about the history of theft or any significant event, we are here! Quick Revs

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