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Dynamic Wheels Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Dynamic Wheels Review Australia

There are various wheel manufacturers in Australia, offering a variety of wheels for all kinds of vehicles. But there are a few who have succeeded to provide consistent quality to customers. Dynamic Wheels Co is one of those manufacturers with an entire range of steel and alloy wheels. Dynamic wheels and tyres offer a comprehensive range from drift wheels to 4x4 wheels.


Many retailers have different brands of wheels available, but all report that unanimously that Dynamic wheels Australia are the best. Customer reviews would further acknowledge the fact, with happy customers who report good balance and consistent mount unlike any other.


The Dynamic Wheel Co. story started in 1989.  Chris Hummer as a qualified diesel technician started his own Automotive repair business. Chris always had a keen interest in four-wheel driving. It later developed into a passion for building and racing adventure style four-wheel drives.


After competing in Transpen Malaysia and Dunlop Monsoon challenge events for a few years. Chris took on the role of competition manager to further develop the Simex International Rainforest Challenge Malaysia. This was a 10-day 4WD adventure challenge circumnavigating the Malaysian Peninsula. Chris continued to compete in 4WD events throughout SouthEast Asia. It was in this forum that he turned his hand to designing the tread pattern of the Simex Extreme Trekker tyres. That was done in conjunction with the Sime Darby Tyre Technology Centre.


After the release of the tyres, Chris set up his own distribution network in Australia. Soon afterward, he found that there was a serious lack of suitable wheels available to service Australia’s 4WD industry. It was extremely difficult to find wheels available in a range of different sizes, offsets, colors, and designs. The search for a suitable partner to develop a range of 4WD wheels suitable for the Australian market began.



Dynamic Wheel Co. needed to find a top-notch manufacturer with the ability to provide a large range of sizes and designs, built tough to suit Australian conditions. A manufacturing facility was secured in 1998, ensuring a sufficient range of new wheels were available with unique fitments for the Australian range of 4WD vehicles. The team at Dynamic Wheel Co. has helped identify and design features in their wheels that make them more suitable for Australian conditions.


Today, Dynamic Wheel Co. maintains the same level of commitment to their clients to provide the highest quality services and products in a friendly, professional, and efficient manner. With years of expertise and knowledge in the 4x4 and automotive industry, Dynamic Wheels can offer you the very best wheels available in Australia to suit your specific needs.


Why Dynamics Wheels?

It is no coincidence that Dynamic wheels are one of the best brands when it comes to wheels. There are several reasons which make them stand out from the other wheel manufacturing companies.

These include:

Extreme focus on durability

Wheels feature thicker centers and outer Dynamic rims for better performance off-road

Offers a decent range of diameter range, from 12-inches up to 18-inches

Lifetime warranty on wheels

Over 100 designs of wheels to choose from


Range of wheels:

Dynamic wheels Co offers a wide range of wheels, no matter what vehicle you drive. May it is a Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, or Mitsubishi, you can find the one that best suits your vehicle.

It is important to keep in mind the fitment and range of the wheels when choosing the best one for your vehicle.

The range includes the following brands:

Mickey Thompson Wheels

Dick Cepek Wheels

Dynamic Alloy Wheels

Dynamic Steel Wheels

Pro Comp Wheels

LRG Wheels

ION Wheels

Mayhem Wheels

Dirty Life Wheels

Cali Off-Road Wheels


Dynamic Alloy wheels:

These are designed and tested specifically for Australian conditions. Dynamic Alloy wheels are especially fir for the 4WD market in the country. There are a range of styles and fitments available which are suitable for all kinds of terrain. Without a doubt, Dynamic offers one of the strongest alloy wheels in the market, which are suitable for even the toughest tracks.


Here are some factors which make them stand out: 

Positive offsets to suit Australian 4WD and SUV.

Designed in a way for a maximum load and carrying capacity

High positive offsets that come with a unique Deep-Dish appearance

Dynamic alloy wheels are covered with a structural lifetime warranty


Dynamic Steel wheels:

The Dynamic Steel wheels are the product of years of commitment to providing high-quality wheels. With an expanded range of steel wheels, you can be sure to find the one best suited for your vehicle.

With the twice machine centered bores, it is ensured that the wheels are balanced and maintained for a long period of time.

The centers are made to be stronger, which makes them less likely to be damaged or bent.

Similarly, the outer rims are also made to be thicker and stronger.

Structural lifetime warranty comes with most of the Dynamic steel wheels.



With Dynamic Co, your wheels do not have to be boring anymore. Dynamic wheels and tyres, as well as Dynamic rims, are one of the hottest and toughest in the market. Especially if you own a 4x4 and need to upgrade the wheels for an even better performance off-road, Dynamic Wheels Australia is the thing you need. Their wheels are built to handle any kind of terrain and road conditions. The 8 brands that are available with over 100 designs offer a lot of variety for you to pick from.


Dynamic wheels price may cost you extra dollars when compared to other manufacturers. But when you consider the quality, balance, and robustness that the wheels have, the money does not seem a lot. After all, we would always recommend going for quality over budget.

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