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Dometic Review | WAECO FRIDGE | The Best Caravan Appliances In Australia?

Australia offers several activities that you can plan in your holidays; one could go the Whitsunday Islands, hire a yacht and sail away into the sunset, or you can book a seat aboard the Ghan Express, a three-day journey through the whole continent. There are countless beaches to spend your vacations. Another trend that the Aussies are catching up to is camping; recent years have seen that more and more people are seeking to go on long trips to remote areas for days and days, often with only their caravans to accompany them.


It becomes essential, therefore, that these caravans should be fitted with the necessities to go on such trips such as beds, stoves and a fridge. You can make do with where you sleep and you can always find ways to cook your food, even if you don’t have a proper stove brought with you; but when it comes to installing a fridge on your caravan or buying a camping fridge/freezer for yourself, you would always need to tread with caution and ask yourself which of the numerous types of fridge that would suit you best.


Here are a few things you should consider when making the choice:


The size/capacity:

A large capacity fridge would surely mean fitting in more stuff for longer trips, but that would also mean that it would take up that much more of your already limited space.


Fridge or freezer?

Even though most modern fridges come with dual settings for both freezer and fridge or dual zones for each, you might still have to make the choice between the two, depending on the type of things you want to store.


Power source:

Modern fridges are better insulated and require less power to keep the thing running and cool, while people are also known to have kept a dedicated battery for their fridges in the cases the fridge requires more.


Dometic Australia:

Dometic is a global giant in the World of RVs and caravans and goes back to the early 1960s when it was just a modest start-up. Today, they have the most popular items and solutions for mobile living and considered to be one of the favorite brands for adventurers in the World. Their products are known to be designed for the maximum convenience and comfort, meeting the essentials while you are on the go. Their motto “Mobile Living made easy” says it all.


Even though they had started off as manufacturers of leisure appliances, they quickly gained their name in the camping business. Their focus of interest, however, is refrigeration units that are used for camping or installed on your caravan. Today, Dometic fridges, particularly caravan fridges and Dometic caravan air conditioners are the top-selling items in Australia and considered one of the best.


Here are a few reasons why:

 ✓ Innovative products, that always have something unique and better each time

 ✓ Reliable and durable products that you can rely on upon Dometic fridge parts that have excellent quality

 ✓ Service agents can be found easily near you if you face any trouble with your equipment and get your hands on the Dometic spare parts anywhere in Australia

 ✓ Offer long warranties which is another evidence of the quality of the products


Dometic Waeco Fridges:

One of their bestsellers, the Dometic Waeco fridges are an authority of durability, reliability, and quality; a combination that makes the fridge a most recommended one for the Aussie campers who are looking to invest on a camping fridge for their caravan. It comes with easy to install instructions and how to use them, for which the Dometic fridge manual comes handy.


One might argue that the Waeco fridge is one of the most expensive ones on the list, but you need to understand that this is a full-featured fridge with all the modern and state of the art parts.


Perks of buying the Dometic Waeco Fridge

 ✓ Energy efficient: In addition to being perfectly insulated, the Waeco fridge uses a special compressor to utilize as little power as possible, leaving little to no chance of your battery getting drained. The temperature and hence the power vary according to the requirement saving as much power as possible.

 ✓ The great design and the quality of the material is evident and is found and tested to be durable as well. People have known to be using their Waeco fridges from ages in perfect condition, and that too in harsh, rugged conditions.

 ✓ Innovative from the start, Dometic was quick to grasp on to technology and were quick enough to make the most of it in their products. The Waeco fridge comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and can be connected through an app on your smartphone, through which you can monitor and adjust the temperature settings, remotely.

 ✓ The Dometic Waeco fridge takes its name from the Genuine Waeco compressor in the appliance, which is specifically designed and developed for Australian conditions. That is a huge plus since most brands lose their reliability when it comes to the sometimes-extreme conditions of the country, but the Waeco fridge can keep you chilled in all situations.


Dometic CRX Fridge Freezers:

Also called the Dometic 3-way fridge commonly, this is a unique and innovative fridge for your caravan. This is a multipurpose fridge built specifically for long trips and is easily the most popular fridge for your caravan in the market right now. The Dometic icebox comes loaded which is bound to keep the things chilled even in the harsh summer conditions of the country. One could look at the icebox reviews that happy customers have posted and would get an idea that Dometic knows their game.


For one, these fridges are extremely efficient, consuming power, and provide with unfailing operation in every condition. The fridge also works 3-way: it can be either made a fridge, a freezer, or both at once. That is possible due to a clever regulator fixed in the compressor and the icebox or the freezing compartment can be removed from the whole thing to free up more space.

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