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De Tomaso Pantera Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


De Tomaso Pantera Review Australia


If you are a fan of vintage cars that not only offer impressive retro style but also strong engine and durability, the De Tomaso Pantera is a suitable choice. Belonging to a sports car category, it is a mid-engine vehicle. It has an exotic Italian design. Produced from 1971 to 1992, it is equipped with an amazing American V-8 grunt along with outstanding aesthetics.


Do you know what is the best part? Getting an incredible motor setup within a relatively affordable price tag. Well, you can buy it in either 2-door coupé or 2-door Targa top body style. Apart from inexpensive rates, the real highlight is the abundance of standard features.


Depending on the users’ reviews, choosing the latest models is preferable as you would find the older versions with low-quality finesse. And, yes, the unnecessary fitting of body solder definitely looks awkward.



One thing we can all agree on is that the De Tomaso Pantera handles the speed, torque, and power too well. It is a decent on-road performer that offers a stable ride. To enjoy a soothing ride, you can pick this and cruise on highways at a satisfactory speed with easy steering. It's easy to steer nature makes it a highly usable car.


Well, it not only offers maximum speed but also strong stopping power. The road driving situation is substantially sustaining, and do you know why? Due to its outstanding streamlined steering. It is strong, powerful, smooth, and linear. The only drawback is the ability of De Tomaso Pantera to oversteer suddenly in response to the lifting off from the throttle while turning.


The fully-independent suspension set-up is equipped that adds to the smoothness of the ride. To assist the suspension, power-assisted 4-wheel power disc brakes are installed as standard that compliments the layout in the best manner.


Coming to the engine configurations, it has not enough varieties but all three options are tremendous. The oldest trims of 1971 will give you a 5.8L Ford Cleveland V8 engine. It is capable of delivering power of 246 kW mated with high torque. This best combination leads to the lesser necessity of unnecessary gear changing at low accelerations.


Featuring 4-barrel carburetors, the engine is specially designed to deliver more bottom-end tractability. But, if you need something extra, you must go for the next 5.8-liter Ford 351 Windsor V-8 engine.


Another option you can choose is a 1990s 5L engine, producing 305 hp with 335 lb-ft torque. The built quality of De Tomaso Pantera is brilliant that will make it last years of use. More refined fans and radiators are fitted leading to better road management, without getting overheated. The pedals are mounted high up that can cause somewhat uneasiness.



Unfortunately, this left-hand-drive comes with a single open-gated gearbox and that is also automatic. No matter what trim you choose, you will get 5-speed manual transaxles. It has proven its reliability on the road. The smoothness is inspiring and guarantees a firm ride without giving you jerks. Well, sometimes, it does miss the 2nd gear.



As far as the design is concerned, the De Tomaso Pantera strong chassis is made of all-steel. With a monocoque construction, it has the T-shaped logo embossed to add a royalty touch. The only significant change seen in 1989 is the addition of the tube frame structure making the car more lightweight. Do not mistake its lower weight with the weakened layout because the chassis still holds a greater rigidity.


The exterior has eye-catching magnesium alloy wheels. In a single glance, you will see how the design team has gone to great lengths to create something ultra-exclusive. The resultant aesthetic ticked each box when it comes to ‘70s-era, sleek and wedge-shaped 4-wheeled speedy machines. The lower and widened stance is complemented with a nose having a supple arc.


Apart from the front appealing style, from the rear, the broad tires and quad exhaust makes it equally attractive. If you are choosing the latest models, you will get premium finessed black inserts and larger aero with smaller rear-lights.


Once you are seated inside, you will be amazed by the well-sorted interior of De Tomaso Pantera. Sorry to say but if you are a tall person, the car will give you cramped boot space and even the headroom. The modern and smart, body-hugging sports seats are used inside the cabin. The leg-room seems generous. You will find a nice variety of specs on hand that go towards making up the difference. As a standard, AC and electric windows are equipped. Another problem is its low-positioned steering that hides the top section of the speedometer and tachometer.


Cons of buying De Tomaso Pantera:

The biggest issue is the minimal rustproofing that means the chassis and engine is prone to corrosion

Lackluster interior fit and exterior finish

Instrumentation cluster appears fussy with messed up electrics

Air conditioners provide inadequate cooling

The 2nd gear synchros tend to wear out

Pedals are off-set causing road-handling a bit challenging

Insufficient headroom especially for tall drivers

You would find the ventilation system pretty failed and problematic

Lack of gauges as it comes with only basic speedo and tachometer

Do you need ergonomic features? Well, there ain't any



GTS - 1972 specifications:

Are you interested in driving a motorsport car? If yes, then you must go for the 1972 GTS model or De Tomaso Pantera GT5. Apart from receiving a more reliable engine, GTS is powered by an engine that is capable of producing more power (257 kW) and torque.


The specialty of the De Tomaso Pantera GTS engine includes:

Enlarged Holley carburetors.

Forged aluminum intake manifold

Freer flowing exhaust headers

Adjustable and refined spring rates

Compatible gear ratios


To make it look more robust and sturdier, the wider wheels and a strictly aggressive steering rack are set. Its conspicuous matte black body finessing will catch your attention, right away.


GT5 - 1980 specifications:

Refined and more responsive brakes

Enhanced interior luxury

Larger wheels

Flared, lightweight fiberglass body

 Steel fenders with a steel front air-dam


Final verdict:

One thing is sure, that De Tomaso Pantera offers a solid on-road performance. Apart from riding quality, the exceptional design is another tempting feature. But the biggest factor that inclines the buyers is its affordability.


If you are planning on purchasing Pantera, how about knowing the car's past details beforehand? It will help you out to finalize the deal. Besides, giving you the car’s review, we would like to help our customers by offering an online, all-time accessible portal Quick Revs, where you can get your hands on a vehicle’s accidents, theft, and driving history.




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