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Datsun 260z Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Datsun 260z Review Australia


Japanese cars are always found innovative, modern, and stylish. But, out of all the sports cars range, the best one is the “Datsun 260Z”. If you are a collector of old classic cars, this is a must-have!


Marketed in 1974, it was manufactured in a very limited number. In other parts of the world, you can get your hands on the later versions made till 1978. It has always been considered an incredibly satisfying vehicle to drive because of its brilliant road handling, stable speed management, and engaging ride quality. Apart from having an affordable price tag, this sporting car is fun and equally practical.


Based on a conventional design, Datsun 260Z does have a few drawbacks. But, still worth the money and your time! The comfort features are loaded to maximize the ease of driving. It reflects the beauty of the ’70s.


Road Performance:

Coming to its durable engine, Datsun 260Z has a brilliant layout and unique approach. The entire motor setup offers a lifetime use if maintained carefully. As every piece of equipment is immensely robust. The engine is powerful and comes with excellent road handling. Although it is pretty basic, it is unlikely to give any road trouble. Along with providing a firm ride, the riding comfortability and predictable handling make it a good choice of car for daily use.


The stability is unmatchable even on the accelerated speed and gravel roads. All credit goes to suspension setup and excellent braking system. You would be impressed how its chassis is complimented by the machinery to minimize the body roll and improve the cornering ability. The significant decrease in the pitch is pretty visible. Having disc brakes at the front and a drum at the rear, the setup is made to compliment the independent suspension.


One thing that we cannot resist admiring is the outstanding traction of the Datsun 260Z. No matter if you are driving on a wet road, the traction will be exceptional. The throttle response is sharp and lets you enjoy the thrill of an adventurous sports car. And, yes, the pedals are placed nicely at a suitable distance for well heel-and-toeing placing.


As far as the steering is concerned, it is made appropriately weighted as it feels reasonably heavy even when driving at low speeds. We can say the steering is responsive and directional enough to offer an engaging ride. That is how its ride becomes more manageable no matter what speed.  



Datsun 260Z comes in a single configuration that is 2.6L I6 (L26). Called by the model code “RS30”, it delivers the power of various levels. Choose what suits you, as if you are satisfied with the low power output, you can go for the US variant. It can deliver 104 kW at 5,200 rpm (SAE net), but the models manufactured or shipped to other countries have the power output of 123 kW at 5,600 rpm (SAE gross) maximum.


The setup is made torquey enough. For SAE gross, the noted value is 213 Nm. at 4,400 rpm, and for SAE net, it is 186 Nm. at 4,400 rpm. It works on a modern mechanical fuel pump and SU-type carburetors to improve performance.


Coming to the transmission, every model has two options:

A 4-speed or 5-speed manual as a standard on all non-US variants

A 3-speed automatic transmission as an optional



How can you spot Datsun 260Z from a distance? Well, it is pretty easy because it comes with a prominent 260Z badge posted upfront on the wings. Secondly, the rear light clusters have been arranged very uniquely, flanked by detached reversing lights with an eye-catching matt-black rear panel. It has aggressive, attractive looks, and you would love how it complements the soft and high-class yet straightforward interior. It has a unitary construction and consists of a reasonable number of standard features.


The very first thing you will notice inside the cabin is a comfortable and soft-felt leather knob covering the hefty gear-shifter. A Datsun 260Z 2+2 model features panel windows with a more significant opening quarter perfectly balancing its slightly notched roofline. The rear side windows are made with push-out units adding a source of better ventilation for the passengers sitting on the rear seats.


It has climate controls that are pretty well-laid and are placed at easy and quick access. Every control and button, switch and plug seem to be placed strategically. Although the interior is made highly basic, there is no compromise made on its quality, ease, feasibility, and practicality. If you are a fan of luxury, you better not look into the Datsun 260Z. Made with reliable quality material, the cabin is decent and looks fresh. There are high-backed seats with good heating and ventilation.


The dashboard has a few controls making your way into driving much more manageable. A/C system is infused into the main climate control panel. To give it a robust look, certain extra features are added to bring stiffness while redesigning. The chassis rails are made more prominent. The taillights are made more trendy. The Datsun 260Z models have the black bumpers slightly increased in size.


It has an understandable speedometer, tachometer, odometer, and trip meter. For letting you know about the status of the car, there are petrol and temp gauges.


For safety, it doesn’t have any high-grade technology-infused but does have warning maps:

Oil pressure warning lamp

Alternator warning lamp

Handbrake warning lamp

High-beam warning lamp

Brake fail warning lamp


Final verdict:

This sports car is a highly usable vehicle with plenty of premium quality material used in the interior and sufficient luggage space. Datsun 260Z features a great fuel tank enough to take you on long-distance touring with no trouble as it comes with a good-quality noise suppression feature. Made highly comfortable, it is an enjoyable car to live with. It is highly affordable loaded with a long list of impressive features such as exciting and engaging steering, no oversteer or understeer problems, neat interior, and sharp speed. Being a lightweight option, 260Z Datsun is easy to maneuver, as well.


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