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Datsun 180B Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Datsun 180B Review Australia


The Datsun 180B, which also goes by many other names (Datsun 160B, Datsun 200B) is one of the bluebird generations which was introduced back in 1972. It became instantly famous for its dependability and engine durability. One thing that makes it stand out among others is the quality of finesse, especially of the highest trim called “180B GX”. At that time, it was considered faultless but if we compare it with 2021 model cars, you would be slightly disappointed with the lacking hi-tech features and modish aerodynamic styling with no options.


In short, it comes with safe handling and is a well-equipped car but the lower trims do not offer luxurious feels.


If we talk about compact cars, Nissan, the Japanese automobile making company, got a specific place in manufacturing fuel-efficient, appealing, and strong compact vehicles. Nissan Bluebird is one of its most reputable series of the sedan, designed in multiple body styles. It was marketed in 1957.




610 series:

In the 610 series, the 180B will offer you a choice of engines that we consider pretty satisfactory. All engines are inline 4-cylinder except one, G610. Well, if you are impressed by its layout and interior styling, you must try its drive because you would like it, too.


On the primary trims, you will get a 1595CC L16 setup which is not ravishing but durable. If you are looking for a good speed, a 1770CC L18 engine is one of its kind producing power in the range of 77-84.5 kW. With accelerated speed and power, you can get a 1952CC L20B engine but it is only available in the US version, which means it would be difficult to find.


According to the customer’s reviews, you must choose its 6-cyl engine of 1998CC L20/L20A. Its exclusive L-series inline engines make them distinguishable. To complement those engines, you will be provided with the option of two manual gearboxes, 4-speed, and 5-speed manual. If you are interested in driving the auto-mode Datsun 180B, you can choose the variant with the 3-speed automatic transmission. Unfortunately, you don’t have the option of higher speeds making it a bit sluggish.


Still, not satisfied? Then you need to do some hard work and visit the Japanese or Australian markets to find their variant installed with 5-speed manual transmission. The trim with a higher output engine is only available on SSS trim, with a variety of sports options and twin-Hitachi carburetors.


Japan version:

To enjoy a different motor, you can choose a Japan-only SSS-E model. It is comparatively advanced with cutting-edge motor gear. Bosch-licensed electronic fuel injection is installed without a carburetor. To support the stopping power, high-grade shock absorbers are equipped making the drive less bouncy and smoother.


Australian and NZ version:

In Australia, all variants of Datsun 180B including sedan Deluxe, sedan GL trims, and a 2-door SSS Datsun 180b coupe, the similar engine of 1.8L named L18 is fitted with a compatible 4-speed manual or 3-speed auto gearbox options. Look for the 1975 model if you are in the need of a little upgrade as it features a 5-speed manual option. The 1975 model will also provide you better fuel consumption, accelerated speed, and a noise-free engine. It is comparatively inexpensive which is a plus.


810 series:

Considering it a "light van" it has an all-fresh live, leaf-sprung rear axle suspension setup with a more efficient braking system. The New Zealand 1977 model comes with exclusive independent rear suspension. But the main point is its all-new, crisp, and more ravishing crossflow Z engines. Now if you get the 810 models, you can choose either an L or Z series engine of the same sizes, speed, torque, gearbox, and power. Although, its sporting SSS model comes with a larger-engine with an enhanced power of 66 kW.


North America version:

This RWD has a lengthier inline-6-cyl engine, available in two levels of the SOHC L-series engine: a 2.0-liters displacement for the Japanese market and a 2.4-liters L24E setup for the US. If the sport SSS version is your choice, you will get the selection of a 4-speed manual gearbox for the sedan plus wagon, and a 5-speed gearbox for the coupe with a semi-trailing arm rear suspension. Need an auto-mode drive? The fuel-injected variants of Datsun 180B have the offer.




610 series:

This mid-sized car with sufficient space to accommodate large families comes with impressive exterior styling. Visually, its "coke bottle" style is pretty appealing. You will get the saggy seats with nice-looking covers. Upfront, the plastic dashboard might bug you a little, but the most irritating feature is the seat belt mounting offering no flexibility to be moved. The 1974 variant has more aggressive styling with a bold and squared-off front grille, wrap-around indicators, and fashionable tail lights. The only difference you will notice between the ’74 and ’75 versions is the visible horizontal front grille bars.


The Australian Datsun GL models have:

Stylish vinyl roof


Speaker setup

Soft-felt cloth upholstery

Interior carpeting

Chrome exhaust extension

Rear GL insignia

Striking whitewall tires

The GX trims will provide you more basic luxuries such as rain-wipers, appealing golden badges, and a 3-way modifiable driving seat.


810 series:

If you don’t like 610, you won’t like 810 because these are designed on the same coke bottle styling with little squared-off details. Same cloth interior complemented with faux wood trim and manual height-adaptable seats is offered. But, it does come with a comfortable driving position.


The dashboard instrumentation of Datsun 180B has:

Temperature gauge

Fuel gauges

Electric clock




Lockable glove

4 air vents

Heater and single window heater

Floor gear column


Datsun 180b SSS:

The 180b SSS hardtop comes with a hard-hitting 1770CC engine with 4-cyl, powered with 115bhp@6000 rpm, offering 112 mph top speed. If it is on your list, you will find it as a good on-road and off-road performer. The silver lining is the nitrogen gas shock absorbers providing a suitable balance of ride and handling.


The highlight of the vehicle is its cabin luxury and design exclusivity. The only fall is its disturbingly loud engine, but it does offer a smoother running. Fuel consumption and motor durability are unquestioned. You will feel the gear slightly heavy, sometimes. The nylon-trimmed interior is pretty premium and comfortable.



Energy-absorbing design

Out-of-the-way fuel tank location

Laminated windscreen

Anti-glare rear vision mirror

Electric rear window demister


Cons of buying Datsun 180B:

Sometimes, you feel the lack of steering response as it gets numb and ambiguous, particularly during the straight drive. Most of the variants offer decent on-road handling and drive stability, but the GX features an aggressive engine that gets extremely noisy and disturbing.


Final verdict:

Datsun 180B is a well-controlled car. Being a "personal" 2-door luxury Datsun 180b SSS coupe, the standard equipment is not luxury-oriented but has understandable instrumentation. The only problem is its insensitive steering with distinctive vagueness. It has a fine ride quality.


Like other old-aged cars, it might come to give you unexpected and expensive motor problems. Buying an accurate car with the best features and clear history is the way to ensure future comfort. And, to get a valid history, we are providing you with an instant online portal Quick Revs. Enter the car details and get updated with the vehicle’s original accident, driving, and theft history.

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