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Datsun 120y Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Datsun 120y Review Australia

Nissan is a Japanese auto manufacturing car company that is behind many iconic cars. Even today, the cars they produce are liked and sought after around the world. The name Datsun may not be as popular for today’s generation. But it used to be a household name in the 1970s and 80s.


Datsun has been owned by Nissan since 1931. During a time period from 1958 to 1986, all the vehicles which were exported by Nissan carried the Datsun name. All the cars which were available in the international markets came with the name of Datsun. Alas, the name was dropped by Nissan in 1958 and was resurrected in 2012.


One such car is the Datsun 120Y. This was a car that may not be the most loved car by the company. But it still enjoys a cult following as being one of the most sought-after Japanese classics. You can either love it or hate it. The opinion is highly polarized.

The vibrant colors and the coke bottle styling speak for itself. It may be underpowered and the handling, not the best, but it still had a following back in the times. Read on ahead more about the Datsun 120Y and why it is still available in the market for modifications and customizations.



Nissan had been producing the Sunny for some time across some generations. It was in the third generation when the B-210 was launched. It was only known in the North American market as the B-210. In the international market, it was called Nissan Sunny. It debuted in the 1970s as the Datsun 120Y at a time when the world was experiencing one of the worst oil crises.


It was at that time when the Datsun 120Y was introduced. Due to its great fuel economy and lightweight, it quickly gained popularity. Today, the bottleneck style and the fastback styling are still liked. The Datsun 120Y was improved in many ways from the previous generations, including a full hatchback body style.


Datsun 120Y initially could not prove its worth. But the ill-luck was short-lived. In some years, the sales started to go strong and continued for many years to come. That was partially attributed to the excellent fuel economy. Especially so in the Australian, New Zealand, and North American markets. More so due to the low price, easy maintenance, and fuel economy.


The Datsun 120Y coupe had a basic interior styling and small engine, which made it an inexpensive buy. The exterior was where the 120Y scored the most among car enthusiasts. The hatchback and the sedan were not popular due to their shape. Some models also included chrome bumpers which further improved the look.


In Australia and New Zealand, the Datsun 120Y proved to be very popular. New Zealand even set up a plant to assemble some models locally. Production ended in 1978 when international sales ended.



The Datsun 120Y was available in multiple trims and body types. These include the Datsun 120Y sedan and the Datsun 120Y Ute and coupe. Options included two or four-door saloons. There was also a five-door station wagon available. Similarly, a three-door can be introduced. Over the years, the sedan proved to be the most popular, but you can still find many coupes and wagons available. The basic engine was the 1.2-liter fitted in most of the vehicles. There was also the more powerful 1.4-liter version available.


Datsun 120Y Specs:

Powered by a four-cylinder 1.2-liter engine, the Datsun 120Y delivers a maximum power of 50kW. The fuel economy is an impressive 18km per liter. In later years, the engine received an anti-pollution special catalytic converter.


In subsequent years, the Datsun earned the reputation of being a reliable car. The car can withstand all kinds of punishments. And where other cars would not be able to bear the burden, Datsun 120Y does not complain at all. Even though the performance is not top of the line, the car still manages to deliver well on-road experience.


Datsun 120Y Parts and Features:

The Datsun 120Y needed the most current highlights. The instrumentation in advance incorporated a tachometer and a speedometer. While discretionary highlights incorporated a covered screen, press button radio, and leaning back seats. It must be noticed that these choices were very costly once upon a time. Standard highlights incorporate floor covering and little else. A large portion of the interior got easy plastic from the trim to the scramble.


In any case, the plastic felt strong and of great quality. There was no cooling at all in the vehicle, which is the reason it was so bizarre to discover the vehicle getting dark trim hues. One beneficial thing about the vehicle, be that as it may, was its effective ventilation framework. The wind stream could be expanded in the vehicle by a gigantic edge by opening the pivoted side windows.


The legroom is acceptable in front however not that incredible at the back. The back seat is agreeable enough for short drives, yet neither the vehicle nor its seats are intended for lengthy drives on the open street. The seats are agreeable and firm.



Durable and Reliable

Handsome Exterior

Excellent fuel economy



Lacks some basic interior equipment

Lack of refinement



Without a doubt, Datsun 120Y is a very reliable car. When you look at the competitors from the same time, there are many reasons to go for the 120Y over them. The biggest rival was the Toyota Corolla, which the Datsun took heads on. In the end, both cars had their customers and their popularity. It may lack interior features and high performance. But that void is filled by the fact that it is reliable and offers excellent fuel consumption.


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