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Daihatsu Feroza Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Daihatsu Feroza Review Australia


Fantastic all-rounder but very understated is how we would like to explain Daihatsu Feroza. Also known as the F300 series and Daihatsu Rocky, Feroza is a mini yet spacious SUV. The car was produced from 1989 to 2002. And, in such a short period, it made its ever-lasting impression with the beefier 1.6L version. A powerful mechanic blended with the novel specifications has transformed this vehicle into something brilliantly appealing.


You can ride Daihatsu Feroza either as an enclosed 2-door or an open-top off-roader. The key appeals are the price and compact dimensions. You would find it neither excitingly fast nor excessively slow. It offers affordable secondhand ownership who wants a highly skillful, 4WD mini-SUV. A small miracle, then, that Daihatsu Feroza turbo can take a beating on the toughest off-road tracks. They are found easy to maintain with low-price servicing. Overall, it is a small vehicle that is designed to fit city trails with satisfactory off-road abilities.



The available configurations are:

A 1.6L HD-C

A 1.6L HD-E


Both are SOHC and have a 16-valve 4-cyl setup that runs on petrol. The best part is the easy switch between 2WD, 4WD Low, and 4WD High. All you need is to move the gear stick to the selected drive option. All versions have a tank with a volume of 60L. One of the major qualities is its ground clearance that makes getting in the Daihatsu Feroza easier. It is engineered to soak all the small stumps pretty decently. Whenever you hit the road, you will feel the car’s acceleration pretty smooth, fast, and easy. But that is not all! It is also sharp, keen, and clear!


Depending on the engine type, configuration, and drive selection, the usual power range is 55–77 kW. If we move to the export models, there is only a possibility of finding an engine with a detuned version. Where the engine is detuned in terms of power, the fuel-injected setup has become more powerful. It is known to deliver a maximum of 70 kW power at 5,700 rpm. The least recommended version is the one with a carburetor as this export trim has the least power to offer and that is a maximum of 63 kW @ 6,000 rpm. Another reason for not choosing this version is its weather-sensitive carburetor.



5-speed manual

4-speed Aisin automatic


1990 F300 Daihatsu Feroza:

One of the best options to choose from all the year models is the 1997 Feroza that has always been so brilliant on the road and even off the road. In short, we can say, it is reasonable to work with in terms of mechanics.


Equipped with a classic 1,589cc setup, the whole mechanical equipment seems durable. The setup comes with a carburetor but unfortunately lacks electronic fuel injectors that make it a bit less modern and smart tool. You would find it very craggy with all the balanced approach. Depending on the braking and suspension system, break over and departure angles are clearly impressive. The engine is all geared to pump out a reputable 94 HP at 5,700rpm mated with a suitable torque of 127 Nm @ 4,800rpm.


Driving below 2000rpm? The torque might give you a slight lag. But, the slick gear change balances the lag. Brakes in Daihatsu Feroza V6 are satisfactory but might not work well on wet roads, slippery surfaces, and ice. For transmission, a responsive and quick, engaging, and slick 5-speed manual gearshift is offered coupled with dual-range 4WD. It makes the driving fairly agile around city trails.


The highlight is its dual-range 4WD available with manually locking hubs. How amazing setup it offers even though they were manufactured back in the 1990s. It is designed to accelerate briskly making the drive almost effortless. If you can tolerate a little of an interfering engine hum, it is all set to go!



To best utilize the powerful engine of Daihatsu Feroza, a strong yet fashionable and lightweight chassis is made. The body-on-frame construction is what provides extra strength to whole mechanics and details. It comes in a distinctive square-looking body with eye-catching flared wheel-arches. You can’t imagine how visually appealing it looks and robust, also. The biggest flex for its square layout is that it makes the car look bigger than it is. On the front of the Daihatsu Feroza, you will get advanced high and low beam halogen headlights in a brilliant rectangular cut.


The dandy and flat black grille come with a chrome finessing that will catch everyone’s attention. The side mirrors are made conventional and foldable. An exciting feature is the detachable hard-top, installed over the head of the rear passenger seats. The analog speedometer and tachometer are also understandable with clear values. The fuel gauge is also analog, but the clock is digital. The driver and passenger seats are manually adjustable.


1990 F300 Daihatsu Feroza:

In simple words: Boxy and beautiful!


Featuring a rectangular grille bordered by squared and sharpened headlights, you can see how aggressive it appears. With its robust stance, this compact Daihatsu Feroza looks interesting. It is made for and has successfully covered the thick B-pillar enhancing the driving vision.


Other comfortable aspects are:

Rear rollover bar

White-colored front roof panel

Rear passenger canopy


The interior is specially designed to maximize comfort and convenience without affecting the usability of the car. Truly speaking, you must be impressed with the outstanding ergonomics of the Daihatsu Feroza. The only problem will be a bit of abbreviated legroom. Well, wait! We do agree that the seats are fragile and flimsy, but that doesn’t mean these are not comfortable. They are hard-wearing and made supportive enough with height adjustments. Once inside, you will be tucked in properly!


1992 F300 Daihatsu Feroza:

Moving to the other model year, 1992, the interior seems extremely cheap but put well together. Every place is well-laid and amazingly spaced for easy and quick access. The biggest advantage is its “rattle-free” structure. Detachable roof seals work well. Coming to the inside, the seating position is acceptable with comfortable seats. Yes, we know how cramped the foot space is in Daihatsu Feroza. But this narrowness can be compensated. Another drawback is the reasonable yet tight back seats.


Final verdict:

How can we sum up this user-friendly car? A highly accomplished mini off-road performer even with a standard kit, that will take you to all the places. Daihatsu Feroza will give you trouble navigating. A significant suspension lift supported with larger tires increases the practicality. This automobile is a must-have if you like cruising in a 4×4. A reasonable car if you have enough patience to wait for the car to reach acceleration and like 4Wdriving. The car is a blend of reliability and prettiness.


After reviewing car details, if you have made up your mind, then it would be better to be 100% sure. Just to be clear about your choice, get a detailed history of car theft and accidents. We are bringing you an all-time available portal for instant search.




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