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Daihatsu Charade Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Daihatsu Charade Review Australia


Daihatsu has been related to the creation of high-performance cars. And, whenever you are discussing sturdy supermini cars with powerful engines to provide you a balanced ride, how can you not consider Daihatsu Charade? Manufactured from 1977 to 2000, it comes in 4 generations and with every generation, the trims are equipped with new specs. You can consider it a "large compact" vehicle. It offers excessive cabin space with seat comfortability. It has a larger but lightweight engine.


The supermini Daihatsu Charade turbocharged is a remarkable hot hatch at an economical price. Unfortunately, it fails to deliver you a perfect weight to power ratio. But, you can have a relaxing and fun ride. Another bad news is that the Daihatsu Charade GTi is not available in Australia. But you can export.


Daihatsu Charade Review Australia:

Daihatsu has completed almost 40 years in the automobile industry and has been known for their honesty and hard work. This series of supermini cars are made with robust material, and efficient motors to give a long-lasting use. The noisy engine could be a problem for you, but its other hi-tech features might compensate for it. The addition of the turbo has made a huge difference to the controllability of the vehicle. Most importantly, while driving you will be able to feel the light, fairly directed, and pleasant steering which assists in quick gearshift. Besides having an amazing engine, you will get a spacious interior with soft felt cloth trimming. Being a driver, you will experience a comfortable driving position.



1st generation, from 1977 to 1983:

As it was their primary range, you must not expect some tremendous mechanics. Well, if you think a front-fitted 993 CC engine with 3-cyl is an acceptable choice, you can consider buying a G10. The 5-door and FWD hatchback come with an all-aluminum engine named CB20 offering 50 PS power.


On the other hand, if you have a smaller family and need to maintain a budget, buy G20. This 3-door hatchback called Chilean Charades is fitted with a downsized engine of 843 CC with 3-cyl. It is a real sluggish engine offering only 41 PS@5,500 rpm.


It comes in two options as a 2-speed auto mode called Daimatic and 4 or 5-speed manual mode. To complement the down-sleeved engine of the G20, it has a 5-speed manual transmission.


2nd generation, from 1983 to 1988:

If you want a vehicle that can take you on long rides without any engine issues, G11 and G26 might be one of the choices. It is pretty upgraded in comparison to the 1st generation, but 3-cyl remained the same. The second-generation trims are engineered to offer better steering control and speed management. You will have dependent suspensions featuring thicker anti-roll bars. The best part is its turbocharged diesel engines with a higher power. The gearbox will not give you anything extra but the same Dramatic and manual 5-6 speed transmissions.


In G11 and G11V (petrol), G30, and G30V (diesel), the same 993 CC engine is installed but to amplify the power to 80 PS, a minimalist IHI turbocharger has been added. G21 is not the recommended option as it comes with the lower CC engine of 843. The only trim that will fit your current life is the G26 with 926 CC engine having twin-cam, turbocharged 3-cyl at a 5-speed manual transmission. It is capable of providing 120 PS maximum power.


3rd generation, from 1987 to 1993:

There you can have unlimited options of diesel and petrol, turbocharged and carbureted engines. If you are interested in earlier models of Daihatsu Charade, they have a carbureted 1L 3-cyl engine. But, it is also made with diesel and turbo diesel options. The second choice you have is a 1.3L 4-cyl engine having a single carburetor. You must not compare 3 and 4 cylinders as they came in equal weight and size, except 4 cylinders offer more stability. Fully independent suspension is also a plus. Its TXF/CXF engine that is fuel injected of 1.3L will become your favourite, once you drive it.


The 1988 4-door sedan model will get you a 1.3L EFI engine, which is an amazing motor setup to offer a firm drive. The Daihatsu Charade GTti engine which involves a 1L twin-cam fuel injected inter-cooled turbocharged mechanical details is another perfect choice for bumpy and bouncy roads. Coming to the gearbox, it’s pretty simple: all 4-cyl trims have a 5-speed manual with an option of 3-speed auto transmission, whereas all 3-cyl variants only feature manual transmission. The stopping power comes from its exclusive disc ventilated braking system.


4th generation, from 1993 to 2000:

Are you not satisfied with the transmission options? The G200 series has an additional 4-speed auto gearbox. The Daihatsu Charade 1994 sedan model has an all-new 1.5L engine refined enough to give a satisfactory experience. Although G202 has a small 1L engine, hatchback variants come with bigger and heavy-duty engines. You will not get a GTti engine but a better and more efficient GTi motor compatible with SOHC 16-valve 1.6L engine.


Design of Daihatsu Charade: 

The overall outlook is quite impressive but Daihatsu Charade also reflects old-time styles. The only major difference between Series 1 and Series 2 of G10 is that 1 features a round headlamp while 2 has redesigned square headlamps. And the same pattern is followed in the 1 and 2 Series of the G20 version. The only facelift received is the new shape of headlights. If you prefer high roofed cars to enjoy maximum space, 2nd generation superminis are what you need. It is named a "Dolphin Roof". The G11 version has robust alloy wheels replacing steel items and striking dual front-ends, complimenting square headlamps of the Series 1, and rectangular headlamps of Series 2.


Now, we are moving to the luxury-oriented version of the third generation of Charade Daihatsu which is available in two sport models: the GTti and the GTxx. No doubt, they are equipped with the same engine but you will feel the GTxx more extravagant.


It has:

The fully advanced and highly refined body kit

Heavy-duty yet lightweight 14’’ alloy wheels


Electric steering

Powered front window

Electric sunroof



All models have comfortable and manually adjustable seats, manageable steering, and cloth trimmed interior for a sophisticated look. You will get enough luggage space with soft-felt headrests. If you have seen the Daihatsu Charade 1990 model cars, you can see how smoother look they offer with a subtle layout.


Other features include redefined rear light, bit lengthier tailgate top spoiler, and reflector panel. The G200 has a conventional design with a longer wheelbase although it is compact offering enough boot space. If you find the mesh front of the older variants not so impressive, you can get the 1996 version that has a "smiley face" grille with updated headlamps.


2004-2005 variants:

1L aspirated, 989 CC petrol engine with 3-cyl

The transmission has two options: 4-speed Auto and 5-speed manual

Front Wheel Drive car

Gearbox is floor-stationed

Maximum power: 40.5kW@5200rpm

Enough fuel tank capacity of 36L to take you on a longer journey

No aluminum but standard steel wheels

CD and DVD players

2-speaker audio setup

2 airbags

Seat belts

Engine immobilizer

Electric windows

Intermittent wipers

Central Locking

Remote Fuel Lid Release


Final verdict:

The Daihatsu Charade low gearing complimented with small wheels are the reasons behind the effective on-road drive. If you purchase any of its trims, higher or lower, you will be provided with powerful engines and a smooth easy to manage gearbox. Besides reading a review, you are welcomed to our site Quic Revs to have instant help in getting the past car details. We will provide you vehicle theft, accidental, and driving history based on a car model and the year you provide us.

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