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Colorado 7 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Colorado 7 Review Australia


Which is one of the safest, most usable, and maneuverable 7-seaters? The answer is one: Holden Colorado 7, or we can say, Trailblazer. This go-anywhere Holden Colorado 7 has a long list of amenities along with a robust engine. The general comfort it offers is unparalleled. Being an advanced and refined off-roader, this 7-seater is a highly efficient 4x4 all-rounder.  It has everything that one decent vehicle must provide: strong road stability, firm handling, sufficient cabin room, good engine grunt, and a nice-looking exterior.


Since 2016, a new monster called “Trailblazer” has been added, and this special edition has lots of gear to impress with. Guarantee to give you the value for money; it offers easy touring, towing, and adventuring. Class-leading torque and power are not the only wonderful specs but also its luxurious inside and sturdy outside. The extra highlights that Trailblazer has, make it a smarter off-roader. Overall, this car is a big package that cannot be ignored!


Road performance:

We all know Colorado 7 is no sports car or a bat-mobile, BUT, yes, it is absolutely a firm and decisive, robust, and durable 4x4 wagon that also happens to be quick. Its engine has so much to offer, and you would be amazed how it becomes your everyday companion. It is a high-performance vehicle known for handling twisting and gravel roads quite brilliantly. All credit goes to the firm setup of adjustable suspension. It not only minimizes the body roll but also maximizes the cornering ability.


Want to shift your 4WD to 2WD? You can do it effortlessly. No matter what drivetrain you choose, it will be equally engaging. Its off-road prowess is just incredible. It will take you anywhere anytime without creating any drama. Besides, it offers a comfortable highway ride, too. Some car enthusiasts really enjoy a noisy engine, and Holden can fulfill their dream because this over-bonnet vision is featured to bring plenty of grunts.


This wagon is highly easy to steer as the engine supplies a steady supply of good power and compatible torque. And, yes, it is made for easy and safe overtaking. Moving forward to its transmission, it is intuitive and quick, light and manageable. To complement the transmission, an appropriately weighted, directional, and trouble-free steering wheel is installed. Colorado 7 delivers exceptional stability control, although it is not sporty.


With all the improved drivability dynamics, it has lesser noise, vibration, and harshness to offer. The motor setup feels linear and never gives a dull or heavy vibration through the framework, even under higher acceleration. The ventilated brakes are found to be in maximum support of suspension and throttle. Throttle response is smooth and responsive. Holden Colorado 7 is very capable off-road, letting you drive comfortably with the family.



All year models and trim levels are equipped with a single-engine configuration of 2.8L Duramax I4-T engine that runs on diesel. It is a turbocharged engine that is capable of delivering maximum power of 147 kW@3600. The value for the torque is noted as 500Nm@2000 rpm. The fuel tank capacity is 76L, which sounds pretty large. Similarly, the fuel consumption rate of 8L/100km is reasonable.


As far as the gear shifters are concerned, there are two options: 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic. Honestly speaking, a 6-speed auto tends to match well with the turbo-diesel, but for longer towing, you better shift to the manual mode.



What makes it so special, and what are the exact features that usually entice the buyers?!


Let’s see…


First of all, its urban livability is a significant point to be noted. And secondly, its refinement of the interior and high-quality material use. Last but not least, modern safety technology. Sitting in a big car, you must desire to feel big. And in Colorado 7, you would!


On the one hand, the cabin is made quite spacious and comfortable. On the other hand, every feature (control and switch) is laid out amazingly. Yes, it is VERY BASIC but not disappointing. Stuff is good, for sure, probably not much entertaining. It comes with seven seats, and the comfortability offered in the driving position is wonderful. Exactly what you need for a long road trip.


The storage is excellent, but the materials are plasticky, hard, and not luxurious at all, especially if you have bought LT trim. The digital and manual controls/dials are very easy to use and manageable. The vision it provides is also good with no hindrance. The seats don’t offer lumbar support but are comfortable. The middle-row boot space and knee room are outstanding.


In LT trims of Colorado 7 Trailblazer, the standard equipment includes:

Cruise control

Front fog lights

Aluminium roof rails

Bluetooth phone connectivity

Roof-mounted climate control vents for 2nd and 3rd rows

Leather-wrapped steering wheel featuring multifunction controls

USB connection

FM radio reception

A 7.0-inch touchscreen

7 -speaker audio system

16-inch alloy wheels

Air conditioning

Pollen filter

Front and rear powered windows

Intermittent wipers

Cloth trimmed interior with metallic finished inserts

Trip computer

Multi-functional, power, tilt and reach the steering


Talking about the higher-spec model, Colorado 7 LTZ adds:

18-inch wheels

Projector headlights

Exterior chrome highlights

Leather-wrapped seats

Tinted headlights and bonnet protector and the ubiquitous special edition floor-mats, a six-

A 6-way adjustable driver's seat that also has a heating function

LED tail-lights

Climate controls


Cons of buying Holden Colorado 7:

You can find better, more refined, and technically advanced 4x4 in the market

Noise can be a big problem interfering the peace

Interior has plastic that might look slightly cheap

The cabin is well-laid but pretty basic and seems outdated

You won’t be able to spot most of the modern equipment

Small boot space

No automatic wipers

Lacks automatic or day sensing headlamps

No trim has navigation support

CarPlay-type projection functions are also absent


Safety features of 2016 Colorado 7 Trailblazer:


Seatbelts (1st row has adjustable seatbelts with pre-tensioners and load limiters)

ABS (Antilock Brakes)

Traction Stability Control (TSC)

EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution)

Hill Assistance (Hill descent and holder)

Parking Assistance (Rear)

Rear camera

Remote/Keyless central locking

Engine immobilizer

Security alarm


Final verdict:

Colorado 7 is a reliable, refined, and comfortable wagon with an engine that delivers solid power and torque. It is absolutely not flashy but a full family wagon for a high-level, safe, and trouble-free off-roading. It is built tough and is suitable for towing or transporting heavy stuff. They are mainly designed strong on safety with dual-range gearing.


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