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Coles Car Insurance Review: Why do people dislike it?

Coles Car Insurance Review


Road accidents occur every single day. It could be you, it could be any one of us, or it could be a third person who neither you, nor we know. In order to prevent something like this, we all should drive with caution. But sometimes, there are moments when we or some other person just loses control of his or her vehicle due to some reason and we have to face an accident.


At least once in everyone’s lifetime, he or she faces a road accident. Accidents are not the only you face when you have a vehicle that you own. There are other issues like it catching fire, or being stolen, etc. Since we can not avoid these issues completely, many of the auto insurance companies offer several packages that cover all of these problems. They compensate you for your loss if you have an insurance contract with them. Cheap car insurances are available all over the world, however, we are targeting Coles Car Insurance today.


Coles Car Insurance has plenty of bad reviews and ratings from the people. We are here to find out what Coles Car Insurance actually dos and what is it doing that triggers the people so much that they leave a bad rating.


Coles Car Insurance:

Coles Car Insurance is an auto insurance agency that aims to provide different types of insurances to vehicle owners. It is underwritten by IAG; the largest insurance group in Australia. Coles Car Insurance is pretty well known all across Australia despite the bad reputation and reviews due to its quality promotion and great deals on packages.


What does Coles Car Insurance provide?

Coles Car Insurance, as mentioned before, provides quite some good packages when it comes to insurance. They have categorized their insurance services into four groups which are mentioned below along with their detail:


Compulsory Third-Party Insurance: This is the type of car insurance that gets you out of trouble and helps you pay for the person that was injured/killed in the collision as a direct result of your car as compensation. It does not, however, cover any cost to their property that was damaged in the collision or any of yours for that matter. This is one of the most basic and cheapest car insurance out there.


Third-Party Property: A sort of add-on to other insurances, Third-Party Property covers the costs of legal issues and/or damages caused to the victim’s property. Again, it covers only the costs of property, not of the physical injuries. It also does not cover the costs of the damage to your own property, only the victim.


Third-Party, Fire, and Theft: In addition to the features offered by the Third-Party Property car insurance, Third Party, Fire, and Theft also cover the costs of your vehicle if it catches fire or is stolen. It again does not cover any costs of the damage to your car by collision.


Comprehensive Car Insurance: This is the type of insurance that covers everything from damages to your car and yourself in a collision, to the third party and their property, and also covers the fire and theft aspect of the Third Party, Fire, and Theft insurance. This is basically the complete insurance package.


Coles Car Insurance Price/Cost:

Price is something that gets everyone. Car Insurance costs in Australia varies by a lot of factors. These can be, but may not necessarily include:

1- State

2- Type of vehicle

3- Age of the owner

4- Gender


The average cost of car insurance in Australia is 750-800$ per year with a series of factors incrementing or decrementing the value.

Coles Car Insurance costs somewhat higher than that, though. An average person would have to pay about $1200 per year to Coles in order to keep on enjoying their services. This is something that gets everyone away from Coles and towards other insurance companies. 


Coles Insurance Customer Reviews:

Many of the customers seen to be really against Coles. Check out the following reviews from customers (the names will be hidden to keep them private):


Review 1

“I am making a small claim for a single-vehicle accident. Under $2000. The first repairer we were sent to by Coles Car Insurance had closed down. They would not accept the quote from the second repairer they sent us to (after we had to chase them up, having not heard from them for an unacceptably long time) and now Coles Car Insurance will not accept the quote from the third repairer they sent us to. We've just been given the details for the fourth (yes, you read that correctly) repairer. Wish me luck and please guess what is top of my to-do list once I do manage to sort this all out. They have nothing to do with them. There's something seriously wrong about the way they do stuff. Hopeless.”


Review 2

“4 in 5 staff told me I can only have the hire car for 14 days until I sent them the original terms and condition says I can have the hire car until the car repair is done

the CEO, the management is playing the dirty trick, which is discussing, will shop with woollies from now on.

the repairer they nominate is rubbish, not even have the quotation ready after having the car in their yard more than one week, miss two main areas did not repair, have to talk to the accessor. so far, the case been delayed for three weeks now, not sure how long it will take in total. hire car charging to hire car fee from my account without any notification.”


Review 3

“I am a member of Coles insurance for 4 years. Last month made an accident that was first in my lifetime, I contacted coles for my claim. Now almost one month, they never replied on time. They need 24 to 48 hours for our questions to answer. Even though they will not call you back on this time, and they try to avoid you in many ways ( this case is with other teams, etc..) and never able to contact them directly.”


Our opinion:

Our personal opinion is pretty much with the customers. If they think that something is bad for them, then it is genuinely bad and if the majority is against a brand or a product, then that particular brand should really reconsider their marketing strategies.


If you are thinking about getting car insurance, it is totally up to you. You can choose Coles if you feel like it, but we recommend that you give some thought to other customers’ reviews too. However, if you are considering to buy a vehicle, we highly recommend that you perform the background checks, car history checks, VIN number checks, etc. on it and if you do, there is no one better than QuickREVs to do it all for you.






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