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CMI Toyota Adelaide Review | Is CMI Toyota worth Considering in South Australia

CMI Toyota Adelaide Review


The Aussies' love for Toyota vehicles is known to all, and you would notice that it might be the most popular when you see the number of Toyota cars on the roads here. The love goes back almost fifty years when the first Toyota Land Cruisers were imported. Since then, the people have always been fond of any Toyota vehicle, with the result that Toyota Corporation had to set up production plants here, to meet the demand. Today, Toyota Australia is not only a subsidiary that advertises, markets and manages all the business end of the operations, but has also become the top sponsor in the major sports events of the country and much more.


In South Australia, the most popular and well-reputed Toyota Dealer are the CMI Toyota, boasting a fleet of used and new Toyota vehicles for you to choose from. That being said, let’s find out first how a local transport company rose to the fame of being the most successful dealership (and much else) in all of South Australia.


The CMV Group:

It was the hindsight of Sidney Crawford, the founder of the CMV group during the great depression, that company flourished and became what it is today. Crawford recognized the importance of the transport industry in the future to come and came to dominate the truck business at that time. A few years later, Crawford’s son began expanding the business and crossed the barrier to deal with other vehicles as well. As the business grew, three divisions were created, CMI Toyota being one of them to deal specifically in Automotive.


A Complete Dealership:

The CMI Toyota is heaven for if you are into all Toyota vehicles or if you own one. The dealership is not only limited to the sale and purchase of cars and has dozens of additional services to offer. We tried to list down a few:


CMI Toyota Used Car Check

Buying a used car can be a risky business at times, and it requires expert opinion to avoid any such event. All the used cars at CMI Toyota need to go through a strict safety inspection and much else. Buying a CMI Toyota certified car also makes you eligible for a 2-year warranty and some additional perks.


Sell My Car

CMI offers an immediate evaluation of your Toyota in case you wish to sell it or exchange your model. They offer an easy to use interface on their website and you might feel that upgrading your car is not that a big hassle as you thought.


Toyota Service Center

Qualifies technicians and mechanics, a friendly and cooperative staff, and the professional services sum up the Service center in a nutshell. Add to that that CMI Toyota spare parts are only genuine Toyota and they provide services throughout the week; they sure know what they are talking about.


Finance and Insurance

CMI offers a professional team of experts who can guide you step by step if you require financing, for any reason, or insurance. That makes the whole process much easier and even fun if you are looking for a personal or a business car loan.


CMI Toyota offers four branches conveniently situated across the main hubs in Adelaide:

CMI Toyota West Terrace: Situated in West Terrace, Adelaide this is one of the busiest of the branches, with operating hours, starting from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, although the Services timings begin one hour earlier.


CMI Toyota Stepney Service Center:

You will come across this branch which offers Service only (no sales) on Nelson Street, Stepney. They offer Services 7:30 am - 5:30 pm on weekdays, and Saturday they have an early day off, and it’s lights off at 12:00 pm.


CMI Toyota Port Road, Cheltenham:

Buried in the heart of Cheltenham, this branch offers both Sales and Services, with the same timings as the others.


CMI Toyota Christie’s Beach:

A lesser known outlet but offers both Sales and Services and a great idea if you live near Christie’s Beach. You can also pre-book a Service here for your Toyota on any of the four branches and is recommended to avoid any extra wait time.


CMI Toyota Review:

You will find that all the CMI branches are working on a standard, with a staff that is both knowledgeable and friendly which makes you feel like you are in safe hands. They are stocked with a range of new and used vehicles, and not limited to Toyota, which has a quality check imposed.


Most of the people you will find satisfied with the overall experience with CMI Toyota and praising their professionalism and, but there are disgruntled customers to be found as well and you would hear complaints about the lack of management in rush hours or overprice in some cases. The fact remains that the CMI Toyota is providing extraordinary services, and have dedicated teams for their respective roles, and a superb website which is a must-try.

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