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Citroen DS Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Citroen DS Review Australia


It would not be wrong to say that the Citroen DS, a series of executive cars, is one of its masterpieces. Being a perfect reflection of French design, it is available in the sedan, wagon/estate, and convertible body styles. Manufactured from 1955 to 1975, it is famous not only for its exceptional aerodynamics but also futuristic specifications blended with the use of innovative technology.


Tremendous styling is done on Citroen DS inside as well as outside. You will be impressed with its adequate power delivery. The driving dynamics which are, not surprisingly, excellent is another impressive feature.



This FWD has a sensibly placed engine, right under the bonnet offering the necessary protection. This front-engine vehicle has a reliable and hard-wearing motor setup to offer a stable and lasting ride.


If you want the older versions of Citroen DS, you would only get an air-cooled flat-6 engine. But, the engines equipped in the latest trims are considered more flexible, efficient, and easy to steer. We can say that DS has definitely set higher standards by delivering outstanding ride quality, speed handling, and braking. Instead of understeering, Citroen DS is designed to give you slightly controllable lift-off oversteer around the corners. Besides, it is truly fun to drive. Overall, this car does not run too fast, but it is certainly fast enough to offer you a brilliant ride on the winding roads. The disc brakes offer sufficient stopping power.


DS 23 has a 2,347 CC engine with electronic fuel injection. The power production is noted as 141 hp. Whereas Citroen DS 21 has a smaller, 2,175 CC engine capable of delivering power of 109 hp.



Well, not appreciating its marvelous suspension setup is fairly impossible. The specialty of the car is its hydropneumatic suspension, which comes with multiple features such as a built-in automatic leveling system and variable ground clearance. It delivers sharp on-road handling and lets you drive fast and smoothly.

It keeps the steering under control, effortlessly. The suspension is complemented with the best setup of brakes. The brakes are entirely powered, not power-assisted because the pedal force is not added to a braking power



The gearbox is super soft and controllable. The best pick for you is the 1971 models of DS 21 and later Citroen DS 23 that are installed with a 3-speed fully-automatic transmission.


Here are the complete options:

3-speed automatic

4-speed manual

5-speed manual

4-speed semi-automatic



Undoubtedly, Citroen DS body design will grab your attention right away. But as it is an old car, to some, its styling might bug you. To balance the weight with power, the bonnets are all-aluminum mated with fiberglass roofs only on saloons. It has successfully lowered the center of gravity making the car run faster. Auxiliary driving lights are something that you would love, as they are highly advanced. They are designed to move along the steering. It means the night visibility is significantly improved.


Apparently, the most appealing trim of Citroen DS is the one styled in 1962 with a more aerodynamically efficient nose. The car is made in a way that offers better ventilation while reducing fuel consumption. The chassis ensures satisfactory high-speed performance, by managing the wind resistance.


On the inside, the vehicle has power-assisted steering. It’s a practical car, the DS. Supreme comfort and impossibly elegant looks are how this car can be defined. The body styling may not appear well-organized or sharply intuitive, but the cabin does come with vibrant specifications. The driving seating is more upright and exceedingly comfortable.


The first thing that will get your attention instantly is the modern and smart instrument cluster with an understandable and classy head-up display. You would definitely get satisfied with the quality material used for the interior of Citroen DS. The inside seems like a suitable combination of a soft-touch rubbery plastic complimented with gloss metallic highlights along with the dashboard and door sills.


Another excellent feature is their outboard low-beam headlights. Apart from quality, they are self-leveling. They are made responsive to pitching because of high speeding or hard braking. The steering wheel is at easy access. Remember, if luxury is your goal, it is not the car for you. It is the perfect pick for the one who prefers comfort to extravagance.


Are you really into luxury? Go and treat yourself with a 1965’s luxury variant called the Citroen DS Pallas. Loaded with comfort features, it features refined noise insulation to ensure a quiet and soothing ride. To keep it plush, it has leather trimming and appealing embellishments. The late 1966 model also has a height-adjustable driver's seat.


Citroen DS3:

Do you know why DS3 is so famous and comes on the top of the preference list? Due to its outstanding exterior styling. As far as the performance is concerned, it runs pretty well on a 1.6L turbocharged engine. It is capable of producing 121kW of power with a torque of 240Nm@1400-4000rpm.


In terms of driving experience, Citroen DS sounds pretty decent for a hatch of that size. The electronic traction control is smartly designed to make the car behave efficiently. In short, it is a first-rate European hatch, and it truly is!


The addition of the parking sensors and a reversing camera as standard features in DS Citroen enhances safety. Inside you will get the ‘old-school’ vibes particularly about the instrumentation. But do not mistake it for the subpar quality. The material used inside is of supreme quality. The front seats give all comfy feel with adequate lumbar and side-ways support.


Citroen DS2:

A 2L 4-cyl diesel engine that runs quietly is refined with a quick-acting turbocharger and intercoolers. The maximum power of Citroen DS noted for the engine is 120kW@3750rpm with the prominent torque 340Nm@2000rpm. You will get the chance to drive a 6-speed automatic gearbox only in this avant-garde mid-sized vehicle, as it comes with no manual option.


The long list of standard tech features includes:

Directional xenon headlights

Fog lights with cornering function


Remote/keyless entry

Automatic/sensing wipers

Parking sensors (front and rear)

Electronic park brake

Push-button start

Dual-zone climate control

8-way power-assisted, heated driver’s seat adjustment with massage function

8-speaker infotainment

Receptive satellite navigation

AUX/USB inlets

Bluetooth connectivity


Cons of buying Citroen DS:

Jittery ride in DS2 model

Steering can kickback

Leaking problems of flexible fuel pipes and Camshafts

Loose oil filters setting

Servicing can get tricky, costly, and laborious

2015 DS3 shows high clutch uptake

In certain models, rear visibility is hindered

DS5 feature an underpowered engine

All models are pricey


Final verdict:

You can explain Citroen DS as a zippy, fashionable, and somewhat practical vehicle that offers comfort, as well. Featured with riding skill, driving passion, style, and dynamic driving ability, it guarantees a smooth and noiseless, stable, and prompt ride! Once you have hit the road, the car cruises obediently than you’d think.


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