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Citroen C4 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Citroen C4 Review Australia


Citroen C4 is a compact-sized car that features a load of impressive specs including a variety of petrol and diesel engines, multiple trims with a comfortable seating interior, and a visually appealing framework made with long-lasting material. Even, if you are searching for a safe drive, it comes with an active safety kit. This front-engine, Front Wheel Drive vehicle has jazzy styling with a logical design.


Citroen C4 has been producing delightful cars with edgy sharp layouts, classy interior, and quiet engines. It has been producing C4 variants since 2005 and with certain refinements, C4 2020 has surpassed the expectations. The 1st generation C4 is available in 3-door coupé, 5-door hatchback, 4-door sedan, 5-door MPV called Citroen C4 Picasso. To keep up, the 2nd generation features an all-new rear end with a strikingly bold grille.



First-generation (2004–2010):

C4 series will give you a controllable and comfortable drive at all speeds, even on bumpy roads. The engineers have equipped every vehicle with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine.


Remarkably smoother shift on the pitch with steering flexibility. It brings a practical power and weight ratio for balanced driving. There are 5-speed and 6-speed manual transmission, whereas in automatic, you can have 4-speed. Luckily, you can enjoy a captivating ride in the 6-speed automated manual gear shift. Its magnificent stopping power is due to its ventilated discs brakes.


The efficient braking system is supported with adaptable front axle suspension with flexible coil springs. On the rear axle, the sturdy interconnected wheels have adjustable torsion beam and bars.


If you are looking for the petrol engine with the best mileage and fuel consumption, here are your options from C4:
1.4 L ET3 I4 with the maximum power of 65 kW@5,250 rpm
1.6 L TU5 I4 basic has a maximum power of 80 kW@5,750 rpm, while its VTi version offers 88 kW@6,000 rpm and THP comes with 110 kW@5,800 rpm
2.0 L EW10 I4 has also two variants. One basic offer 100 kW@6,000 rpm and the Citroen C4 VTS engine gives 10kW@6,000 rpm.

That is all for the petrol, but there are two options for diesel engines, as well. They are faster and quieter. Let’s get ready to enjoy the ride of HDi exclusive engines.
1.6 L DV6 can offer a maximum power of range between 66 to 80kW@4,000 rpm
2.0 L DW10 can let you have fun with its matchless power of the range 100-103 kW@4,000 rpm


Second generation (2010–2018):

Are you expecting engine advancements to enjoy a pleasing ride, where you don’t have to worry about fuel, speed, roads, or weather? The 2nd generation of Citroen C4 might have some surprises. First, it is available in both, 6-speed manual and 5-speed manual transmissions. They are fitted with advanced kits, an efficient motor system, and sustainable suspensions. The engine range you can get is VTi (1.4L, 1.6L VTi), THP (1.6L), and HDi (1.6L, 1.6L 16v, 1.6L electrically-charged, 2.0L 16v).


Citroen C4 Cactus:

Its 2016 version is one of the best options you could have with DOHC 1199 CC, a turbocharged petrol engine with 3 cylinders. The engine is impressive enough to provide 81kW@5500 rpm with a torque of 205Nm@1500rpm. The only drawback is its manually operated gear with 5-speed. But, its fuel efficiency can compensate it with 4.7L/100 km consumption. And, you have the option to switch it up with a stronger 6L 4-cyl turbocharged diesel engine. An upgrade of C4 Cactus 2019 is shifting it to 6-speed automatic transmission. One thing that might interest you is its lesser Fuel Consumption of 3.6L / 100 km in comparison, with a tank capacity of 50L.


Citroen C4 Picasso - 2017:

Do you have a big family? If yes, then get your hands on its exclusive wheel drive wagon. A 1.6L turbocharged petrol-engine that fits 4-cyl is compatible to give 121kW@6000rpm power with 240Nm@1400rpm torque. The best feature is its 6-speed automatic transmission. It has a huge tank capacity of 57L with overall consumption of 5.6L / 100 km. The specificity of the rear suspension is the Hydraulic double acting shock absorber.


Citroen C4 Grand Picasso:

The highlight is its gear selector. You can choose to drive in its manual mode or automatic. It comes with incredible steering-mounted paddle-shifters. Its 2.0L turbocharged diesel engine with 4-cyl is perfect for gravel roads, and mountain drive. The fuel consumption is maintained to the economical level with the value of 4.5L/100 km. Though, its automatic mode is the preference at its 110kW power and a decent 370Nm torque.



In the 1st generation of Citroen C4 hatchback and coupé, the exterior has likenesses such as bold grille, sharp-angular edges, finest side-lines, but, you can have the choice of a smoother-looking sedan with subtle edges. If you are looking out for a lavish layout besides a tremendous engine, C4 Picasso is the right fit! Especially cut out headlights, stylish corners, eye-catching curves, and rear lights! In all the trims, you can find a finessed dashboard with a sophisticated central instrument panel. It has all the controls displayed fashionably, including heating and cooling controls. The vehicles are equipped with an audio system and an infotainment screen. The digital and analog displays of the speedometer is a plus. Enjoy a quieter ride with the dual-layer sound-insulated window mirrors to avoid wind noise. Other noticeable specifications are its translucent glass roof, high-resolution LCD, and MP3 playback.

The Citroen C4 Picasso is the finest of all the versions. Available in 5-seater and 7-seater, it comes with refined headlamps, fog lights, and smart outlooks. After the facelift of the 2nd generation, the layout has been made more aggressive with logical side and front cuts. The logo got extended on the front crest. The bumper and the front hood have two longitudinal ribs giving a robust look. You can notice its visible dual air intakes on the flanks for a smarter look. The comfort of the interior is maintained. The 2016 version of Citroen C4 Cactus which is a compact SUV comes in a variety of colours and wheel combinations. Speciality is the roof-rails and AirBumps. Regrettably, it doesn’t have a tachometer with no steering-reach adjustment.


The highlighted details include:
17-inch alloy wheels with smarter rims
✓ HD 7’’ infotainment screen
✓ Top-class digital radio
✓ Feasible climate control
✓ Brilliant leather-wrapped door-pulls

After several advancements, now the modern trims have:
✓ Slim split LED headlights and fog-lights
✓ Advanced Comfort’ seats
✓ Wireless phone charger
✓ Apple CarPlay
✓ Android Auto compatible
✓ 8-channel HiFi setup
✓ Bluetooth connectivity
✓ DAB+ radio
✓ Excellent proprietary 3D satellite navigation
✓ Dual-zone climate control (Grand Picasso)
✓ Auxiliary and USB portals


Cons of buying Citroen C4:

✓ Lacks Hydractive suspension
✓ Not for long-haul trips
✓ No airbags for 3rd row (Grand Picasso)
✓ Jerky semi-auto transmission (C4-Cactus)
✓ C4-Cactus lacks AEB



✓ Active Driver Assist Pack
✓ Adaptive cruise control
✓ Autonomous emergency braking
✓ Lane-keep assist
✓ Blind-spot monitoring
✓ Driver attention alert
✓ 6-airbags
✓ 360-degree reversing-camera,
✓ Parking sensors
✓ Directional headlights
✓ Electronic stability program


Final verdict:

Have the finest motoring experience in a way that is at once relaxing and thrilling. Citroen C4 must be on your consideration list. Especially, C4 Cactus which is known to have an impressively old yet elegant and greatly refined structure. Its 2nd generation vehicles offer an unproblematic slow-speed drive. You will find its automatic steering very light and manageable. The most surprising feature of its latest 2020 Citroen model is ravishing turbocharged petrol and diesel combustion engines.

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