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Citroen C3 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Citroen C3 Review Australia


If you are in the need of a supermini car that comes with the name of a famous automobile company and high-standard specs, you must try Citroen C3. This marvelously small-sized car with extensive interior space has been manufactured since 2002. C3 hatch is a fun car to drive which gives an impressive on-road and off-road performance. Along with its relaxing and spacious cabin, it has a powerful and speedy engine. Its efficient fuel efficiency is a plus. All trims have front-engine and are offered as FWD. Well, if you don’t like a 5-door hatchback body style, Citroen has a 3-door convertible and down-sized 3-door hatchback.



All Citroen C3 hatchbacks of the 1st generation are really fun and easy to drive. The engine is quite distinctive and is small but still offers you an amazing speed. The engine of its CC is actually delivering you good power and torque. You will have a memorable road experience, once you have driven it. 


1st generation:

No matter, if you prefer a petrol or diesel engine, you can get any. With the vast range of engines, you can pick inline 4-cyl petrol engines of 1.1L TU1, 1.4L TU3, 1.4L ET3, and 1.6L TU5. The diesel inline 4-cyl engine options include 1.4L DV4 and 1.6L DV6. All models have a 5-speed manual gearbox. If you don’t like manual driving, switch it with the Stop & Start model featuring the SensoDrive gearbox which has a 5-speed auto-mode manual gearbox with paddle-shifters. The most advanced automatic transmission that is “4-speed hydraulic” is only available on the top-most trims but these are expensive, as well. 


As everything comes with a downfall, so does Citroen C3. The engine will give you the problem of turbo lag, delaying the engine starting. Although it has an idle-stop engine system, it is not satisfactory, especially in comparison to 2021 models. 


The late 2005 model is installed with a more progressive 1.6L 16 valve HDi diesel engine to offer a fairly plush ride. It produces 82 kW power that lets your car settle swiftly and smoothly over big road bumps.


2nd generation:

If you ever had a trial drive of the 2nd generation, you will feel the power of its advanced engine running the fuel inside a durable motor. These trims have standard-fit cruise control and speed limiter. The engine has a neat bit of character to it. The engine and gearbox are set to a more relaxed state.


You have the following best engine options to choose from depending on either power or transmission speeds:

1.1L i8V, inline 4-cyl petrol engine producing 45kW@5,500rpm and 95NM@3,300rpm

1.6L VTi 16V inline 4-cyl petrol engine producing 88kW@6,000rpm and 95NM@3,300rpm with 4-speed automatic transmission

1.6L HDi 16V, inline 4-cyl diesel engine producing 81kW@4,000rpm with 6-speed manual gearbox


If you like to drive an HDi engine but not its 6-speed gearbox, the 2016 model with the same mechanics but a 5-speed gearbox is also available. 


3rd generation (2016):

These latest trims have the quickest, speediest, and smoothest engine. Even at higher speeds, the engine stays silent. It starts and stops without giving you a jerk and will keep you at a stable place while driving. For a firm ride, 3rd generation models have the perfect motor equipment. You are left with the options of 1.2L PSA EB2 Puretech inline 3-cyl petrol engine and 1.6L BlueHDi 16V inline 4-cyl diesel engine. Regardless of the engine power, the Citroen C3 offers you both, automatic in 6-speed and manual in 5 or 6-speed transmissions.



1st generation models are definitely not the fit in 2021 cars. Well, if you have decided, the 2005 version might be a good choice. It comes with a bold front featuring a striking bumper, broadened lower air-inlet, redesigned radiator grille, with a relocation of the number plate. The rear-side has also an appealing light cluster complementing glistening midsections. Hatch body-styled variants feature excessive boot space with well-sized legroom and headroom. A stylishly designed and neatly finessed dashboard and light metallic grey embellishers add up to the fanciness of the fresh instrument cluster.


The 2nd generation 5-door hatchback Citroen C3 has a distinctive curvy frame with a longer and wider wheelbase. Inside you will find a crisp instrumentation display which is a mixture of analog dials with a digital display showing fuel and a trip computer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a temperature gauge and also you might find the legroom cramped. The 2013 C3 also has a fashionable V-shaped front with bumper-mounted LED DRLs, and rear lights featuring advanced reflectors.


From the 3rd generation, the 2020 model has the following highlighted specs:

Interior atmospheres: "Techwood" or "Emeraude"

7’’ touchscreen



Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

Bluetooth connectivity

Keyless entry and start

Blind-spot monitoring

16’’ alloy wheels

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Height-adjustable seats (manual)

Single-zone climate control


Citroen c3 Picasso:

It is a mini MPV 5-seater manufactured from 2008 to 2017 with front-engine offering FWD. If you are buying the Spanish variants, the basic (LX) model will offer a sluggish VTi engine delivering 71 kW but the real power is in the Exclusive model bringing 82 kW of power. Each trim is available in 5-speed manual transmission. If you are looking for more options, the 2011 version does have a 6-speed manual and automatic (EGS6) manual gearboxes. It has a compact cabin but foldable rear seats can increase the boot space. Striking chrome finessed bumpers and doors are pretty eye-catching.


Major features include:

Anti-Lock Braking System

Electronic brakeforce distribution

Child locks

Remote central locking


Electronic Stability Control

Front fog light

Responsive cruise control

Rear-parking sensors

Automatic lights

Speed limitator


To enjoy a powerful engine with better fuel efficiency, you must go for its 2015 version featuring 1.2L Pure Tech 110 motor engine with 3 cylinders supported with a 5-speed manual gearbox.


Citroen c3 aircross:

In Citroën C3 Aircross, there are no multiple engines but one “1.6L EP6 VTi 16V petrol engine with Inline-4 cylinders” and this is enough powerful, sturdy, and long-lasting to leave you awe-struck with its speed and road performance. The Brazil-built version is the recommended one as it is made more durable and with impressive styling. Options of 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmissions are available. The exterior is made noticeable with incredibly raised suspension, visible side skirts, and chrome-polished roof bars.


Citroen C3 Pluriel:

You can get your hands on this wonderful motor, as well, because this convertible comes with the options of tremendous petrol engines of 1.4L and a 1.6L (automated manual gearbox). Not only petrol but you will get a 1.4L diesel engine. You will feel the gearshift is unnecessarily aggressive.


Final verdict:

The company has made Citroen c3 in a friendly design and vibrant exterior. The ride is pretty comfortable, for sure, but not exciting enough. Do you need a car with the most advanced features? If yes, then choose from exclusive and Airdream, but if price matters more and you are not a fan of luxury, the first two trim levels will also suit your lifestyle. Its cohesive design appears visually attractive but the biggest problem is pricing.


If you are planning on purchasing Citroen C3, how about knowing the car's past details beforehand? It will help you out to finalize the deal. Besides, giving you the car’s review, we would like to help our customers by offering an online, all-time accessible portal Quick Revs, where you can get your hands on a vehicle’s accidents, theft, and driving history.

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