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Century Batteries Review: Product, Price, Performance, Durability

Century Batteries Review

Everything runs on power; be it the humans, the vehicles, the airplanes, the machines, the birds, the animals, and even nature itself! With great power, comes great responsibility. That responsibility is something that Century Batteries promises.

This Australian based battery manufacturing company has been in the play since as late as the 1920s. Being a division of Century Yuasa Batteries Pty Ltd., Century Batteries has really made its customers proud of it and has never seemed to disappoint them. The company is the only Australian battery company and that puts a lot of pressure on it since it has to strive hard enough to be the best in its own country.

What does Century Batteries do?

Century Batteries is basically a company that deals in and manufactures car batteries. Since it is the only company in Australia that both manufactures and sells car batteries, the customers tend to rely on it since it provides the value that no other can along with tons of benefits that the company gives to its customers including warranty and free replacement (on some conditions).

Car batteries may be the only thing that Century Batteries is famous for, but it is also a manufacturer of many other types of batteries for different automobiles. You can read more about it in a later section.

What is the purpose of a car battery?

There might be some people who are not well aware of what a car battery does. Worry not, we are here to help you out. The basic purpose of a car battery is to provide power to the vehicle. Once the vehicle is started, however, the battery is not directly used to power the vehicle, but rather to power up the other electronic components of the car. The power to the engine is provided by an alternator.

Typical car batteries are 12V Lead-Acid batteries but recently, development has begun and newer batteries are being developed every single day to increase efficiency. Electric cars are powered up by high powered batteries but the regular 12V batteries are still used in them for simpler purposes.

What types of batteries do Century Batteries sell?

As mentioned before, Century Batteries may be famous for selling their car batteries but there are a lot of other types of batteries that they sell too. These batteries are available for:

 1- Cars

 2- 4x4s

 3- SUVs

 4- Marine and Boats

 5- Deep Cycle Batteries (Trailers etc.)

 6- Lawn Mowers

 7- Motorcycles

 8- Trucks

 9- Buses


What do the customers have to say about Century Batteries?

There is a lot that the customers say about Century Batteries. On ProductReview, century Batteries have been given a 2.3 out of 5. Here is what the customers say about  century batteries:


Review # 1

“After a bad run of batteries in my older model 4WD, I have replaced my battery with a Century and haven’t had any issues since. Previously I was replacing my battery yearly - my Century lasted 3 years for the base model battery. It may have lasted longer but my alternator died and killed the battery as collateral. I now have a new Century starter under the bonnet and a 120AH AGM Deep cycle in the back (which seems to happily power my fridge on a weekend away). Super happy with both.”



“I always thought Century were premium batteries until I actually used them. Both did not last as long as I had expected, and they were not cheap. Very disappointed as they are made in Australia and I try to buy local whenever I can. Will not recommend these batteries.”



“I'm over replacing these batteries, had 2 high-performance batteries don't work anymore 9mths old, and the one in the 4x4 terminals melted. Wouldnt recommends century unless you like breaking down regularly.”



“So we've got 8 vehicles all using century. They've all lasted 5 years minimum. My latest is going for 7 years. The family never had any problems. Used for 25 years. Thought I'd give my 2 cents. A bit confused by the negative reviews. I know people are more likely to post negative reviews if they feel they've been screwed over. My only idea for people who have problems with batteries, in general, is there could be something wrong with your vehicle. Faulty alternator or something else.”



“Getting sick of replacing these batteries a couple of months after the warranties expire. I would have looked at buying another brand if I wasn't stranded with a dead century battery. These used to be good years ago but garbage like most things nowadays. Will research other batteries before I purchase next time.”



“Century make great batteries, however, their non-Australian made range vary a lot more, and I suspect this is evident in the negative reviews. The Australian made batteries are those with yellow cases and blue tops. For the 4WD batteries, the Overlander series is the Australian made ones that are suited for heavy off-road use. The other 4WD batteries are only suitable for light off-road use, and even just road use. The road use batteries may suit those just driving on city roads just fine.


So, like any battery do the research and get the one suited for your use. I have a 75D23L, one listed as Ultra High Performance and I'd have to agree. I also have a decent multi-stage battery charger with rejuvenation mode, I do a maintenance run on it at least once a year. This is due to the type of driving I often do. After two years mine still tests as a brand new battery, so I can't complain!”


What’s so good about Century Batteries?

We have compiled a list of the things we found good with the Century Batteries. It is as follows:


 1- The company is always improving and designing new batteries as deemed necessary.

 2- Their recent maintenance-free batteries are a game-changer.

 3- Century Batteries provide a lot of benefits with their batteries as mentioned before.

 4- It is international!


Final Review:

At the end of the day, it all lies in your hands to make the decision. In our opinion, Century Batteries is really worth it. They should be given a try.

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