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Castlemaine Rod Shop Review | What You Need to Know?

We all must take care of our cars, and for this, it is necessary to up to date all the parts of your vehicle. The Castlemaine Rod Shop has been serving its customers since 1976. The manufacturer of different spare parts of different car models that provide your vehicle with the best products. The products are made up of quality material that lasts for years. 


When we talk about branded cars and their performance, we must look for the best things for our vehicle. Therefore, Castlemaine Rod Shop presents the best parts for your car. There are hundreds of brands out in the market, but only a few hold the mark of the quality. The Castlemaine Rod Shop is exactly what you need for your car in an affordable range that suits almost everyone.


The types of the making of  products involve:





The manufacturing of  disc brakes includes the following:


 ✓ Rear Suspension 



Making your ride stop better has been just the coolest way to soup it up. However, if you're a tuner-car enthusiast and is looking forward,  renewing your latest WRX drift-ready or an average for making it look to increase the safety and performance of your desired '68 F-150, a disc brake conversion is actually the first modification you should believe.


There are many right reasons to ditch your old-fashioned drum brakes for discs. Drum brakes can be easily get damaged by high temperature, therefore they are troublesome. They're easily damaged because of moisture and debris, they may then offer a less-than-optimal stopping power. Further, they often need adjustments at regular intervals of time.


Rear Suspension:

The movement and rear suspension elements are only subtly different in their responsibility for supporting the front and rear of the vehicle. 

The basic difference is that the front has a cross member, also called the subprime or cradle, while the rear has a unique rear cross member. 


Moreover, the elements that are more-or-less similar in the front and rear include the right/left upper and lower control arms, right/left knuckles/spindles, springs, shock absorbers, wheels and tires, and sway/stabilizer bars; in some classifications, the rear differential and non-driven axles and hubs are also included as classy members.


However, every element of the suspension is made complicated that it assemblies the elastomeric bushings and helps to protect it from external shocks. Further, the vehicle body from undesired vibration without affecting the unique steering, ride as well as handling. Through which the customer specifies the characteristics and manufacturer differentiates of every vehicle, that specifies how the wheels and tires perform both a suspension as well as a guiding and handling function. 


The front and rear brake elements help to influence the vibration and handling with the help of two- and four-wheel disk brake rotors/drums, calipers, and friction materials. Master cylinder, brake booster assembly, pedals, and brackets control the braking movements of your car on the road.


Bellhousings & Adaptors:

The car includes several parts and its maintenance is not even an easy thing to do. You need to get a lot of information about the best products and best sellers suiting your range that is why to choose well before buying.


Talking about Castlemaine Rod Shop it deals with these following parts listed below:

 ✓ Holden 149-202

 ✓ Holden 253-308

 ✓ Holden 5ltr

 ✓ Holden V6

 ✓ Holden rb30

 ✓ Chev SBC

 ✓ Chev BBC

 ✓ LS1-2-3

 ✓ Ford 250 xflow

 ✓ Ford 3.9-4.0

 ✓ Ford 5.0 - efi

 ✓ Ford windsor

 ✓ Ford cleveland

 ✓ Ford Big block

 ✓ Toyota 1jz-2jz

 ✓ Toyota 1uzfe

 ✓ Chrysler small block

 ✓ Chrysler hemi 6

 ✓ Chrysler 331-354-392

 ✓ MAZDA 13B



For your assistance, all the famous cars whose spare parts their company used to make are listed below:

 ✓ Holden

 ✓ Ford

 ✓ Chevrolet

 ✓ Valiant

 ✓ Nissan

 ✓ Toyota

 ✓ Dodge

 ✓ Chrysler

 ✓ Desoto

 ✓ Jeep

 ✓ Bedford

 ✓ Jaguar

 ✓ BMW

 ✓ Datsun

 ✓ Mazda

 ✓ Plymouth


Castlemaine Rod Shop Reviews:

Review #1:

Came in two weeks ago and bought two ls1 conversions called up 3 days prior on arrival they were sitting at the door ready to go can't fault there customer service will defiantly be coming back to buy more parts well worth the 10-hour drive.


Review #2:

Headed up from SE of Melbourne to attended the open day and absolutely loved it. Excellent displays all throughout the workshop, live music, great priced food and drink and awesome action out on the burnout pad. Congratulations to all those involved in the organization of this event, very well done.


Review #3:

Big shout out to Nathan and the team at The Rod Shop, awesome service, quick quotation back, no drama shopping and best of all everything turned up on time and packed perfectly.....id give 10 stars if i could...cheers Marty


Review #4:

Sensational customer service with a wealth of knowledge. I cannot recommend the Castlemaine Rod Shop more. Every experience with them has been wonderful and the work that they do is second to none.

Review #5:

Called on the way through Castlemaine having heard of this shop since my youth... 40 years ago and whilst viewing the shop displays the owner introduced himself to myself & my old mate. He then proceeded to give us a personal guided tour of the entire establishment. Bloody brilliant service way beyond expectations.


Recommended stop for anyone who's a genuine car buff.



Now you can shop all the latest and upgraded versions of all the parts used in your car. Either you want to make it look classy all sporty Castlemaine rod shops offer all of it. It is not always about the brand sometimes it is about the quality of service too and their service is great as well.


You only need to think about the idea you wanted for your car and they will make it the way you want. My experiences with the Castlemaine rod shop were great. I would definitely recommend everyone to visit once for the best service and reliable products that won’t make you regret the decision you made for your automobile.

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