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Car Wrap Vs Car Paint | Which is Better? | Quick Revs

Car Wrap Vs Car Paint Which is Better

Have you chanced upon a car emblazoned in camouflage paint or one with a chrome-like finish? Or wearing a color that you thought would never have been available? Well, chances are that the car in question supports a vinyl wrap rather than painted.


Car wraps have been gaining more and more popularity in recent years, as the trend towards vehicle customization grows. Indeed, the vinyl wrap car market was $1.62 billion in 2015, which is expected to surpass $10 billion by 2025. There are many advantages that vinyl wraps offer, but more on that later. For now, think of it as a temporary tattoo for your car which allows you to change the look of your car without a long-term commitment. Read on to find out if car wrap is a better option than a paint job, the pros, and cons and how much it can set you back.


What is Car Wrap?

A car wrap consists of a series of vinyl decals that are placed all over the body panels of your car. The vinyl decals can be anything, with your imagination and budget being the only limitations. A vinyl wrap car can drastically allow you to change the appearance of your car with plenty of design options that you can go for.


For example:

Full-on graphic treatments

Chrome metallic color

Matte finish

Gradient color

Glossy color


Why Would I Wrap My Car?

You can go for wrapping your car for a number of reasons. For one, you might have a favorite color which is not offered as an option from the factory. Or maybe you have had enough of the current color on your car and want to change the look to something that stands out. Especially if your car is on a lease. In that case, you can simply go and throw a wrap around the car and enjoy the new feel. You can always remove the car wrap after some time or when the lease is up. You will also find many companies using the technique to wrap cars in banners about businesses to serve as mobile advertisements.


How to Vinyl Wrap my Car?

If you have decided to get a car wrap for your vehicle, you need to locate a shop that can do that for you. The first thing that the shop is going to do is to thoroughly wash the car and detail it with a clay bar to remove any contaminants. They can also use chemicals to clean the paint and then remove any dust particles with compressed air.


The second step is the removal of bumpers, taillights, and headlights so that the vinyl wrap can be installed as close to the edges as possible. If you are uncomfortable with this step, you can skip this, and the installer can use scalpel-like tools to cut away the vinyl around the bumpers and lights.


Next, the installer applies the car wrap around the body. A heat gun is used to make the material pliable and makes it stick to the body of the vehicle. Things can be a little more complicated if you are opting for an advanced wrap design using a graphical design or custom colors. In this scenario, additional layers of the vinyl wraps are applied. Lastly, a soft felt squeegee is used to remove any air pockets from the whole body.


The whole process can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week. That depends on the parts that you want to wrap up or the labor that is required for your particular car. For instance, if you want the inner body-colored part of your doors to match, that will mean taking apart the door that would take an additional two days.


Advantages of Car Wrap:

There are a number of reasons to go for a vinyl wrap for your car:

Cost: In most cases, the car wrap cost is only a fraction of a complete paint job. So, if you are on a budget or if you want to change the appearance of your car for a short while, it is a good idea to go for a vinyl wrap.

Durability: The vinyl wrap is laminated, which means that it is not affected by UV rays. This is a huge plus over traditional paint, which gets faded when subjected to sunlight. The vinyl wrap is also thick, which prevents scratching or chipping of the body surface. Cleaning the surface is also easier.

Time: Where a complete paint job can take weeks to complete, a car wrap can be completed in only a few days at most. If you are in a rush to get the job done, then a vinyl wrap may be the solution for you.

Diversity: There are tons of options and choices that you can go for when opting for a vinyl wrap.


Car Wrap vs Paint:

Cost is the first factor that comes to mind when you have to decide between a car wrap or a paint job. A paint job can cost you anywhere between $500 for low quality to $5,000 for higher quality. On the other hand, professional wrap prices can range from $2,000 to $3,000.


Next comes the time of application. Which of the two takes longer? Well, as we mentioned above, a paint job is a lengthy process and can take almost two weeks on average to complete. It required several costs of paints and each coat needed time to dry off overnight. Wrapping takes less time and can be completed in a couple of days.


The quality of the paint job determines how long that would last. A low-quality paint job is less durable and would require you to take care of and may need new paint after some years. High-quality paint jobs is another story. On the contrary, wraps are easier to maintain and more durable and can last for anywhere between 2 to 10 years.


Final Thoughts:

Car wraps are a great option if you want to change the appearance of your car. It takes less time than getting your car repainted. Furthermore, the original paint stays intact and helps save the body from corrosion and chipping.

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