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Car Next Door Review Is really the cheapest and best way to rent a car?

Car Next Door Review


In early ages, there was no concept of money. People used to purchase things based on the price of other things. It was a complete barter system where one person who did not have one thing got it from another person who needed something that the first person had. Suppose that one person (for the sake of example, call him person A) grew rice while another person (B) made tools out of wood and metal. A needs tools for farming and B needs food to sustain. A and B would then come to an agreement that B would provide A with the tools as long as A provided him with food.


Just like that, many other things were traded and bartered with other people. Then came the system of money and now everyone is struggling so hard to earn it. In this moment of crisis, one company came out of the shadows into the light with a barter-ish system of lending your vehicle to others for a price. Car Next Door, the mentioned company, has been operating in Australia since 2012 and is providing its services to millions of users.


What is Car Next Door?

Car Next Door is a company that provides peer 2 peer car rental services to both drivers and vehicle owners. The drivers can download their applications on their phones and after being verified properly, they are allowed to use their services. There is a monthly subscription (optional, but highly recommended) that allows the drivers to get as many rides they want to borrow once a month or more. Without it, you are restricted to only borrowing less than once a month.


The car owners need to have their vehicle available for a set amount of time per week so the drivers can use their vehicle if they want to. It is better if the car owner’s vehicle sits in the home all day and does nothing most of the time. To rent your car to someone for a good amount of money seems pretty reasonable since all the issues are covered by Car Next Door and there are no possible problems that could arise which hinder you from earning a few extra hundred bucks. The service is currently available only in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia. However, it does plan on expanding to other cities too.


How does Car Next Door handle its customers?

This is a pretty common question. Obviously, with rentals, there come a lot of issues; the prime one being security. Apart from that, many other questions pop in one’s mind while lending their vehicle out to a complete stranger when a company tells you that they will pay you if you do. Well, that same company handles everything and lets both types of their customers be satisfied completely. Not only does the company assure the guarantee and safety of the owner’s vehicle, but it also makes use of technology to implement systems that ensure a vehicle’s safety. These systems include:


 1- GPS Technology to monitor the real-time location of the vehicle to prevent theft.

 2- Keyless Locks which take in keycode to open the vehicle. This allows the owners to be carefree since they do not need to hand over their keys to the drivers.

 3- An insurance system that covers both parties in case one runs into any trouble.

 4- An online platform where only the qualified are selected to be the official customers. This includes both the drivers and the car owners.


What are the benefits of using the Car Next Door?

The company is not a basic car-sharing system that supplies cars on demand, there is actually deep thinking behind it. With all that thinking and planning, there are a lot of benefits that one could get from this amazing service. Car Next Door has the following set of benefits which their customers can enjoy:


 1- Cheap: This is the cheapest p2p car rental service in Australia. You would be amazed to know the price (in the section below)!


 2- Economic: It is pretty economic considering everything. The fuel, insurance, booking, and all the extra charges are pretty much covered in the car next door membership of their ‘premium plan’ of $19.


 3- Free Earning: Car owners can literally earn money for free without doing anything other than taking care of their vehicle properly. They can not become a multi-millionaire overnight, but it certainly pays enough to keep the vehicle in a good position as long as it is being taken care of.


 4- Easy to Use: The registration step is pretty easy and almost everyone can become a member as long as they know how to drive and have a valid identity. You just have to go through their regular signing up steps and in no time, you will end up as one of them. 


Are there any negative points?

Of course, not everything is perfect and where there are benefits, there are some drawbacks too. However, the benefits severely overpower them and these feel like they do not even exist. The negative points about the Car Next Door are:


 1- No guarantee about the vehicle: Since the vehicle belongs to someone else, there is no guarantee that it is as it seems in the picture. There might be some technical faults in it which are not really visible in the picture. It is a good practice to go ahead and check the vehicle in which you are going to rent some time before you make the final decision. This would allow you to reconsider your options.


What are Car Next Door’s rates?

As explained before, Car Next Door’s rates are mind-blowingly low. Although the total cost depends on several different factors like the type of vehicle, distance covered, the total duration, etc. a rough estimation has been provided on the company’s official website. It states that for a 25km ride for 3 hours would ideally cost $44, a 60km ride for 1 day would cost $50, and 2 days duration with 80km distance would cost $125 in an SUV. This shows how cheap the Car Next Door rates are considering getting your own vehicle would cost you way, way more than that at that time. The fuel charges are included within the total price along with the insurance cost. What’s more to ask for?!


What do the customers have to say about it?

The customers are really in favor of the service. Car Next Door has been given a rating of 4.5 on Glassdoor and on ProductReview, the site where almost no one survives, Car Next Door has achieved 4.1 out of 5. You can check on Google what the customers have to say about them, but a lot of them would be talking in their favor considering how perfect this service is.


Is it really worth it?

Now, for the big question… Is it really worth it? The answer is, in our opinion based on the research and reviews, yes. This is a really great service and can help you and millions of other people in a really small time and it doesn’t even need to hire people. The people do everything for other people and the company just ensures that it goes on smoothly. So, yes, it is really worth it. The ultimate decision depends upon you to whether be in favor of this company or not, but we would highly advise that you consider giving it a chance before you are lead astray.


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