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Bribie Island Camping Australia | The Best Place for Outdoor Camping


A coastal paradise named as Bribie Island is offering the nearest surf as well as it is additionally a beach to Brisbane. However, it also provides a protected sailing and fishing within the Pumicestone Passage. Further, it is considered as a National Park and Marine Park that is divided into a relaxed lifestyle and provides an enjoyable sub-tropical climate.


Bribie Island is almost 45km away from Brisbane's CBD and a few 17km  away from the Bruce Highway. Furthermore, the north-south route is making a connection to Brisbane and then to the Sunshine Coast. The Island is around 34km long and up to 8km wide. Bribie Islands' wetland boundaries, heath, seaside woods, and seashores are secured inside the Bribie Island National Park. However, under which 20% of the Island is structured.


The clear and still water of Pumicestone Passage are a haven for dolphins, turtles, dugongs, and transient winged animals. Pumicestone Passage stretches out north to Caloundra, and a bit of it is a Marine Park. Bribie Island is likewise a small cruise that is from a portion of Queensland's best gaming and fishing. Additionally, there are fishing grounds off Moreton Island. The Moreton Island resort of Tangalooma is inside Bribie island and is similar to a portion of Queensland's best diving spots just as Flinders Reef. The ocean is safe, with no bars to explore.

Four-wheel drive available in camping area:

Gallagher Point:

Gallagher’s point is available with limited bush camping and does not exceed its limit. However, there are no toilets or any other facilities available for you. The campers are motivated in a way that they should bring all the portable toilets and things with them in order to avoid bush toileting.


Poverty Creek:

This camping area has an open lush view and obscure trees that incorporate destinations that are reasonable for camper trailers and group camping. Toilets, that has portable removal of waste including disposal facility, screened cold showers, water taps (not appropriate for drinking.)outdoor tables, and chimneys are given. Flames are allowed in the fire rings in the group trailer that also includes camping.


Ocean Beach:

The camping area is designed in a way that is 16km north of the seashore on North Street, Woorim. Campgrounds simply behind the hills are available from structured track doors. Toilets are screened including cold showers and water taps (not appropriate for drinking.) are given at the outdoors zone got to by track 'P'. If it's not too much trouble, utilize these offices or bring your own portable toilet. A compact toilet waste removal point is situated on getting to 'P' close to the toilet.


Camping areas accessible only by boat:

Camp sites are given at Mission Point to campers showing up by a host. Toilets, a screened cold shower, water tap (not reasonable for drinking), outdoor tables, and fire rings are given. Six shrub campgrounds are given at the Lime Pocket camping region. Fire rings are given. You have to bring your own compact toilet only.


Park-specific guidelines:

 ✓ Before your visit, you must book your camp site first.

 ✓ You must be licensed and have it with you before you drive in the national park and recreation area.

 ✓ Campers must leave the sites before 11 am on the day of departure. Campers can access their sites any time after 2 pm on their arrival day.

 ✓ To ensure the fragile regions of the camping is allowed in assigned campgrounds.

 ✓ Camping isn't allowed on the sea shore foredunes, northern spit, or on the closest islands inside the marine park. 

 ✓ Camp inside the open spaces given so you don't drive into vegetated regions or clear new areas for camping. Stay at 5m away from the vegetation area. 

 ✓ Pets are not allowed in the national park or diversion zone. 

 ✓ Have all your waste of the national park for disposal. 

 ✓ Generators are not permitted in the national park or recreation area.


In the areas where there are no toilets, kindly carry a portable toilet to avoid toileting anywhere in the bushes. Bring all the hygiene things with you to ensure the cleanliness items including nappies for proper disposal. 


Best for: 

 ✓ Professionals

 ✓ Singles 

 ✓ Families with kids 

 ✓ Retirees

 ✓ Tourists and travelers 

 ✓ Students Beach Lovers



To see the native wildlife and to get the experience of Australian bushes camping is the best plan for sure. You can start your camping within the 470 camping areas of parks and forests of Queensland. You can appreciate the eye-catching views of oceans, cherish yourself from the relaxing sound of raindrops in the forest. Stare at the stars and toast the marshmallows over your campfire. Get familiar with distinctive wildlife and appreciate immense outdoor activities from bushwalking to the adventure sports.


Sand driving:

Sun, surf and sand, the quintessential Queensland holiday. If you want to enjoy vacationing on the Island. You should visit. Morton and Fraser islands. Go ahead for the four-wheel-drive if you wish to spectate the splendid scenes of inland roads and long ways of sandy beaches. It does not matter if it is a single day trip or many days camping plan with your children. These islands contribute to the perfect portal. You can get connected to the mainland via the road bridge. Bribie is the easiest approachable land and you couldn’t ask for the more easily available island.


Trail-bike riding:

Pack the bags and go ahead to enjoy the ride of the trail bike. From Special two-wheels purpose-built tracks to the way towards State forest and the public roads.

You should be a licensed rider with your licensed bike to grab the opportunities of riding the trail bike prevailing in the parks and forests of Queensland.


Bribie Island Camping Reviews:

Review 1:

Bribie Island is a great place to live, Holiday, Invest, or visit. Bribie has many parks and entertainment for the whole family. Plenty of shops, places to eat out and endless beaches weather you prefer the surf side or calm and relaxed.

For you animal lovers such as myself your best friend will love the off the lead stretch at red beach.

No matter whom you are young, older, family's or single Bribie is the place for you!


Review 2:

Beautiful, pristine white beach, friendly people.



Bribie Island National Park and Recreation Area give you a wide range of coastal camping experiences that offers four-wheel-drive. A great place to visit once in a lifetime. It offers Bribie island caravan park that includes many people together at one place far from their busy daily life routines. However, for the change, you must try Bribie island camping to experience new things.

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