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Bolwell Nagari Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Bolwell Nagari Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


If you have not heard about Bolwell Nagari, you will not be alone. Very few people are familiar with this car. Outside Australia, it is much less seen and driven. But talking about the most famous and capable of Australia's GT cars, you can never skip its name. Bolwell has always been a good-looking and well-fitted Australia’s sports GT vehicle. Basically, it was proposed by brothers who dropped off from school as teenagers. Who could have thought!


It was designed by the brothers who aimed to provide the one true Australian GT that must be constructed using genuine parts from Australia only. They made it not only durable but also easily accessible and highly inexpensive. Even an average guy could buy one. But, don’t worry, the quality, performance, and handling are not compromised. In fact, you will witness some real thrilling Italian exotics.


Although Bolwell Nagari seems similar to Ford Falcon GT mechanically, it has put the driving experience in a new direction. It comes equipped with all that impressive power packed into a fiberglass body.


A little introduction to the early versions – Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI, and Mark VII:

If you are interested in buying one, you should know that the very first kit car was built on a space frame chassis having a fiberglass body to minimize the weight as much as possible. It does offer various body styles to choose from, coupé featuring distinctive gull-winged doors and convertible. It is called the Bolwell Mark IV.


Coming to its mechanics, several engine configurations power the car:

A Ford Cortina 1,600 CC 4-cyl engine

Peugeot 4-cyl engine

Holden 6-cyl “grey” engine


Need something a bit advanced but should be a valuable addition to your collection of classic cars? You can opt for Mark V, Mark VI, or Mark VII. Mark VII is the last kit car manufactured under the label of Bolwell Nagari. Unlike the previous versions, the company constructed it on a backbone chassis. Another quality that makes it a good pick is the in-line 6-cyl engine – all new Holden red engine. Depending on the power and capacity you need, you have the free will to choose any of the offered versions: 149 cu. in., 161 cu. in., 179 cu. in., and the 186cu. in.


Apart from the engine, it has an impressive design supported with an appealing style. The unique and top-quality fiberglass fabrication seems to go very well. You would be amazed by its fiberglass work that has helped the company lower the GTs weight to a significant level. We assume there is no need to talk about its specifications. Actually, there is not much to tell about their features. It can be summed up in a few words: Practical, Functional, BUT highly outdated compared to the latest cars.


Mark VIII Nagari:

Usually, if you call Bowell Nagari, you will automatically be referring to the Mk VIII. It is the company's primary full production sports car. Available in two body styles, coupe and convertible, you can purchase it in the old year versions ranging from 1970 to 1974.


Made on the backbone chassis, it features a Ford V8 engine in two capacities:




Apart from the engine, all other components, including suspension and braking, are similar to the Ford in Bolwell Nagari. For the steering, the Austin 1800 motor has been used. It shows how efforts were put in keeping the quality as high as possible, so the performance also stays upright. The steering is made directional and engaging to complement the throttle response. The pedals are easy to access.


Similarly, the transmission never gets jittery. It flows in ease, shifts quickly, and stays responsive. It has a 4-speed manual transmission, which is fully compatible with both engines ensuring a confident ride. The ride handling is also pretty pleasing and trouble-free.


Mark X Nagari:

Bolwell Nagari Mark X is one of the latest versions that carry the essence of modernism in itself. The reliability and durability are maintained, but everything else has become more refined.


Debuted in late 2008, it reflects an all-new carbon fiber- body that is supported with a classic engine producing enough power and torque to let you enjoy a relaxing ride. Well, if you are more into practicality and performance rather than into style and luxury, this car would not disappoint you. This is an old yet brilliant mid-engined 2-seater Bolwell Nagari coupé. Once you are seated behind the wheel, you would know how comfortable and lightweight it is.


You will get a single option V6 engine with the capacity of 3.5L, but there are two variants available (V6 and V6-S). Whether you like to drive a naturally aspirated engine or the one equipped with an optional supercharger, it has both. The machine can deliver maximum power of 200–221 kW @ 6200rpm mated with a 336–353 Nm torque. @ 4700 rpm.


Transmission options are two:

6-speed automatic

6-speed manual


Necessary changes are made and pretty visible, such as a carbon-fiber tub, front and rear subframes, and a carbon-reinforced composite body.


Bolwell Nagari Nagari 300:

Now, this is the real deal! The outstanding achievements for the Bolwell, for sure. Its mid-mounted 3.5L V6 engine comes with the supercharger as an optional. It can give you the maximum power of 220 Kw to 300 bhp approximately. It is coupled with torque worth 355 Nm. The gearbox has a 6-speed ‘selectronic’ automatic transmission to offer as a standard and a 6-speed manual as an optional. To let the transmission shift flawlessly and absorb the bumps effortlessly, a fully independent double-wishbone Suspension setup is installed. The Fuel Tank has a reasonable capacity of 52L. Brakes are integrated with the responsive and efficient handbrake ABS braking system. It ensures how safe this car is to drive.


Although the Bolwell Nagari 300 has mono-construction, it is incredibly lightweight. All credit goes to the carbon fiber. You will definitely be provided with a pleasant driving experience. Why? Because no negligence has been observed regarding its list of comfort features. The wide access doors and generous boot space make the ride more relaxing in Bolwell Nagari.


Standard Features:

All alloy wheels 

Fully adjustable Recaro Sportster CS seats 

Air conditioner

Electric windows

✓  Power-assisted and fully adjustable Steering 

Polaris Stereo with GPS-DVD 

Leather and carbon-fiber interior trim

Integrated rear vision camera

Cruise control

Reversing camera

300L boot capacity

Glove box


Final verdict:

The Bolwell Nagari still can turn itself into a massive success outside Australia. The style and manufacturing are possibly not at the urbane level but, it is an enormous fun car to drive. If you are in search of a vehicle that delivers excitement and tweak-ability, then it is a car you’ll enjoy without a doubt. On the darker side, it is not exotic or unique at all.


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