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BMW Z3 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

BMW Z3 Review Australia


The best choice of all the available 2-seater vehicles is undoubtedly the BMW Z3. We all know BMW manufactures vehicles of top quality. Z3 series includes sports cars manufactured for a shorter span from 1995 to 2002. All trims have an engine placed up front under the strong hood. Its rear-wheel drive is an absolute pleasure to cruise. Being a good-looking convertible, you can opt for either the roadster or coupe body style. Comparatively, you would find the coupe more refined and in the latest models with hi-tech specs.


If you're searching for an incredible coupe or convertible, even in the used form, that is capable of handling the speed, steering and power effortlessly, BMW Z3 is the option. It drives better than you would expect. Sometimes, while cruising on the highways, it feels stiff and slow-witted making it not s fun drive. Although it will not provide you cutting-edge tech or interior accessories, on-road performance is surely secure. Remember, we’re talking about cars up to 23 years old. 


Z3M model introduced back in 1995 is powered by multiple engines. Every model year has a rare and effective motor with an expensive-looking cabin. 


BMW Z3 Engine:

This RWD is designed on E36 3 Series platform with a unique rear semi-trailing arm suspension setup. Consider it a spec that makes it stand out among the competition. You have the choice to pick from its two engine options which run on petrol. The major difference in the motor setup is not only the engine size but also the number of cylinders, valves, and the size of brakes.


One thing we can all agree on is that Z3 BMW comes with reasonable mileage and efficient fuel consumption making it cheaper. The front has a tight hood and reliable machinery with an efficient cooling system. The roadster is equipped with ventilated Disc brakes that provide satisfactory stopping power.


Choosing the initial versions of the BMW Z3 roadster will provide you a 1.9L engine with a 16-valve engine and 4 cylinders. The 4-cylinder has a single tailpipe, whereas the 6-cylinder model is known to feature dual tailpipes. It is capable of producing 103kW at 6000rpm power with a complementary torque of 180Nm at 4300rpm. It is not wrong to say this is definitely not a sports car-quick, but it complies with the car motor and weight well enough. The BMW Z3 ride seems rigid yet pleasant enough to let you have a fun driving experience. 


Well, the later trims have a more charismatic 2.8L engine which is not only enlarged but also has a 24-valve in a straight 6-cylinder system. Having more power, it delivers a maximum power of 142kW at 5300rpm and the value of maximum torque is rated as 275Nm at 3950rpm. It has a more durable system that is responsible for smoother power delivery, impeccably. Speed management and steering handling are just flawless. 


Do you need a Roadster but with a 6-cylinder motor? Go for the models manufactured after 1996. Moreover, you cannot get a 4-cyl engine in a BMW Z3 Coupe. Overall performance is outstanding, especially of the 6-cylinder engine. The 4-cylinder always feels like it's underdone. The rear end seemed to be sprung a little too soft and the overall package was aimed at in terms of the riding quality.


BMW Z3 Transmissions:

One more thing that is found to be similar is the gearbox. No matter if you are choosing a 1.9L or 2.8L engine, you will be allowed to drive in either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission, both are favorable.


BMW Z3 Design:

The distinctive butch styling and solid build quality of the BMW Z3 will definitely grab your attention. It has an impressively laid-out cabin. The quilted and padded seats are amazingly comfortable and relaxing. The comforting leather-trimmed seats with a cramped boot space is really a disastrous combo. Consider it one of the greatest designing flaws. The gun-barrel-shaped spotlight looks stylish and trendy. The instruments are found to be finessed with chrome. All versions have a powered and multi-function steering for better road handling. Rear AC Vents are stylishly infused. 


The chassis is made strong with hard-wearing material. Outer lines, fenders, and bodywork will demand attention instantly. Though, it has not a load of entertaining features but offers enough to let you have a pleasing ride. If you put comfort over luxury, you would not be disappointed.


The list of all the equipment is pretty long. But here are some highlighted specifications:

Air Conditioner

Powered Windows (only front)

Robust Alloy Wheels

L-shaped rear lights (roadster)

Control Remote Trunk Opener

Aux power portals

The front row seats are made height adjustable to maximize comfort

Heated Seats (front only)


Digital Clock

Outside Temperature Display

Rain Sensing Wiper

Tinted Glass

DVD Player



The initial models of 1998 are available in the splendid wood trim. It adds to the lavishness of the car interior. It is different from the 1999 model in the aspect of exterior layout, particularly chrome. Eye-catching chrome exhaust tips are a plus. The 2000 models have broader rear wheel arcs. The standard features offered on the 1.9L engine includes also AM/FM and the Cassette player. While for the 2.L engine, the Z3 BMW got a real luxurious upgrade.


Unfortunately, on the dashboard, you won’t find anything exciting. BMW Z3 has an old analog odometer instead of a digital one and has cheap outlining. Even after the seats are made comfortable, these are not height adjustable.


BMW Z3 Safety:

Depending on the model year, you will get safety features. The latest the trim, the advanced the features are. But, we can say that the Z3 series is extremely reliable in terms of driving safety:

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Brake Assist

Central Locking

Engine Immobilizer

Powered Door Locks

Anti-Theft Alarm


Day & Night Rear-View mirror

Xenon Headlamps

Seat belts with a warning alarm

Door Ajar Warning

Traction Control

VSCS (Vehicle Stability Control System)

Collision or Crash Sensor


Following are the missing details of the Z3 series:

Satellite-Navigation System

Child Safety Locks

Tyre Pressure Monitor

Clutch Lock


Rear camera for parking or collision warning


Cons of buying BMW Z3:

Light-sensitive auto headlights are missing

No integrated 2DIN Audio

No USB portals

Bluetooth Connectivity is not offered

No Voice Control option

The engine sometimes lacks power

The interior materials might feel of the low quality

The steering is powered but not height adjustable

No radar for safety

Lacks infotainment or Digital touch Screen

Fog Lights are not provided on the rear

No turbocharger or supercharger fitted in the engines


Final verdict:

With excellent steering and incredible brakes, BMW Z3 offers usability. Despite the engine ability, you must prefer a better and pure on-road and off-road performance. Coupe series. It offers enhanced power and top-class handling. 


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