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BMW X5 Review Australia | Performance, Price Specifications

Bavarian Motor Works, or BMW for short, is one of the most popular car manufacturing companies in the World and one of the leading companies that produce luxury vehicles that are sold globally and has become a brand that is known to all. They produce vehicles that make heads turn and are associated with high performing luxurious, family cars and SUVs. Even here in Australia, BMW is well-liked and popular due to their intelligent and state of the art features that they offer in their cars, always staying a step ahead from other mainstream car manufacturers and more serious competitors. So, what makes the BMW vehicles so sought after and liked by the public? We present a few highlights of the features that you are sure to find on every



Most BMW cars come loaded with drive assist, using AI and multiple sensors, to aid you while on the go. This feature includes the pedestrian warning, braking function, lane departure warning and more.


Park Assist:

Using sensors for the task, this feature allows you to seamlessly get your parked in the spaces that you wish to park, autonomously.


Adaptive headlights:

The vehicle detects a forthcoming bend and turns its headlights to find what's more ahead. It likewise has corning lighting which enlightens each time the vehicle's pointer is turned on to improve your car's fringe vision. At long last, the over the top bar on this vehicle will consequently direct to lighting conditions or when there is a car drawing nearer.


Energy Management:

This feature ensures efficient use of the fuel, switching off the engine when the car is completely stationary, saving and reducing fuel consumption.


Air Conditioning:

BMW vehicles offer one of the best air conditioning systems using which one can set different temperatures on the front as well as the back, as suited to the passengers.


While these are just some of the features that are included in all BMW vehicles, you are sure to get many additional features as well if you look towards the higher end cars that the company manufactures. Talking of higher-end vehicles, let's discuss the more adventurous X range of BMW, and more specifically the BMW X5 SUV, a one a kind vehicle in the market today. They come with the standard Drive assistance and BMW Connected feature, as well as four-wheel drive with hybrid motors (most of the models, at least).


The BMW X5 review:

A luxury rear-wheel drive SUV by BMW, the X5 hybrid was introduced in 1999 and was the first in a line of the SUVs that BMW subsequently launched. After the positive response from people regarding the executive X5, further variants were also launched, like the X5 M sports performance variant in the year 2009, which is still popular today.


Rather than being the traditional Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), the X5 is marketed as being a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) due to its high performance on-road given its size. The vehicle uses a unibody chassis making it a unique vehicle and is accepted as being a luxurious, high-performance sedan.

The SAV is well-liked globally and even in Australia, where people prefer the X5 to many other vehicles from other car manufacturers since it can be used within the city due to its safety features and stability. You are sure to get your hands on a new BMW X5 2019 or 2020 model for sale in the numerous dealerships that are found in the country.


BMW X5 Specs:

The BMW X5 SUV is not your traditional SUV; in fact, this SAV comes loaded with many special features that are bound to leave you stunned. The X5 diesel boasts a four-cylinder twin-turbo engine outputting a whopping 170kW of power and 500Nm of torque, which is quite outstanding for a vehicle of this size and length


If you are looking for a BMW X5 for sale in your area, we have compiled the cost for some of the variants. The standard X5 cost starts from a mere $112, 999 after which comes the BMW X5 M50d which is powered by a V8 petrol engine outputting 390kW of power and rage on road. This variant can reach 0 to 100 km/h in a surprising 4.3 seconds. This model is almost $50,000 more expensive than the base model but has its perks as mentioned.


Then comes the 2020 BMW X5 M which is the sports edition and is capable of high performance and great acceleration. The variant is comparatively weighing much more than the base models, but the twin-turbo V8 engine proves to be more than enough for outputting power on-road as required.


In addition, a front apron is fitted on the X5 for massive air intake which is essential in keeping the engine cool. That and the 10 coolers that are fitted in the engine are more than enough to keep the car cool and optimum in Australia’s harsh conditions. Another specification that you can find on the X5 SUV is the massive road grip due to the big wheels which help in gripping the road, better than most SUVs.


Carrying this mass to a stop are six-cylinder calipers clasping 395mm circles in advance, and rather little drifting calipers for the 380mm plates at the back. We realize front brakes do most of the work, however, most likely BMW could put a four-cylinder caliper on the back, even only for appear? The weak drifting back calipers are one case of weight-sparing that may have been out of line.


Coming to the body of this SUV, the X5 is built with a mix of aluminum and steel which somewhat reduces the overall weight. The interior uses carbon fiber without any modesty with sports and comfortable seats. Since it is a large SAV, the inside cabin is roomy with ample space in the front and back, leaving enough space to spread out your legs. However, as opposed to the common misconception, the BMW X5 is not a seven-seater, but can comfortably seat five people.



  Extraordinary acceleration and speed

  Sensitive and agile handling with an impressive road impressive grip

  Large and roomy cabin which is suited for families as well.



  The fuel tank is found to be small for larger trips.

  Due to the wheel size and material, you might experience noise on certain surfaces, but that is to be expected due to the road grip that comes with it.

  The price may be a bit too much in comparison to other vehicles of the same range and specifications.

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