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BMW M7 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

BMW M7 Review Australia

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, is a German automobile manufacturing company which has been producing luxury motorcycles and vehicles for some time now. Their products are sold globally, with the signature German technology that all of us have come to cherish.


Presenting a quick history and background of the company before we move on to the main entity of our article, BMW was created in 1916 initially as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, but soon after turned their attention towards building vehicles. Their subsidiaries include Mini and Rolls Royce, both of which are also luxury vehicle providers.


The headquarters of BMW are in Munich and have production units in India, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, China, United States, and Mexico.


BMW 7 series:

The BMW 7 series has been in the market since 1977 and is a series of full-size luxury sedans. It is currently in the sixth generation and was meant to be a successor of the BMW E3 series.

Known as flagship cars by BMW, these vehicles are only available in a sedan body, with variants of wheelbase and limousine. The engine varies from six-cylinders to powerful V12, and hybrid V6 engines are also nice.


The BMW M7 2019 received a new look which may take some time for some to get used to, but that goes without saying that this is still one of the best deals that you can get at this price when you look at the features and specifications that are included. There is no doubt that they deliver some major breakthroughs in the refinement of technology with the best possible handling when it comes to luxury cars.



BMW M7 Specifications:

The BMW M7 comes loaded with a V12 6.6-liter twin-turbo engine which makes this more of a beast sports car than a luxury-class vehicle. The engine helps the M7 output an overwhelming 601 horsepower and applies an eight-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle comes in an all-wheel-drive which further helps enhance the driving performance, reaching 0 to 60 mph in just over 2.6 seconds!


With a top speed of a healthy 155 mph, the M7 has some impressive facts and figures that are sure to make buyers flock towards the car. In a time when people are moving towards efficiency and electrification, getting a V12 engine in a luxury car is something of a rarity. And that too in the price range in which you can get your hands on the M7.


This is without a doubt one of the best deals that you can get. The all-wheel-drive combined with the twin-turbo engine means that power from the engine is available at the touch of your foot, giving you delight and keeping the overall experience super exciting.


Keeping in mind that this is a full-size sedan with almost 17 feet in length, you would be surprised at how well balanced the car is. That is due to the Carbon core chassis, which applies the lightweight material to make up the chassis, giving a rigid feel from behind the wheel and keeping the overall weight of the car down.


BMW M7 Features:

The first and foremost thing that we feel worth mentioning here is the interior of the M7. The seating is luxury with exemplary seat massagers which can allow you to go to even long distances without getting the least bit tired. The rear seats are designed for extra comfort with ventilation and heating options as well. You can even pay extra to get some additional features such as the rear-seat entertainment package.


Talking about technology, the front row is given the Gesture Control feature, which allows you to answer the call or raise the volume of the stereo with just a flick of your hand. This gives immense comfort and delight to the driver, where they do not have to do anything other than gesticulating while driving. Another appealing feature is the remote-control parking, where you can control the ignition and make the car slither out of the parking space with the press of a button.


BMW M7 Price:

There are vehicles like the Rolls Royce which fall at ridiculously high price ranges, following the concept of the more expensive a thing is, the more desirable it becomes. And there are your everyday use of cars which are not so exotic. The M7 falls somewhere in between. Its price starts from $150,000, which does not make it so expensive to make it an exotic car, and yet it is somewhat fancy to demand this much. In fact, the M7 certainly feels worthier than the price that it demands, due to the specs and the engine robustness that you get.


BMW M7 Review:

Okay, so there are some downsides to the M7 series which can be justified by one thing: the V12 engine. The fuel economy is something that is not at all efficient with the car pumping fuel at an alarming rate. Another thing that makes the driving experience awkward, as some people have noted, is the steering wheel. Even though the wheel is designed better from the previous version of the series, there is still an added weight on the car when you are turning around tight curves that make you put in the extra effort.


The car is designed in a way for you to sit back in the rear seat and let a driver drive you around, and that is exactly what the majority of the buyers will do when they get their hands on the BMW M7. But if you are looking to buy the car and drive it yourself, it would be better to go for some of the cheaper models in the series, like the BMW M5 which is more driver-oriented than this one.


All in all, the M7 is an exceptional car that combines luxury, technology, and power all in one and which is bound to make you pleased that you bought it. The value for money can be questioned, but that is again up to you if you can afford to buy and maintain this beast.

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