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BMW M6 Review Australia | Features, Specifications, Price

BMW M6 Review Australia

BMW Group is without doubt one of the leading car manufacturing companies around the World, with its three premium and best-selling brands known as BMW, Rolls Royce, and MINI. And it is not just cars that the group is known to produce; they have been known to produce some of the best motorcycles and sell them globally as well. BMW Group is also mobility and financial provider on a global level.


Based out of Munich, Germany, and encompassing the best German research and technology in their cars and motorcycles, the BMW Group has a total of 29 production factories and almost half as many assembly units in different parts of the World. Its vast network of sales is spread throughout, reaching out to more than 130 countries. Their responsive actions, long-term thinking, and applying top-notch technology is what sets them apart from other automobile companies. Moreover, they have also established a vision of sustainability and ecological value, and a strong commitment towards conserving natural resources in today’s World.


That being said, BMW is known for producing the most luxurious and elegant cars known to man, each year bringing something exciting and new for car enthusiasts. The BMW M6 is the latest of the toys that are offered by the multi-billion company and we take a look at the performance specifications and the features that it offers.


BMW M6 Success Story:

The BMW M6 is launched in three exciting variants: the BMW M6 Coupe, M6 Convertible, and the next level M6 Gran Coupe. For all those who needed a reminder as to who the leader is in the high performance and luxury vehicles department, this is the wakeup call. With the high-performance V8 engines and the elegant technology and features that are encompassed in the M6, BMW has once again set new standards and benchmarks when it comes to efficiency, power, and comfort.


With a great effort to reduce fuel consumption as well as carbon dioxide emissions, which is one of the greatest selling points for the new M6, this is one of the better and thought after concepts that is produced by the car manufacturing group. Happy customers, robust performance and an overall elegance is what completes the success story of the M6.


BMW M6 Specifications and Performance:

When you get behind the wheel of a BMW car, you know that you are in for a treat. The BMW M6 is no different, in fact it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘high performance’. That is mostly attributed to the extraordinary 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 engine which is included in all three variants. Diving deeper into the engine will further enlighten the more technical people of certain awe-inspiring factors, like the Twin Scroll turbochargers, Twin Power Turbo technology which is the signature of the BMW, Valvetronic and the High Precision Direct Petrol Injection.


It also uses the familiar M attributes, which ensure power yet is sustainable, as a result, you will find the M6 to be highly responsive. The turbocharged engine may be a V8, but don’t let that misguide you regarding the fuel consumption. BMW technology makes sure that the engine is highly fuel-efficient, as well as outputting a hefty 412 kW of power and 560 horsepower. When you start revving that impressive engine, the M6 can give a maximum torque of 680 Nm.


The high performing engine, the method of power delivery, and the overall tech used in the engine mean that the M6 Coupe provides uncontrolled acceleration allowing you to reach 0-100 km/h in no more than 4.2 seconds. The M6 Convertible and the Gran Coupe also boast the same figure. That is partly possible due to the rear-wheel-drive while applying a seven-speed double-clutch automatic transmission. The change of gear is so subtle that you do not even notice the car changing gear when you put your foot down on the accelerator, making the whole thing seamless and without any unpleasant interruption.


BMW M6 Features:

Okay, so where to start with the features? The thing is that the whole car announces its elegance and technology from the dynamic outer appearance to the lush and rich interior that makes it difficult for us to list all of them down. But let us try to tackle the essentials one at a time.


The first thing that catches your eye when you look at the M6 from the front-end is the LED headlights. Combine those with the front apron and the double bar grille, you have yourself a beast in the shape of a car. The side wings and the 19-inch alloy wheels further add to the persona. The 19-inch wheels are replaced with the exclusively forged 20-inch alloy wheels in the M6 Gran Coupe.


The rear of the car is sportier, with an integrated diffuser insert, two sets of tailpipes and a rear apron makes it truly beautiful. The aerodynamics is further improved due to the carbon roof, which also helps lower the center of gravity, making those speedy turns possible.


The interior of the M6 is also evidence of the luxury and sports look that are associated with BMW. These include a standard M instrument cluster, an iPhone look information display console done in black, upholstery done in rich leather, leather steering wheel, electrically adjustable sports seats, and an exotic range of exterior colors.


BMW M6 Review:

The most notable thing of the M6 is its substantial size, but when you get behind the wheel, the car surprises you in its maneuvering and driving, even around tight corners. Combine that with the burst of acceleration, the aerodynamics, and the excellent interior style and finishing this is a car that is easily one of the best and leaves little to complain about. Nonetheless, the price for the M6 is one of its few drawbacks when you look at other options in the same price range, but hey! This is to be expected from BMW, in its luxury sports class. 

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