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BMW M3 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

BMW M3 Review Australia


If you are looking for a high-performance version of the BMW 3 Series, then the BMW M3 is what you need. This fantastic model was developed by the in-house motorsport division of BMW, BMW M GmbH. Every generation of 3 Series produced M3 models since the introduction of the E30 M3 in 1986.


The initial model of the BMW M3 used to be available in a coupé body style. It was in 2014 when BMW started to produce the M3 in the sedan body style solely. This is because the coupé and convertible models were rebranded as the 4 Series range. 


BMW M3 Engine:

The new generation BMW M3 is powered by a new-generation 'S58' 3.0-litre twin-turbo inline-six petrol engine. The engine is available in two states of tune. The base M3 produces 353kW of power and 550 Nm of torque, sent to the rear wheels for 0-100km/h in 4.2 seconds.


The M3 Competition produces an extra 44kW of power and 100 Nm of torque for a total output of 375kW at 6250rpm and 650Nm between 2750 and 5500rpm. This drops the claimed 0-100km/h to just 3.9 seconds.


Like the standard M3, the Competition-badged model is also rear-wheel drive but is coupled with the six-speed manual for an eight-speed automatic. 


BMW M3 Exterior:

The BMW M3 has a controversial design direction. Van Hooydonk has created another controversial design in recent years. He did this by gradually increasing the size of BMW's 'kidney grille', This grille has received mixed reactions. M3 also has a large, descending grille and pumped-up guards. The M3 comes with the 'Isle of Man Green metallic' paint and a deep, lustrous shade. This feature highlights the cars' curves and angles and gets the attention of all the passers-by in their tracks.  


The BMW M3 has a bulging bonnet that carries angular strakes back from the grille. It also features a pair of faux vents along with darkened headlight interiors accentuating the car's tough expression. All M3 variants come with pumped-up guards, and in this case, the BMW M3 is filled with fat 19-inch forged alloy rims at the front and 20s at the rear. 


The BMW M3 has 19 and 20-inch dual-spoke forged alloy wheels. The windows have a framing of 'M high-gloss Shadow Line' black. The BMW M3 tail is a multi-layered stack of horizontal lines and sections. It also has a thin 'Gurney Flap' style boot lid spoiler and dark chrome tailpipes on either side.


BMW M3 Interior:

The interior of the BMW M3 offers so much variety. The interior and exterior have a perfect contrast of Isle of Man Green paint with Kyalami Orange/Black leather upholstery. This spectacular combination is a treat to the eye.


The BMW M3 seats are extremely comfortable and set low, along with the perfect levels of bolstering. The ingenious removable headrests offer ample space for your helmet during track work. It has a drain pipe-size thickness steering wheel with the tactility of the leather. All three spokes are covered with carbon fibre, and it's tasteful. Attached close to the steering wheel are the extra-long, carbon-fibre paddle shifters. For a better feel when shifting, these shifters are backed by a thin layer of dimpled rubber. The centre console is beautifully lacquered carbon, and it perfectly contrasts with the leather. Throughout the cockpit, there is a lot of real aluminium spread.


The door opener, dash for the Harman/Kardon audio, and the speaker grilles in the door cards are real metal. Without a doubt, a lot of thoughts and considerations have been made for the new M3 interior. This is because this model has more premium cabins than offered by any of its predecessors. Its central infotainment display finally is properly integrated. It can be easily accessed via touch or BMW's rotary controller. It also has a great interface and an excellent response rate. Its auto shifter and seat belts are crafted beautifully with embossed leather and M stitching. 


BMW M3 Safety:

The M3 has not been tested by ANCAP or Euro NCAP, but in 2019 the standard 3 Series scored a five-star safety rating.


In the test held in 2019, the BMW 3 series scored:

✓ 97% for adult occupant protection

✓ 87% for child occupant protection

✓ 87% for vulnerable road users

✓ 77% for safety assist


Manual BMW M3 variants come with BMW Driving Assistant as standard, which brings the following features:

✓ Low-speed autonomous emergency braking

✓ Forward collision warning

✓ Lane departure warning.


The range-topping automatic M3 Competition variants have boosted safety with Driving Assistant professionals.


This means that it adds on:

✓ Lane-keeping assist

✓ Highway assist

✓ Adaptive cruise

✓ Lane centring functions

✓ Semi-autonomous freeway driving


BMW M3 Pros:

✓ The new M3 is dynamically superior to its predecessors

✓ It has great safety features

✓ The BMW M3 has a very resolved design

✓ It comes loaded with standard features in a superb cabin


BMW M3 Cons:

✓ The BMW M3's grille is confronting and won't be to everyone's taste

✓ It has a pretty serious price hike over the previous model

✓ The wireless CarPlay is very patchy


Final verdict For BMW M3:

If you are a person who is not bothered by an oversized grille, then you'll love and become a fan of this well-sorted BMW driving dynamics. The car lovers with a good bank balance should opt for the BMW M3 because it has a contemporary cabin with many good features and the latest technology. That said, if you decide upon buying one, do not forget to check your vehicle's past history. In order to get access to car history reports in Australia, use Quick Revs! We are an online platform for both vehicle buyers and sellers. We offer affordable, fast, and efficient car history reports for customers across Australia. By using our services, you will get a detailed report in a format that is easy to read. This report will help you with all the information needed to make such big buying decisions. For more information, click here!

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