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BMW M2 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Colors

BMW M2 Review Australia

We have come a long way in terms of technology in the past few years. Despite that, the recipe for a sports car still remains more or less the same. You would require a small and lightweight car, place a high performing engine, and make it spin its rear wheels. Some things never change, right?


BMW is renowned for revolutionizing car manufacturing, especially the rear wheel drives. They have been known to produce some of the most iconic cars. Their cars are high performing and delivering terrific performance.


BMW continues its legacy through the BMW M2 Coupe. It does not fail to deliver with this car, which is one of the best compact sports cars that you can get. It scores above its weight class, due to the 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine. Combined that with the honed chassis and aerodynamic shape, you get a car that simply is fantastic. Read on our BMW M2 review to know about the specifications, features, and the driving experience that it entails.


The BMW M2 takes some inspiration from the popular M4. All the high-tech components are taken from the M4 and squeezed into the smaller M2. This makes it a really attractive package that you cannot help but admire.


The BMW M2 has been in production for the last five years. The good thing about this car is that it follows years of perfection that BMW has put in its compact sports cars. Due to this, the latest BMW M2 is more accomplished than ever.


2020 M2 sees little change from the previous models. A new addition is the S55 twin-turbo V6 engine and a nasty exhaust system. BMW has also included a black kidney grille, darker tail lights, and rain sensors.



The BMW M2 is wider than the other cars in the category. It has plenty of gaping holes that serve as air intakes on the front which help keep the temperature cool. The wheel arches stick out much more than the other 2 series models. This makes the narrow headlights give a menacing look.


The alloy wheels are gigantic, and the four huge exhaust pipes give it a monstrous look. The bulging body lines and the flared arches give it the look of a bodybuilder. The shape is also built to provide the best aerodynamics. You can know by just looking that this is a fast car.



The menacing and sporty look does not stop when you step inside. The BMW M2 interior supports racing car-inspired sports seats, which are the first thing that you notice. A generous amount of faux carbon is used in the build, which gives an extra special feel.


There are plenty of places to stash away your things. The fronts seats are comfortable and supportive. The back seats are a bit cramped to be honest. The boot space is ample, especially when compared to the BMW M2 competitors like the Audi TTS or the Porsche Cayman.


Engine and Performance:

The BMW M2 is powered by a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 engine, which is similar to the one which is found in the M4. The engine is capable of producing 405 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. The power that is transferred to the rear wheel is felt right to your gut when you press your foot down on the accelerator.


The BMW M2 engine uses a standard six-speed manual transmission, but you can opt for the dual-clutch as well. The power is channeled to the tires using a limited-slip differential


Standard Features:

It is true that the BMW M2 misses out on some of the more impressive features that you would expect in a modern sports car. But that gap is fulfilled with the high performing engine and great drive, at the compromise of a few techs.


However, there is still a list of features and options that you get which we list down:

 ✓ Push to start button

 ✓ Adjustable three-spoke steering wheel

 ✓ Driving and infotainment controls on the steering wheel

 ✓ Auto climate control

 ✓ 12-volt power sockets

 ✓ Lockable glove box

 ✓ Adjustable front seats

 ✓ Black Dakota leather

 ✓ Rain sensing wipers

 ✓ Park distance control

 ✓ 8.8-inch screen

 ✓ Dual USB ports


Key Safety Features:

Given its high performance, it is important that such a car should have state of the art safety features. And BMW does not disappoint. Standard features include:

 ✓ Extensive airbags system

 ✓ Automatic pre-tensioners

 ✓ Passenger occupation sensors

 ✓ Automatic locking retractors for children

 ✓ Pedestrian detection and avoidance system

 ✓ Front collision warning

 ✓ Lane departure assistance

 ✓ Driver alert


Driving Experience:

In contrast to the M4, notwithstanding, the M2 does not feel threatening to drive. It is quick, yet it feels sure-footed. Enough so that you can have some good times without agonizing over cut-out a hedgerow on the off chance that you get a piece diverted.


You do not get any extravagant versatile dampers. For example, those in certain other options at the same time do not generally require them. Moreover, the way that you can get the BMW M2 with a manual gearbox will be sufficient for most sharp drivers.


Regardless of its genuine turn of pace, the BMW M2 is still simple to drive for significant stretches. Indeed, it is noisier and less agreeable than the standard 2 Series. Even then it accompanies journey control as standard. A somewhat clear exclusion is the absence of a standard programmed crisis slowing down.


Yet you can pay extra to have it fitted alongside path takeoff notice as a major aspect of the Driving Assistant Pack. That being stated, you should not let this put you off the BMW 2 Series. It is an incredible sports car that is enjoyable to drive yet still handy enough to live with consistently.



The BMW M2 colors are something that the design team in Germany did not joke around with. The M2 is available in five different shades of muscle colors, all of which are attractive and serve a different purpose.

 ✓ Sunset Orange Metallic

 ✓ Black Sapphire Metallic

 ✓ Alpine White

 ✓ Long Beach Blue Metallic

 ✓ Hockenheim Silver Metallic



 ✓ Standard manual transmission is very responsive

 ✓ Inline-six engine is agile and athletic

 ✓ Handling is world-class

 ✓ Distinctive looks

 ✓ Massive power considering the compact size

 ✓ Practical enough to be used for everyday chores



 ✓ Not a lot of options and features

 ✓ Suspension is a bit stiff

 ✓ Interior is elegant but basic, for a BMW


Final Verdict:

The BMW M2 applies a ridiculously big engine given its size and a well-tuned chassis. This combination ensures that the driving experience is engaging and fun. It is a car which is appreciated by true car lovers. Most of the basic features like navigation, collision warning is present, while there are some features that are missed out. That is understandable since this car focuses more on performance than the interior and exterior.


All in all, BMW fans will have nothing to complain about the BMW M2. You will love it as a front-engine, fast, rear-wheel-drive sports car. You will enjoy the ride, and also love the way people turn over their shoulders with praising eyes.

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