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BMW M140i Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


BMW M140i Review Australia


BMW M140i Review Australia

Manufactured for a short period of three years from 2016 to 2019, BMW M140i is an outstanding driving machine offered in 3 or 5 door hatchbacks. The speed is conspicuous. With loads of comfort features and engine refinement, it is considered the fastest and most powerful 1 Series vehicle. 


It might be the best option you can get in your reasonable budget. It has a strong suspension and impressive fuel efficiency. The inside has quality work but is not luxurious. The extended cargo capacity is also a big plus. 


Besides, you will be getting an amazing iDrive. Rear-drive balance with soothing transmissions is what it offers. With a noteworthy turn of speed, the engine has the flexibility that is the most impressive feature you will be availing of.



BMW M140i only runs on 95RON premium unleaded petrol. It is powered by a 3L inline-6 engine capable of delivering a whopping 250 kW power at 5,500 rpm. To complement the ride, it is engineered with a classic 500 NM torque at 1,520 to 4,500 rpm. You will be genuinely surprised with its smooth torque delivery which assists in sharp speed handling. 


The turbocharger fitted in the motor enhances its speed. It is known to consume 7.1L of fuel/100 km (combined). The motor is pretty quick and found absolutely responsive. You would definitely love to enjoy the crisp shifts and beautifully balanced RWD chassis. 


The engine is accurately made compatible with the fast steering which complements the agile handling and offers a stronger grip. The company has made it well-balanced which makes it easy to place in corners. Its predictable handling adds up to the fun and thrill of the ride. As far as the steering is concerned, it feels comfortable and manageable in both Comfort as well as Sport mode. The infusion of aluminum multi-link suspension with adaptive dampers will take you on a stable ride. 


The engine is quiet and feisty without lessening the silky-smooth drivetrain touch. The electronic brakes are just implicitly good in BMW M140i . A 4-piston at front and 2-piston at the rear with hard-wearing pedal pressure. It faces battering in a most decent way making it one of the finest handling hatchbacks.



You can opt for what you like, 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic, because both are reliable and road-friendly. The gearbox is featured with the character of making multiple downshifts in a single shot. Both gear-shifters provide great control. 


The specialty is the tremendous in-gear response, particularly when coupled with 8-speed auto-mood. Choose a manual mode to drive and you won’t be disappointed as it guarantees decent control. You might find it slightly weighty but will enjoy the performance. 



Truly speaking, the BMW 1 Series is not at all gorgeous or has impressive styling. Although BMW M140i lacks appealing beauty, it surely stands out in the family of hatchbacks. You can spot it from the distance due to its distinctive kidney grille up front. The large headlights make it look more cohesive. The shabbiness of the structure will bug you at times, but its broad stance and the flared wheel-arches balance the odd features. 


For some, its subtle body kit is a plus whereas for some it is just so simple. The real highlight is the grey alloy wheels. For a unique touch, LED "Angel Eyes" is equipped. Well, M140i BMW comes with the option of a full-LED headlight.


Moving to the inside specs, we can say the cabin is perfectly laid out. Besides, the boot is shaped feasibly with no shortage of cubbies. Collapsible second-row seats are featured to enhance the space. The massive hatch door of BMW M140i is also vast enough to make the space sincerely usable. The dashboard design is attention-grabbing along with the instrument cluster. The layout offers maximum practicality. Its relaxed and sporty driving position that offers a commanding view is excellent. The infotainment system is good for entertainment. The pedal is also positioned wonderfully.


Standard features on all trims of BMW M140i 


 ✓ Satellite navigation

 ✓ DAB radio

 ✓ Bluetooth connectivity

 ✓ 18’’ alloy wheels 

 ✓ M Sport body kit

 ✓ Leather-trimmed sports seats

 ✓ Climate control 

 ✓ Rear parking sensors 


2017 model specs


 ✓ Upgraded iDrive 6 version 

 ✓ High-quality touchscreen 

 ✓ Broader grille with aggressive looks

 ✓ Sportier headlights 


 ✓ Chrome surrounds the air vents with high-finesse black paneling

 ✓ Radio

 ✓ Climate controls


Specifications of 2018 m140i-lci


 ✓ Pitch Black 18’’ alloy wheels 

 ✓ Adaptive LED headlights

 ✓ Dashboard with a black finesse

 ✓ More visually attractive leather-trimmed cabin and stitching 

 ✓ Chrome surrounding electric window controls

 ✓ Top-quality Harman/Kardon audio system

 ✓ Powered seats

 ✓ DAB+ digital radio 

 ✓ 8.8’’ Navigation Professional infotainment setup

 ✓ iDrive 6 with the latest tech

 ✓ The voice recognition system 


Safety features

The standard features offered on all BMW M140i variants that maximize the safety include


 ✓ 6 airbags (front, side, rear head for first row seats)

 ✓ Seatbelt warning/alert 

 ✓ ESP 

 ✓ 3-point auto seat belts 

 ✓ Seatbelts with tensioners and force limiters (1st row)

 ✓ Crash sensors

 ✓ Tire pressure warning

 ✓ DSC

 ✓ ABS

 ✓ ASC

 ✓ Dynamic Traction Control (DTC)

 ✓ Cornering Brake Control (CBC) 

 ✓ Dynamic Brake Control (DBC)

 ✓ Brake drying function

 ✓ Fading compensation

 ✓ Hill assistance 


The options you can get on paying extra money are:


 ✓ Lane departure alert

 ✓ Radar-assisted brake setup


Cons/Problems of buying BMW M140i 


 ✓ No diesel option in engines

 ✓ Poor tire grip on the track

 ✓ Body control is not so impressive 

 ✓ LSD is a costly optional extra in the latest models

 ✓ Steering gets dull at times particularly when driving in the comfort mode

 ✓ Another big downside is its limiting stability control

 ✓ The excessively lightweight variable-ratio steering

 ✓ Lacks upgraded safety and modern technology

 ✓ The rear space is a bit cramped

 ✓ Sometimes, the on-board technology reacts pretty aggressively limiting the torque and wheel slip


Final verdict

As summed up, we can say that BMW M140i is undoubtedly a decent ride to drive. A good on-road and off-road performer along with sharp handling that doesn’t come at the cost of driving comfortability or style refinement. In comparison, the BMW M140i is pretty cheap, although it delivers near supercars like speed and power. 


You can consider it quite a reliable car featuring downright brilliant fuel economy. The latest year models are elegantly polished, charismatic and powerful hot hatches. Besides, if you buy it, you will get very good value for the money.


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