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BMW M1 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

BMW M1 Review Australia

BMW m1 is a car with loaded luxuries and extravagance. How someone cannot be tempted towards its expensive-looking exterior and incredible interior. It is the car from generation 1 of BMW, back in 1978. It has left its mark in the history of the car industry with its exceptionally attractive design, done by Giorgio Giugiaro. It has an exquisite engine based on gasoline instead of petrol or diesel. And it brought a revolution in the genre of supercars by introducing mid-engine notions. It was built with a powerful engine.


It is based on the design of the Coupé with a two-door. Till now, it is recognized as the automotive legend in racing. It was presented with the tallest roof measurements and ground-breaking structure. Its dynamic engine, thrilling speed, and manageable specifications made it timeless beauty!


It was easy to drive, smoother to transmit gears for changing speed, and weighed perfectly as low as 1,300 kg. Its classic engine was used as a foundation for BMW M635i and preliminary BMW M5 production. This version was last produced in 1981. It was also used as a fundamental design reference for the making of the Procar Series. The enterprise introduced 14 unparalleled editions of the fabulous Procar Series, successfully. It was a practical conception of BMW Motorsports.


It is designated on an upper rank as its framework was created by the famous industry, Marchesi, and partnered with Lamborghini. It is the primary car in the production line of BMW with a center-mounted engine with 3.5-liter 6-cylinder gasoline. The fuel system was Mechanical  Injection. It was known to be the most efficacious racing car in the history of BMW manufacturing. Unfortunately, the company made just 453 vehicles in the total count. In the well-known European Formula-1 racing, this BMW m1 Procar displayed mighty driving, spinning, and drifting tactics.


On a racetrack, it used to leave every single person awestruck with its classy technology, inimitable Coupé body, and incomparable driving. 1.000 horsepower was the highest recorded value of M1 Procar. It is entitled as the sole true "supercar" ever introduced in the history of BMW with an expressive Italian touch and Teutonic power.


On its 30 years completion, BMW presented an ideal concept car resembling m1. In 2018, it was familiarized with the market in Italy. The car had many similarities including kidney-shaped upfront with hood vents. The only modification was made in hidden headlamps, which only gets visible on getting illuminated otherwise, they were hidden under the hood.


Engine setup of BMW m1:

BMW m1 was featured with a turbo-charging car and made it the first proper M cars to use this elite technology. The manufacturers took their time to made it exceptional in every sense and used DOHC 6-cylinder in-line petrol engine which was capable of delivering a maximum of 204 KW @ 6500 RPM or 277 HP @ 6500 RPM or 274 BHP @ 6500 RPM and 243 lb-ft @ 5000 RPM or 330 Nm @ 5000 RPM of torque. Seeing BMW m1 racing at such speed must be glorious! The recorded fuel consumption was very competitive as 3.5 liters including displacement.


The engine was characterized with adjustable 4 valves for each cylinder taking it to the height of the German racing world. You will be shocked to know about its capacity of driving the back wheels. It had a superb gearing system with six transmitting speeding ranks. Back then the gear system was manual instead of electric.


For the customer’s satisfaction and admiration, the MDM button was incorporated which played an important role in managing traction control systems. If you ever get the chance to test drive it, you must not miss the chance. Even on bumpy roads, it will let you drive effortlessly. It has lightweight windows made of plastic. 



If you have seen its images, you must understand how impressive the exterior was with a remarkable wedge shape giving its sportier look. Other striking features that are considered significant till now include distinguishing collapsible headlamps and flattened kidney appearance upfront. The foundation of its design was to create a car with minimum or least center of gravity to double or triple fold the speeding range.


In one glance, you will be able to identify its visibly spreading mudguards and adapted front apron. Additionally, its short wheelbase gave it an additional opportunity to race the engine with maximum speed. It was quite unbelievable how fast this car could race. It had highly intuitive built-in steering, making it this state of the art for other car manufacturers. 


Its slimline look was specially made for the racing purpose and presented in eye-fetching white, red, and blue colors. Imagine these cars racing on a track with its majestic side-ways wings, protuberant mudguards, and fire-spitting exhaust pipe! A glorious view! This two-seater car had significant leather touch with standard dials showing the required details.


Complementary features:

The all-independent double-wishbone suspension setup

Adaptable coil springs


Exclusively made Campagnolo alloy tyres with the measurements of 7*16-inches up front and 8*16-inches at the back.

Front and back brakes with ventilated discs.

The approximate weight limit was recorded up to 3404 lbs or 1544 kgs.



Cylinders for engines: L6 with the displacement of 3453 cm3



Unfortunately, it was designed with a limited speed that was 155mph. The critics noticed a lack of an efficient braking system which sometimes made it difficult to control the speed actively and immediately.

Not so responsive alarm systems or sensors.

Comparison of multiple variants 

BMI m1 was featured with M88 engine type, whereas BMW m1 PROCAR and BMW m1 GRUPPE 5 had M88/1 and M88/2 engine setups, respectively.

Only the M1 GRUPPE 5 had a turbocharger.

All three have similar inline-6 engine designing.

The top speed assessed according to models was 265 km/hr for BMW m1, 310 km/hr for BMW m1 PROCAR, and more than 330 km/hr for BMW m1 GRUPPE 5.



How wonderful it would be if BMW plans to launch a revised and more enhanced version of this car. Recently in July, the company has given a hint to bring back the extravagant BMW M1 Procar. 40 years is a long time but not for passionate fans!


Final verdict:

How could you not be impressed with BMW m1 after knowing its ideal racing history, classic specifications, and excellent performance in past decades? It is a package of thrill, excitement, and adventure. No car could ever replace this legendary automobile. Still, its name hasn’t forgotten and people are crazy about its high-grade quality interior and imposing exterior. It is a definite choice for all race lovers.


It was ranked as the foremost automobile to be awarded the iconic ‘M’ badge, although, the confusion is here about its revival and introductory price what if you find an old car? Won’t you feel like buying it instantly before wasting a chance? But you must be worried about its long decade history. We got you covered! I hope this article has helped you but we extend our gratitude to our customers by offering you exclusive services of providing you the history of any prominent accident that happens anytime, anywhere!  Visit Quick Revs and get all the detailed information on the required cars!

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