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BMW 335i Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


BMW 335i Review Australia


BMW 335i Review Australia

Are you into luxury cars that can offer comfort along with durability, space, and a powerful engine? You must look for BMW 3 Series, as it is a successful and one of the most purchased compact luxury sedans. The best pick will be the BMW 335i which is also manufactured in a coupe hardtop convertible style. After years of magnificent cosmetic and mechanical upgrades, the look and performance have been enhanced.


We can say, it is still a class act, but it faces snowballing competition from top-standard rivals. The interior with a soft-felt cloth or rich leather compliments quality construction. It is praised for its imposing on- and off-road performance featuring excellent poise and power to weight balance offering outstanding steering management.


With comfort, you will get a sturdy engine and quick transmission. The key appeals are the iDrive and technology. In short, this series BMW 335i, no matter what body style you buy, you would find highly tactile and subtle.



The best part? Both engine configurations are turbocharged where you can feel the surge of the power telling you that turbos are placed precisely to take you on long fun rides. Well, engines are of the same capacity of 3.0L and are complemented with a 6-cyl setup. One more likeness is the power and torque BMW 335i has to offer. The recorder value of maximum power is 225 kW whereas for torque the value is 400 Nm.


Need single or twin turbochargers? If you need dual, choose from the version manufactured in 2006–2009. And, if you prefer driving with one, go for the latest models (2010–2013). The turbo is the highlight along with their exhaust that gives off an inspiring rasp making you spot this sportier car even from the distance. The fuel tank capacity is 63L which is also considered ideal.


The stability and firmness of the ride are guaranteed. Reason? The adaptable suspension provides excellent compliance with stiffer springs and shocks. The engine of the BMW 335i is made powerful and long-lasting by fixing the motor firmly and making it high-quality. Other significant specs are a higher-flow exhaust setup and a refined cooling system.


Ride quality

Its supple ride is also pretty engaging. At higher accelerations, you will surprisingly praise the non-involvement of the steering. Otherwise, the steering is light, easy to navigate, active, and feels just right offering a direct touch and good on-road feedback. You would be amazed at BMW 335i all-electric steering.


Remember, it is not a sports car so don’t expect it to be a thrilling ride. But the comfortability is rest assured. With its impressive dynamic, the Eco Pro setting is a big plus. It works brilliantly optimising the pedal coordination and throttle response, especially for the automatic gearbox. It is one of the reasons for its lowest possible fuel consumption.


Another delight for the driver is quick to respond transmission that shifts keenly and clearly. With the wonderful balance between chassis and suspension, the geometry of the BMW 335i is incredible. Plenty of grips is provided. Moreover, the ride control is equally splendid in oh body styles.



First, you need to decide what level of accessories you are interested in!


If you are ready to spend extra money to get the extravagance, the ‘Luxury’ trimis the one for you. It is the range-topping trim. And if lavishness doesn’t matter much, you can also buy the comparatively cheaper ‘comfort’ trim. A perfect treat for the family!


Do not mistake it for the lower standard as it will also provide a wide range of amazing standard goodies.


Coupe/Hardtop convertibles

The best pick in the coupe might be the BMW E92 335i series. Featuring ultra-comfortable front bucket seats just like present in the saloon, the compatible door panels seem to be much longer. The fanciful leather-trimmed interior in a lighter tone looks epic. The Legroom is pretty good.


The steering comes with a distinctive thin metallic strip. Moreover, you will find the metallic/chrome touch over the door and radio knob, AC vents, and gear-shift levers. The hardtops are smoothly retracted. These are made sturdy. BMW 335i convertible guarantees coupe-like noiselessness and ride softness.


Do you know what makes the 2008 version so special? Specifically tailored, reflective leather trimming inside the cabin to keep the seats cool. Apart from that, the visibility is excellent when the top is up. The cabin inside is sensibly designed to maximize the storage space.



All stocked with a wide variety of comfort specs, sedans are the best to drive even for beginners. You can look at huge 80 mm dual exhaust tips giving a robust look. High-grade standard features are:


 ✓ 18-inch lightweight alloy wheels

 ✓ Premium Harman Kardon 16-speaker audio system

 ✓ Responsive Bluetooth connectivity

 ✓ Voice recognition and control

 ✓ Hi-resolution 8.8-inch digital touchscreen

 ✓ Updated sat-nav setup

 ✓ iDrive systems


You would love its contrasting twin stitch, once you are seated inside. Equipped with the most comfortable and supportive sports seats, they lock you in the flawless driving position.


2015 BMW 335i M Sport F30


 ✓ AUX and USB inlet

 ✓ MP3 decoder

 ✓ Bluetooth connectivity

 ✓ CD player

 ✓ DAB+

 ✓ 16-speaker stereo system

 ✓ Charcoal filter

 ✓ Voice recognition

 ✓ An air conditioner with dual-zone climate control

 ✓ Remote fuel lid release

 ✓ Bi-Xenon and Automatic headlights

 ✓ LED tail lights

 ✓ Fog lamps

 ✓ Powered windows

 ✓ Electric anti-glare windows

 ✓ Rain sensing wipers

 ✓ Leather-trimmed interior with chrome finesse

 ✓ Electric driver’s seat with memory, height adjustability, and lumbar support

 ✓ GPS

 ✓ Multi-functional, electric, tilt-only, speed-sensitive, and height-adjustable steering

 ✓ Electric and heated mirrors with memory

 ✓ Limited Slip Differential (LSD)

 ✓ Sport suspension with electronic dampers

 ✓ 19’’ alloy wheels


Safety features


 ✓ Engine Immobilizer

 ✓ Airbags

 ✓ Brake Emergency Display - Hazard/Stoplights

 ✓ Remote/Keyless Central Locking

 ✓ Driver’s seat with electric lumbar support

 ✓ Corner Braking

 ✓ Electronic Traction Stability Control

 ✓ Park Distance Front and Rear

 ✓ Cruise Control

 ✓ Data Dots - Part Identifiers


Cons of buying BMW 335i


 ✓ The steering feels in BMW 335i seem perplexing at low speeds, especially during the first miles.

 ✓ Folding hardtops is are made hefty

 ✓ The hardtop can corner most of the cargo space when down

 ✓ Headroom is tight

 ✓ The navigation system is too talkative

 ✓ The filter-based iPod interface makes more sense in a computer than a car

 ✓ Run-flat tires

 ✓ The price of BMW 335i is higher than most competitors


Final verdict

Families of 4-5 should prefer the BMW 335i coupe over the sedan. Wonderfully balanced with predictable handling, and best of all it goes hard. Where the coupe is stylish, the sedan is more spacious. Both are fun to drive and easy to steer. The outlook is appealing enough.


These series are pretty old and if you are buying these in 2021, you need to be extra careful. Instead of wasting your money, do your research first. You can visit our site to get the valid accidental, theft, and driving history of any vehicle. Our portal is open 24/7 and accessible by anyone. 


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