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BMW 320i Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

BMW 320i Review Australia

A BMW is the name of the world-renowned automobile industry that delivers top-class cars with incomparable features. BMW has been introducing upgraded series for ages and they have succeeded in making people addicted to their car styling, engine range, and astonishing speed. And 320i belongs to the 3 series of BMW. Do you know which feature makes it different from other elite cars? Its highly advanced, tactical, and feasible rear-wheel drive.


The manufacturers have embedded the notion of sports Sedan in 3-series which will be a perfect choice for any car-lover. With increasing time, BMW is producing vehicles with more competency, uniqueness, and control. The company is flourishing magnificently and every car from their 3-series will give you a memorable and thrilling driving experience.  


Are you searching for the car’s specifications and functioning details? You have come to the right place as here we provide you with a BMW 320i review.


The logo “ALWAYS A BMW” has become a symbol of luxury. BMW has gained popularity due to its supremely designed cars with super speed, manageable and customizable characteristics. This is not a car for adrenaline junkies only, but also for the person with a sophisticated and luxurious taste. It was introduced into the market in 2013 and has been impressing people since.


The BMW 320i is considered as a representation of the primary stage advancements related to series-3 of BMW. In case, you are thinking about buying any BMW car, this version can be one of the best offers. But, you should evaluate others in aspects of their revolutionizing changes. It is true that 320i cannot match its firepower with M-fettled M340i and will never work like 330i which has an advanced engine system, but because of its highly convenient low-base structure, it is an absolute compatible companion for daily routine. It has a tempting framework with an extremely reliable and enhanced driving intuitive setup.


BMW 3 Series 320i is also categorized into various sporty, fascinating, and sophisticated cars with visual and engine system advancements. And among those how can you not name “BMW 320i E90”, a car from 2017’s 3-generation range with fabulous speed, high tech, and innovative structure. It comes with specified electric sports seats and a remarkable leather interior.


Engine setup of BMW 320i:

You will find this car as a compact extravagance. The engine is highly ravishing and makes you swing on the winding roads at a full pace! Its engine is made with the capability of upholding a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine. It has a specified engine which is basically a detuned variety of the 328's turbo-4 making 180 horsepower and 200 lb-ft or you can simply quote it as 1998cc in-line 4, DOHC, 16v.


You must be estimating how much it covers. So, basically with this exotic engine, you will stretch the tires on highways within 135kW/300Nm tune, which means you will experience a bouncy ride with all the adventurous vibes! With this firepower, you are most welcomed to enjoy the sprinting BMW 320i up to 100km/h in 7.2 seconds, no doubts!


The engine system has built-in cooling machinery which includes an effective Aerodynamics kit. It helps you to keep the engine cool even after long journeys. Lately, the company has upgraded its braking system and suspension paths alike M Sport series. The BMW 320i speed is fully controllable with the help of its gearbox of eight points of speeding. You can tackle bumpy roads, spiraling paths, highways, and bending roads quite smoothly.


The car allows you to enjoy untroublesome and quick Steptronic transmissions within multiple gearing speeds with the support of 18-inch alloy wheels. Its engine provides supreme driving performance at every speed while managing the fuel expenditure efficiently, at the same time. What else a passionate driver can ask for! In a true sense, BMW 320i driving dynamics are unmatchable.



BMW 320i features an astoundingly satisfying design. Just like the M Sport package of 3-series, it has cutting-edge characteristics for an exclusive driver’s assistance within its amusing interior. It offers AI-based parking guidance to avoid any casualties along with high-class and all-time available wireless mobile charging. And, how can you ignore its strikingly bright LED headlights with High Beam, adding fanciness to the car’s exterior? What is better than having a car with a sportier steering wheel. It feels like an added delicacy to a rich piece of art! The car provides ultimate comfort while driving as it has a fanciful low-slung seating spot. And what about the second row of seats?


These are fantastically relaxing, too, even if they are placed at a higher spot. It is a perfect blend of groundbreaking pieces of machinery with a poised appearance. With simple and classy 4 doors and seating adjustment for 5 persons, it has surpassed multiple sedan-3 series models. BMW 320i comes with a highly responsive and quick voice activation system that fulfills your demands by voice recognition. Its functional management has been enhanced with the support of all-time progressing intuitive specifications. This sports car is loaded with tech-heavy updates in its interior styling.


The standardized features are automatic and speedy Bluetooth connectivity along with clear audio streaming. And, one of the most important questions is…Are you an Apple user and enjoy iOS? If yes, then you must be delighted to know its highly incredible Apple CarPlay compatibility. You will get a complimentary one-year subscription, as well. But, wait! Don’t get confused as its Android Automatic CarPlay compatibility has been upgraded effectively this year.



This car is unambiguously a miraculous example of individuality. It is recognized as the low-priced modified version of series 3. Or you can say BMW 320i comes with the budget-friendly price tag.



It offers all buyers an exclusive unfailing safety setup enlisting:

Lane departure warning.

Traffic alert on rear-ward, opposite and sideways drive.

Warning on exceeding the speed limit.

Visible and assisting the rear camera for easy reversing.

Cameras for easy lateral parking.

Self-directed backup brake system.


Additional features:

Max power: 135kW @ 5000rpm

Max torque: 300Nm @ 1350-4000rpm

The car has a defined weight of 1460kg.

Significantly decreased fuel consumption. 

It is known to have the towing capacity of about 1500-2000 kg

Addition of the digital instrument cluster of 12.3 inches.

It has claimed to cover 100km/h in just7.2 seconds due to its enormous firepower.

Customizable HiFi system 

For conducting efficient operations, dual-screen infotainment is fitted. 

Capable of performing exceptional 360-Degree Mechanical and Visual Check through clear visualizing cameras.


Final verdict:

Driving a BMW 320i will provide you an absolute pleasure! It is a family car with elegant and stylish features. you can easily be tempted with its glossy exterior, leathery interior, sun-proof glass roof, and continuously advancing engine setups.


I hope this article has helped you in making a hassle-free choice of buying your dream car with a spectacular exterior and interior! But what if you will be able to get the detailed history of your selected car by few clicks? Quite satisfactory, right! So, why don’t you stop waiting and go to our official website to get all the desired information regarding the car? We will be the happiest to provide you with the car’s valid history of accidents, theft, driving routes, and malfunctions on our official website Quick Revs.

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