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BMW 318i Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


BMW 318i Review Australia


If we talk about its on-road or off-road performance, we can say BMW 318i meets the standard criteria of safe, secure, firm, and stable driving. Being an efficient performer, it comes with an exquisite design and quality material. If you are willing to spend extra money to get additional features, you absolutely can but might find comparatively expensive options.


At a glance, it will give you a warming and welcoming impression. A perfect vehicle for a family due to its economical price, range of specs, and impressive accommodation. In short, we can agree that BMW has stood by its technical reputation.


Hard-wearing engine, long list of safety equipment with rock-solid resale value is what BMW 318i has to offer. Definitely a blend that is hard to find!



The road handling seems pretty fine, as well. You would love how easy it is to cruise with its elite mechanics. The latest variants are recalibrated to deliver smoother and quicker transmissions. BMW 318i performs amazing by soaking up ruts and bumps. The braking setup is tailored to offer a strong grip and stopping power. Besides, they let you cruise effortlessly even on lousy roads.


With the stronger suspension mounts, its ride has brilliantly become supple. One of the most impressive features is the suspension system designed to cope with gravel roads. The steering seems just fine with easy to direct nature. It acts subtly on city roads. Splendid designing has guaranteed a pleasant ride that complements the provided power and torque.


What else you can ask for? To stabilise the ride, wide tires are equipped. From front to rear, the chassis is splendidly designed. All is done to maximize your driving ease and on-road comfortability. In short, the BMW 318i is an absolute fun vehicle to drive. Once you start riding this BMW, you would be amazed by its balanced distribution of power and weight.


You can go for the 2002 BMW 318i that is equipped with an amazing 2L engine with a fuel consumption rate of 7.2L per 100 km. A firmer ride with a more sporting feel is complimented with a quick 5-speed Steptronic automatic gearbox.


E30 series:

In the BMW 318i e30 series, only petrol engines are made. It means you don’t have enough of the option. The initial variants available from 1982 to 1987 are similar in capacity to the engine configuration provided from 1987 to 1994 which is 1.8L. Well, what is the difference then? The powerspeeded, and torque are upgraded in the later versions.


Primary versions of this inline-4 cylinder deliver 77 kW power at 5,800 rpm mated with a torque of 145 Nm at 4,500 rpm. Although the power is lesser, but they have Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection. In comparison, the later versions of BMW 318i will deliver 83 kW power at 5,500 and the torque of 162 Nm at 4,250 rpm. If you want a car with better fuel economy, you must opt for the earlier versions. The engines are combined with compatible 4-speed or 5-speed manual transmission.


E36 series:

The best pick would be the 1996 model designed with a larger 1.8L engine. This RWD offers a maximum power of 85kW @ 5500rpm whereas the torque is estimated as 168Nm @ 3900rpm. BMW 318i e36 comes with a responsive 4-speed automatic transmission, gear-shifter placed on the floor. Do not worry about the fuel tank as it has enough capacity of 62L.


E46 series:

We suggest you jump straight to the latest trims made from 2003 to 2006. It has the same 4-cyl engine size of 2.0L that you get in 2001-2005 versions. But, a significant upgrade in power is made taking it to 112 kW with the more torque touch (200 Nm). Overall, the stiffening of the suspension has made the ride a bit sportier with improved body control.




 1.5L petrol configuration

 A 3-cylinder setup

 Turbo inter-cooled engine

 Power: 100kW at 4500rpm

 Torque: 220 Nm at 1250r-4000pm

 ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox

 Claimed fuel consumption rate: 5.4L


The latest versions of BMW 318i come with a powerful engine that brings soul and charm to the ride. Being great road handlers, these are faster, sharper, and better-equipped.




E46 series:

Once you have seen BMW 318i e46, you would be able to spot it from the distance due to its distinctive front-end styling. The specialty is the wrap-around headlights that are set in a wavy, sculpted panel to keep the touch of sportiness. The robustness is maintained by adding larger, bolder kidney grilles.


The cleaner-looking sharper bumpers make it look more impressive. The xenon gas discharge headlights also come as standard giving a brilliant white-blue light. From the back, taillights look eye-catching. All exterior details are perfectly idealized with 16-inch steel wheels.


2016 model specifications:

With refined multimedia, the interior appears swishier with a relaxing ambiance. The adaptable cruise control comes with a responsive speed limiter. The best update is the addition of the satellite navigation that delivers traffic updates.


The comfort is guaranteed in BMW 318i with its Sensatec faux leather seats and it has:

 18-inch alloy wheels

 Sport line style pack

 Head-up display

 360-degree camera with an overhead view

 Lane change warning

 LED headlights

 Front and rear parking sensors

 Climate control

 Velour floor mats

 Excellent iDrive interface

 Electric front seats with drivers’ memory function


Unfortunately, the cabin might give a little low-rent feel as it lacks:

 LED cabin lights in the rear

 Vanity mirrors,

 Ambient lighting

 Cheap-feeling basic steering wheel


2018 model specifications:

When you hop in, the cabin will feel perfectly balanced between style and comfort. Apart from using high-quality material, the best part is the excessive space to let you adjust easily. The footwell is satisfactory and big enough to carry enough storage. Surprisingly, the rear seats seem way too accommodating in BMW 318i.


It has:

 AUX, USB inlet

 MP3 decoder

 Bluetooth connectivity

 6-speaker stereo system

 Dual control climate zone

 Charcoal filter

 Cargo net

 Remote Fuel lid release

 Light sensitive, LED, adjustable and automatic headlights

 Fog lamps (front and rear)

 LED taillights

 Powered windows (front and rear)

 Manual anti-glare rearview mirror

 Rain sensitive, intermittent wipers

 Height adjustable seating

 Metallic finessed dashboard

 Trip computer


 Electric, heated, and foldable mirrors

 Digital clock

 12V sockets

 Selectable driving mode

 Electric, tilt and reach, height adjustable, multi-functional steering


Safety features of BMW 318i 2018 models:


 6 Airbags

 Seatbelts with pretensioners and load limiters

 Brake assist

 ABS (Antilock Brakes)

 Electronic stability

 Lane departure warning

 Forward collision warning

 Blind spot sensor

 Park distance front and rear

 Remote central locking

 Engine immobilizer

 Telematic monitoring service

 Traction control


Cons of buying:

One of the major drawbacks is its small infotainment screen. Although the quality is high the size makes it look insignificant.

Besides, auto braking is available only a partial system


Final verdict:

Unquestionably, BMW 318i guarantees a modest outright performance. The engineers have designed the car to offer an engaging ride. Consider it an eager and responsive unit cruising around town. The key appeal is its fiercely market-competitive pricing. Every instrumentation is pretty well laid. The suspension offers better control. The cabin has an elegant interior.


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