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BMW 2002 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

BMW 2002 Review Australia


It would not be wrong to say that BMW 2002 is the series of cars that has potentially changed the course of automobiles. It has shaped the upcoming decades of BMW’s sports cars line-up for the better. Worth $3500, the BMW sedan, unfortunately, does not look too tall. It means this amazing piece offers you amazing comfort, spacious inside, improved drivability, and maximum ease of use that can be availed in other cars for lesser money. It looks smaller, but it is an extremely efficient automobile in terms of road performance, speed, power, safety, comfort, and design.


BMW has earned a high-class reputation by offering strength coupled with power, reliability, and fashionable layout. Even if you buy it in 2021, you will not be disappointed. 2002 is a must-have piece for all the old BMW lovers. It functions brilliantly and has some striking facts. For instance, it is called 2002 for the year 2002. But that is not all! 2002 also presents its amazing features, such as a 2000 CC engine and two doors body styles. it means: 2000 + 2 = 2002. Viola!

Adding to your surprise, BMW 2002 was manufactured by accident under the supervision of two senior BMW executives as a result of unplanned advancements being done to the BMW 1602 version.


Engine and Performance of BMW 2002:

If you are only interested in buying yourself a name of BMW, you can also go for the base model made in 1968. Being a beginner, it comprises of single carburetor that reflects full strength and high-level compatibility. However, it is a sturdy engine but offers a pretty average level power of about 101 hp. Moving on to a better option for you, the BMW 2002 Ti version comes equipped with twin Solex 40 carburetors. It tends to offer an improved compression ratio engine that is comparatively powerful, delivering 119 hp. It has a wonderful top speed of 115 mph. Sounds reasonable! We can say the BMW 2002 Ti provides an elite road performance with satisfactory boot space.


BMW is the synonym of luxury, but the case is different here. The 2002 BMW not only seems compact but is also inexpensive. The reason behind its hassle-free and comfortable ride is its “suspension setup.” The combination of the front MacPherson struts and a rear suspension having semi-trailing arms is just marvelous! To enhance the functionality of suspension, unique and quality-level brakes are equipped. It has disc brakes in front and drum brakes in the rear.

In short, it offers “an electrifying sports coupé riding ability with precise road management.”


It is considered suitable and practical transport for families because of its robust engine layout and safe ride aided by decent cabin space. Call it a full package loaded with plentiful good ideas at an affordable price. The ride seems to be admirably controlled. It stays sure-footed even on bumpy and gravel roads.

When we compare all of the below-mentioned (three) variants, the most suitable pick will be BMW 2002 Tii. The brilliant combination of heavy-duty MacPherson struts fitted with brake calipers and larger discs is what makes this sough-out car number one.


BMW 2002 Ti Specs:

It is for the ones who want to enjoy the benefits of both automatic and manual transmission with fuel-efficient motors. You can have it in the oldest version of 1968 crafted in a 2.0L SOHC 4-cyl engine. It introduced its last version in 1971 with the addition of a beautiful “Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection” system. If you are not bothered by power, this model offers 119 hp at 5,500 RPM. Whereas the torque value is 167 Nm) at 3,600 RPM.


The older (1969) year models have a 3-speed automatic transmission making this fashionable coupé easier to drive. Not a fan of automatic? Enjoy driving 1971 year BMW 2002 Cabriolet models with 4-speed manual transmission.


BMW 2002 Tii Specs:

From 1971 onwards, you have a new series of Tii BMW 2002 to buy. Its creation continued till 1975. Although it has a similar 2.0L SOHC engine with a 4-cylinder, the power is magnificently improved. It can bring you the power of nearly 130 hp at 5,800 RPM coupled with the torque of 177 Nm at 4,500 RPM. This upgrade improves engine reliability. It has the same transmission options: 3-speed automatic transmission and 4-speed manual transmission.


BMW 2002 Turbo Specs:

If you are really into wild horses, it is high time you buy BMW 2002 Turbo without having any second thoughts. Introduced back in 1973, it promises to ensure the delivery of a better compression ratio and mechanically advanced Kugelfischer fuel injected system. The real highlight is the KKK turbocharger kit amplifying its power to an amazing 170 hp at 5,800 RPM. The engine is found torque enough with the value of 241 Nm at 4,000 RPM.


The turbocharged engine adds to its acceleration and road performance. When the turbo boosts kick in, you will feel the thrust! At the same time, its turbo lag can make your ride somewhat troublesome. It can be driven in any gearshift, either a 3-speed automatic or a 4-speed manual.


BMW 2002 Design: 

We have talked a lot about its engine, but what about its visual appeal. Don’t worry about it; you will love it at a single glance. It carries some impressive exterior details and interior design. You must keep in mind that it is a car of old age. It means it will look much simpler to the eye due to its straightforward layout and not-so-advanced technical equipment. It has a unique appeal that helps you spot it from a distance even. Every car has a specialty, such as BMW 2002 Turbo has distinctive fender flares, a sturdy rear spoiler, and an exclusive graphics package.


BMW 2002 interior is not technologically advanced but will surely satisfy your BMW cravings. It has a compact structure but is spacious. It has relaxing inside with enough footwell, knee, and head-space.


2002 BMW 3 Series:

BMW 2002 series 3 is indeed the Ultimate Driving Machine, but why? Because it will win your heart with driving dynamics and looks, and quality. All sedans and wagons have an in-dashboard CD player as a standard. It does carry a long features list. It is time to break into the luxury piece where you will get all the good vibes!


Right in the center, the stack accommodates a new automatic climate control. Certain improvements of the Steptronic automanual operation have successfully made the transmissions downshifts and upshifts movement easier. Coming to optional BMW 2002 specs. Bi-xenon headlamps come as an option with low and high beams that you can also set to automatic operation. In coupes and convertibles, you will get rear-side airbags. On the inside, the leather looks plush in both color options are Electric Red and Gray-green.


2002 BMW 5 Series: 

As the name suggests, it is relatively the latest variant. Consider it a top-end luxury/sport vehicle where you will get to enjoy first-rate equipment.


Standard features list has:

✓ 10-speaker premium sound system

✓ Car and key programmable memory

✓ Dual-zone air conditioning

✓ 8-way power adjustments with memory settings

✓ Cruise control

✓ Steering wheel-mounted controls


Safety Features:


2002 BMW 3 Series:

✓ All-Season Traction (AST)

✓ Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

✓ Airbags (Dual front and door-mounted)

✓ BMW's patented Head Protection System (HPS)

✓ Dynamic Brake Control

✓ Optional: Rear side airbags and xenon headlights


2002 BMW 5 Series:

✓ All-Season Traction (AST)

✓ Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

✓ Dynamic Brake Control

✓ Airbags (Dual front, head-protection, door-mounted)

✓ Optional: Rear side airbags and xenon headlights

✓ 3-point seatbelts at all seating positions

✓ Impact sensors

✓ Remote keyless entry

✓ 2-step unlocking

✓ Coded drive-away protection

✓ A vehicle security system

✓ Cons of Buying BMW 2002

✓ The ride is not soft


Pretty busy ride as it demands extra attention for up-shifting, downshifting, maintaining the revs up, and angling through the turns at higher accelerations.

Significant turbo lag.


Final Verdict:

One of the most popular automobiles within the USA of its time, BMW 2002 has so much to impress every passionate driver or car enthusiast. This plainly honest machine has loads of attractive delicacies that make it an ideal pick for bringing style to daily life. One thing that has taken this German engineered vehicle to another level is the strict quality control that is exercised during the production process. Its unique styling definitely gives an edge.  In order to ensure that you are making the right choice, get your car's history using the Quick Revs' online platform. We provide the hidden past of every car at an affordable price. 

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