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BMW 135i Turbo Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


BMW 135i Turbo Review Australia


BMW has never failed to surprise customers with an amazing range of innovative vehicles. We can say BMW 135i is nothing less than a miraculous car that not only cruises smoothly but also safely. Considering it a quite powerful car, it has a stylish unique exterior and posh interior to offer. It offers RWD with sporty dynamics, agile road handling, durable mechanics, and comfy seats.


The company has done its best job in enhancing its professional effectiveness. The brilliantly balanced chassis will let you complete the drive proficiently and appropriately. Dream of buying a European coupe or ultra-chic styled convertible? There is no good option beyond this marvelous BMW that also has an element of a power thrust hidden right under the bonnet.


In comparison to the many other renowned Sport Coupe, BMW 135i Coupe is found cheaper with a tag of BMW and equipped with a starring twin-turbo 6. Out of all the incredible features, you simply cannot resist appreciating its sporty body kit. It is a driver’s car that has its prowess in layout and mechanics, safety, and comfort.



If we explain its ride, BMW 135i is SHARP AND PRECISE. The ride grip is firm and stable. The road handling is definitely amazing and will take you on long journeys with ease and safety. The engine and all the associated mechanics are made not only powerful and strong but also long-lasting. The engine is not the only slick feature but the transmission that is also quick to respond. Once you hit the road, the drive seems extremely engaging in its manual mode.


Engine having a turbo is something extra and that old version featuring a turbo is exceptional to imagine. The famous BMW 135i coupe sports is also equipped with an all-time classic twin-turbo 3L straight-6 powerhouse engine. Truly speaking, this twin-turbo engine is a real treasure! In fact, it is a configuration with limitless fun. Bringing amazing power, the engine seems to be elastic means easy to maneuver. This usable BMW 135i is easy to steer, too.


Ready to quicken the speed? It will satisfy your sporty driving desire. Once seated behind the wheel, you will find this car pretty happy to tick over all day long. Whether you are cruising in a city town or on the highways, this machine guarantees a decent traveling time. BMW 135i is recognized as an eager RWD that is dynamically tremendous. The commanding fade-free brakes mated with robust-looking sturdy 6-piston calipers let you accurately steer the way out the road. Sprints are engaging.


The company has made the best use of a 3L inline-6 twin-scroll turbocharged engine that runs on petrol delivering the maximum power of 300 hp @ 5,800 rpm. To keep the ride balance, torque is also reasonable torque of 300 lb.-ft. @ 1,200 rpm. One of the most recommended models is of 2013 that is available in stylish Coupe and Convertible. When mated with a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed DCT, it takes you to the place smoothly and swiftly. In comparison, auto-mode seems faster. And in fuel economy, DCT wins with the lesser value of 18/25 mpg.


BMW 135i Sport Coupe:

A 3L twin-turbo inline 6-cylinder 

Maximum power: 225kW @ 5800rpm 

Maximum torque: 400Nm @ 1300-5000rpm

Fuel consumption value: 9.6L/100km

Transmission: 6-speed manual

Active Steering system (optional)


The use of steering with hydraulic power assistance is a key appeal. It supports the whole chassis and makes the car easy to cruise. Besides, the full-bodied road holding of BMW 135i is mesmerizing. The grip is surprisingly combined with agility and sprightliness. The use of Advanced technology fuel injection makes it a better car to buy in an affordable range. The whole machinery including the variable valve timing system seems refined and classic enough to withstand the test of time.



If you observe BMW 135i from the outside, it feels distinguished and stylish. The grills are fully complementing the wheels and whole chassis. The bumpers are brilliantly designed to manage weight while maintaining the fashion. The pillars are sensibly placed. The rear is also designed keenly to keep the structure flow. The biggest appeal is the sunroof.


One thing that cannot miss the eye is the 18" silver aluminum Wheels. Besides, you get heated mirrors and powered windows. To keep the comfort, leatherette Seat trim has been chosen for BMW 135i. Luckily, driver and passenger seats offer lumbar support. Windshield wipers are made rain-sensing and intermittent for easy cleaning. Other plus features are front air conditioning, dual-zone automatic, AM/FM/HD, Satellite-prep, seek-scan radio, and keyless/remote entry.


The gauges are understandable with configurable layouts. The detailed instrument cluster seems easy to access. Simple to use controls with better positioning is provided. We can say, BMW 135i has a clever display.


M-Sports package:

You must be thinking about what is in the package? First of all, the BMW 135i m sport package includes a classic M Sports Suspension offering higher traction along with reducing body roll. A perfect set of high-performance braking systems has been provided with long-lasting calipers. Inside has a high-quality yet soft-felt leather sport trimming, on the seats and steering, door sill trims and footrest, gear shift knob, and handbrake with M logo.


2020 BMW M135i xDrive:

2L turbo 4-cylinder

Maximum power: 225kW@6250rpm

Maximum torque: 450Nm@1750-4500rpm

8-speed automatic transmission

AWD with active rear diff

Fuel capacity: 50L

A 7.0 operating system incorporating dual 10.25-inch digital screens

Refined media system engaged with iDrive hand controller


The spacious cabin seems airy and guarantees a sense of freedom. Even the rear seats are equipped with climate vents and dual USB-C inlets. We all can agree that BMW 135i is definitely not precisely the hottest hot hatches but offer decent comfort and livability.


Cons of buying BMW 135i:

Scatty ride

Noddy-car looks

Pricey BMW Service

Heavier body

Thirstier engine

Push understeer

Tires don’t feel right


Safety features:

Anti-lock brakes (ABS)

Stability control


Seat Belts with pretensioners


Security system


Final verdict:

The performance of BMW 135i is classic along with attractive handling. Apart from being a good performer, it has ergonomic designs. The practicality is loaded with complementary styling. The practical yet purposeful car is what it is! Simply explained as a superb little driver’s car.


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