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Black Series Campers Review Australia | Quick Revs

Black Series Campers Review Australia

Camping trailers have been around for years and go back as far as the 19th century when gypsy tribes used to roam around the country on trailers that were attached to horses. This was a common practice especially in Europe when tribes would travel far and wide, never staying at a place for long. Their trailers, when not on the move, were their means of living as well and included most of the necessary things that they needed to survive.


Times have changed, and so have the trailers that are used today. They have been replaced by big caravans, which are not pulled by horses, but with powerful off-roading vehicles. Camping trailers and caravans have proven to be immensely popular in the major cities of Australia, where people prefer them to go on off-roading trips, picnics, camping, and travels. Some state-of-the-art trailers are filled with luxury and comfort, and you can easily take them on your long-customized travels.


Black Series Camper trailers have been around for some time now, offering a diverse range of camper trailers and caravans, specially designed for off-road camping. They range from simple campers on which you can load your everyday stuff easily to more luxurious trailers, completely customizable. Black Series has been known to provide robust campers which if taken care of, can stay with you year after year to enjoy your holidays.


Black Series Caravans and trailers have been around for over a decade, taking pride in their research and development, which is carried out in-house, the rigorous testing, and the trailer manufacturing which is sold throughout the country. They utilize GIC camper trailer chassis and aim to provide the best quality and the widest range of camper trailers in all of Australia. GIC Campers is a privately owned and family operated business with more than years of experience in providing camping equipment and caravans. Black Series campers are part of their operations, specifically to cater to the demand of luxury and innovative camper trailers.


Why Black Series Campers?

In a time when the prices for camper trailers are sky-high, it comes as a surprise when you see the value for money that Black Series brings. Their camper trailers start from as little as $7,000, bringing them in the reach of the average Australian.


Black Series campers are known to provide a standard warranty of five years on the structure of your caravan and are a result of extreme testing on the most difficult terrains found in the country. They provide excellent customer service as well as prompt deliveries and you can be sure to get any kind of assistance on every step.


With their promise to the commitment and delivering excellence for many years, there is no doubt that GIC/Black Series campers have emerged as the leaders in the industry. There are other organizations that have tried to put up a hefty competition but failed to meet with the standards that have been set up by the Black Series Campers.


Black Series also offers to finance your purchase of the caravans bought from them, so that you can get your hands on a camper trailer without waiting for the right time. Equipped with ingenious suspension systems, kitchens, modern toilets, and comfort, you can take your next off-road trip into the wild with style.


Featured Camper Trailers:

With a range of camper trailers offered by Black Series, and a production figure of almost 30,000 caravans which you can find roaming in Australia. You can either opt for the ‘Pop up Campers’ if you are looking for a comfortable option which is low in budget, includes an outdoor kitchen, solar-powered and running water. Or you can go for the more sophisticated ‘Travel Trailers’ which are top of the line with an excellent suspension system and luxury like you have never witnessed before.


Black Series HQ 19:

The latest from Black series trailers and caravans, the HQ 19 is as good as it can get. It encompasses luxury, robustness, quality, and class all in one. The suspension for the HQ 19 is the foremost plus, which has been developed after tiring research from the in-house R&D department. It offers a stable, smooth ride and is found to be equally good on the highway and on rough terrain. Which means that you can take this trailer on the most desolate of the terrains.


The suspension features a quad shock technology instead of two, for a better spread of the load on all wheels. When you talk about the exterior, the design is further engineered to divide the load equally over the vehicle using two axles, which allows for a smoother ride as well as safer towing. The HQ19 is also the biggest available trailer with a beautiful exterior that can make heads turn.


Inside of the Black Series HQ19, you will find everything that you may require when going on those long off-road trips. It features a full-fledged kitchen including a stove, microwave, and a fridge, a washing machine, and a complete toilet. The upholstery is made of elegant leather and ample space for a couple to spend their quality time. The Black Series HQ p 19 price starts from almost $78,000 and you can opt for additional features as well for more.


Black Series HQ17:

This is the previous model and features more or less of the design and features that are found on the HQ19. It does offer more space and can easily accommodate five adults, which means that this is the perfect choice if you are looking for some family adventures.


The suspension follows the same quad shock with the dual axle for a firm, durable and smooth ride. Aerodynamics is further improved due to the cone nose design patented by GIC Campers. It also includes tough tires for all kinds of terrain plus two spares so that you do not have to face any inconvenience when exploring the wilderness.


Since the HQ 17 targets families, the interior is built to comfortably sleep, five individuals. Sleeping quarters include a queen size mattress, two bunk beds and a convertible sofa-cum-bed. The cabinets in the kitchen are made with Timber Veneer and fitted with latches to keep your things in place when the terrain gets rough. A Dometic air-conditioner is included in the package to make your travels comfortable in those hot, scorching summers.

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