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Bingle Car Insurance Review: Is cheap insurance worth it?

Bingle Car Insurance Review


Australia is home to many people… and kangaroos. 24.6 million people reside in Australia. Although the country is severely underpopulated, the numbers are still large. People are always at risk since death can occur at any time. Let’s suppose that we are talking about death by accident, then there are still a lot of cases where accidental deaths are caused due to the negligence of the person. This is pretty common in the case of vehicular deaths. Negligence of a driver causes his or her, or someone else’s death and that is pretty terrible.


In order to compensate for these accidental deaths, there come insurance companies that provide you with some kind of compensation (mostly in the form of money). If a person that is insured dies, suffers an accident, or undergoes some conditions that the company has set, then that person or his/her relatives receive a set amount of money. Bingle Car Insurance is an Australian Insurance company that provides insurance packages for vehicles at a really low price.

Bingle Car Insurance:

Being one of the most famous car insurance companies, Bingle Car Insurance is a leading name in Australia that allows its customers to choose from the simplest of packages at a really low rate. Many of the people have reported their amazing services at this price. However, others have talked against them. It operates online without any physical marketplace which makes it convenient for its customers to access them since the online procedure is much simpler and requires lesser time. Bingle has been in the play since 2008 and has satisfied its customers. They also provide a lifetime guarantee, so that’s a really big plus point!

What services does Bingle Car Insurance provide?

Bingle Car Insurance mostly provides two types of insurances:

 1- Third-Party Property:

A sort of add-on to other insurances, Third-Party Property covers the costs of legal issues and/or damages caused to the victim’s property. Again, it covers only the costs of property, not of the physical injuries. It also does not cover the costs of the damage to your own property, only the victim.

 2- Comprehensive Car Insurance:

This is the type of insurance that covers everything from damages to your car and yourself in a collision, to the third party and their property, and also covers the fire and theft aspect of the Third Party, Fire, and Theft insurance. This is basically the complete insurance package. 

 Plus Points:

The points we have noted that play a positive part towards Bingle’s review are:

 1- Everything is online!

Bingle has made everything online, as explained before. There is no office to visit or anything which saves time since you can make the claims online. Apart from that, the online procedures are much simpler than the lengthy in-office application processes that a person has to follow.

 2- Really low price:

Bingle has a REALLY low price! As compared to other insurance companies, Bingle Car Insurance is cheaper. Where the other companies may cost up to $1000, Bingle costs as low as $600.

 3- Has won many awards:

Mostly due to its low price, Bingle Car Insurance has won several awards for being the best insurance company in Australia. There are other awards too, for example, being the cheapest car insurance country in Australia.

Negative Points:

The negative points which Bingle Car Insurance faces are:

 1- Late Responses:

Since the system is all based on an online platform, there are a lot of people interacting with Bingle. Consequently, this hinders them from actually replying to them and many of the times, the customers are ignored (as per the data gathered from customer reviews). 

 2- No contact service:

As the company is all online, there is no place that the customer can contact them. There is no phone, no online chat service, or anything of that sort. The only contact option is if the customers make a claim and general queries should not really require the customers to make a whole claim just for the people to get their questions answered.

 3- A lot of negative customer reviews:

Many of Bingle Car Insurance’s customers have posted negative reviews about the company at reviewing platforms. This does not play well in their image.

Bingle Car Insurance Customer Reviews:


Review #1

“I just dropped my car off to a bingle assessment center and had the worst customer experience of my life. I basically was told that in the assessor's opinion I was lying and they aren't going to repair all the damage. I guess you get what you pay for. I would highly recommend avoiding using a budget insurer because when the time comes they will just make an already unfortunate situation completely horrible”


Review #2

“Be honest and pay up. If a driver covered by Bingle is at fault then at least have the honesty to pay for the third party damage. At least communicate.”


Review #3

“The worse insurance ever. Can't get in touch with them. No phone number. They make you pay excess even if it's not your fault upfront. Then you get down grated.

The online website is ridiculous. One good thing they charge less than other insurance company's. But in the end, I rather pay more than having no service .”


Review #4

“Have had no problems with them even though they are online only., fingers crossed I don't have to make a claim. Good pricing and benefits compared to most.”


Review #5

“Both, my wife and I have our cars insured through Bingle and have done so for a number of years. In 2015, someone ran up the back of my wife's car and Bingle's online claim process was simple and straight forward. They looked after everything for us and the repairs are top quality.”


Review #6

“Good value for money and is cheaper than most big insurers. They also gave me the added bonus of nominating agreed value for both my cars.”


Review #7

“So we've had Bingle for a few years now on our cars, recently had to make a claim. The claims process was great, fast and we had our car in for repair the next morning. The only problem is the ONLY place they send you to is Capital Smart Repairs, which is owned by Suncorp, who also owns Bingle. My car needed 2 new doors and they replaced them with recycled doors which were clearly damaged before and needed repair. I could clearly see ripples along with both doors when I picked it up like my car had spent 3 weeks in a tight supermarket carpark. I took it back and they had another go at it, again very poorly done I can still see ripples right along with both doors. I told them I wasn't happy with the repair at pick up and they asked if they could "have another crack at it" to which I replied no. I'm now waiting for Bingle, who you can only email Suncorp with complaints to get back to me about having it done at a PROPER repairer. Think before you go with Bingle, if you want quality repairs you won't get them at Capital Smart”


How can I save money?

Despite the Bingle Car Insurance is a cheap insurance company, you can still save money if you follow the following steps:

 1- Reduce Vehicle Usage:

If the annual usage of a vehicle is low, the company usually charges you low for the insurance. This is a good way to save money. Stop using your vehicle for every single thing and use it only when absolutely necessary.

 2- Getting Discount Deals:

Deals that offer a discount when purchased at a bundle are usually good. Yearly packages grant you some kind of discount since you have to pay for the whole year at one time and the companies are usually nice enough that they give you a discount if you choose this package.

Apart from that, choose the deals which you need. If the deal has something extra than you need, do not buy it. Choose only the deal that you need.

 3- Being Careful While Driving:

If a customer has a relatively good record of driving (drive history), he or she is granted a lower deal. So, be careful and keep a clean record and you will be good to go!


Final Review:

Our final words for Bingle Car Insurance are in its favor. While many of the people seem to be against it, there is a greater amount of people that are for Bingle Car Insurance and have been customers of the company. The company offers great deals and is known for being the cheapest and has won several awards. There is no reason not to give them a chance. At the end of the day, it is all up to you to decide whether or not you want to go with them.


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