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Best Small Car Australia | Top Reliable Cars Australia 2020

Best small car australia


In our journey of writing about cars, we explained a lot of different models to you and also told you about many different terminologies, tricks, tips, and any other word with the same meaning and starts with a ‘t’. However, writing a detailed review of the best small car Australia is going to be a little bit different than the others.


Instead of picking up one target, we are going to focusing on a much larger set of objects. As explained in the title, we are going to pick the top smallest cars from the set of all the smallest cars in the world however, we will make sure that they are well-suited for Australia. In the end, we will also present the ‘best small car Australia’ title to one of the top ones. So, without wasting any time, let’s get right into it.


Best Small Car in Australia:

We will review the vehicles which we have picked on the merit are as follows:


 1- Audi A1

 2- BMW i3

 3- Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport

 4- Mazda 3

 5- Ford Focus Trend


If you think that any of these vehicles deserve a spot as the best small car in Australia 2020, please let us know!


 1- Audi A1:



Of course, the infamous Audi makes a mark on our list of best small car Australia. The Audi A1 is a really amazing compact car designed for literally everyone for casual uses. It delivers a really great performance and has a highly advanced technological system available for the ease of access of the users. The price of the vehicle, however, is a bit too high for everyone to be able to afford it. It starts at $32,350 and goes on until $38,000.


Positive Points:

 1- Really great performance when driving casually.

 2- It has all the latest technology equipped in it including satellite navigation, cruise control, etc.


Negative Points:

 1- The vehicle does not deliver maximum performance when driving at low speed.

 2- It is somewhat noisy.


 2- BMW i3:

BMW i3


This small car is a beauty. It perfectly fits the definition of being small with its really small size but when you enter the vehicle, the interior somehow is surprisingly big as compared to the exterior of the vehicle; just like in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where they enter a small tent which turns out to be bigger than an entire hotel room. It is really pricy though. The vehicle starts at $44,450 and the fully loaded version is $59,000.


Positive Points:

 1- Great interior!

 2- Amazingly comfortable.

 3- spacious & pretty great looking.


Negative Points:

 1- Really high price.

 2- It does not deliver a great performance, not as the competitors.


 3- Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport:



This five-door hatch is perfect for anyone looking for a vehicle under $30,000. Although not that cheap, the vehicle is designed to provide value for the money a customer spends. It runs on a 2.0-liter engine and has a CVT Automatic Transmission. It sits at $24,370 price which is fairly reasonable.


Positive Points:

 1- It delivers a great performance on the road.

 2- The mileage is pretty amazing considering the performance of this vehicle.

 3- The look and feel of this vehicle are great, the available colors are absolutely stunning.


Negative Points:

 1- None that are worth mentioning!


 4- Mazda 3:

mazda 3 2020


The 4th place in our list of best small car Australia, this beast is absolutely amazing in its latest model where the company reduced the noise that the customers complained about. This resulted in a vehicle far better, much more improved, beautiful, and capable of delivering a great performance. It’s technologically advanced with a lot of gadgets fitted inside of it. The Mazda 3 starts at a price of $25,990.


Positive Points:

 1- Extremely Quiet.

 2- Pretty cheap as compared to competitors.

 3- All the good things are equipped inside of it; satnav, 8” LED, cruise control, etc.


Negative Points:

 1- The interior’s frame is a bit off. It can be scratched easily and these scratches can be pretty hard to get rid of.


 5- Ford Focus Trend:

ford focus trend


Basically, the vehicle is similar to Mazda 3 in many ways, even sharing the price of $25,990 as the starting one. However, it can be equipped with many other latest gadgets with some additional cost. The best small car Australia 2020 list can not be completed without The Ford Focus Trend. This marvel is a perfect small car for anyone demanding a great look, stylish interior, and high performance. Although the engine is not as powerful as the Mazda 3, it still pretty much delivers a great performance.


Positive Points:

 1- The interior of the vehicle is really spacious!

 2- The performance of the vehicle is absolutely amazing.

 3- The perfect braking system, steering, and suspension are all the things that make this vehicle the top choice for everyone.


Negative Points:

 1- The vehicle lacks when it comes to fuel prices. The mileage is not as good as the competitors.



As for us, we will have to make a decision right now. Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport is the vehicle that fascinated us the most. Probably due to the fact that the vehicle has everything a person demands in a small car. The performance is great, the mileage is amazing, the interior is comfortable and spacious enough for all the needs, and the price is amazing too! If there is any car in our eyes that deserves the spot of the best small car 2020, it is the Toyota Corolla Ascent.


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