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Best Cub Campers Camper Trailers Australia | Quick Revs

Best Cub Campers Camper Trailers Australia

Traveling is something that everyone is excited about. It opens up your eyes and refreshes your soul also this enlightens your mind about the world and other great places. Despite the fact that we prefer spending our vacations in our home, but sometimes it’s good to explore the world too.


Every individual once in their lifetime must go for camping. It is exciting as well as a thrilling experience of their life. Living far away in the forest or in the mountains is a unique experience that includes camping, cooking, hiking, etc. Trends are changing rapidly nowadays which includes the advancements made in the field of traveling too. While talking about traveling cub camping is essential and amazing.


What is Cub Camper:

Camping is, however, an extraordinary way to celebrate your vacation. Moreover, spending holidays at home watching television is totally bringing or going out spending so much on expensive hotels is too dull. For this camping is preferred. That is why cub camping is introduced.


Traveling to deserts, mountains or rivers is now made easy with the help of the invention named cub camper. Cub camper is basically a customized tent attached to your vehicle. The flexible camp that you can carry anywhere anytime. It ensures you the comfort you feel of your home with all the liabilities offered that makes you feel you are home as well as exploring various places.


Reason to choose Cub Camping:

Manufactured by:

Cub campers are made in the Cub factory in NSW, Australia. The suspension is welded together with the help of the Australian Steel provided by Blue Scope Steel. Then these hand made tents are made with Wax Converters Australian-made canvas. The cub has spent 50 years of service until now. Moreover, Australian Manufacturing and in the Camping and Caravanning Industry and has made 20,000 camper trailers!



The cub has different models produced and is still working to improve their quality the series of cub involves:

  2.2 M

 ✓  2.6 M

 ✓ 3.2 M


2.2 M series:

This series involves four types which are as follows:




  Brumby Le


The weekender is the lightest camper trailer in the range, the Weekender can be towed by most medium SUV's and fewer vehicles, 4-leaf shackle spring suspension for light rough road use and 15" Steel wheels with Under-bed Storage.


The explorer is the best amongst all and is considered productive for beginner level, It is completely an Off-Road Cub, and it is suitable for the individuals who need to head onto the road less traveled and it is still light enough to be towed by most medium-sized SUV's. With 5-leaf shackle spring suspension with 10" Electric Brakes and 15" Steel wheels. It offers Standard Fridge Box and Slide and Under-bed Storage. 


The brumby is the camper that Cub is notable for being the best It has been constructed solidly to bear the brassy Australian outback conditions. To provide you with the best trip its structure includes 10" Electric Brakes with 17" Alloy Wheels. Offering 4kg Gas Bottle and Holder x 2 with Huge Fridge Box and Slide as well as Under-bed Storage.


Brumby is considered as an icon while for Australia's hardest 4WD tracks, the new Brumby LE is the best trailer to go for. With the updated suspension, Mud Terrain tires, 6″ drawbar, 12″ electric brakes. It has Fridge Box Rack with 2100 x 1350 Pocket Spring Mattress and 12V Water Pump – 10L/Min.


2.6 M series:

All the camper trailers in the 2.6M range that stretched out to simply over 5.1m (17ft) when completely open, making a huge inside space and an all-out living zone of 22.1sqm including the grand shade. These Cubs are 30% Larger than others. This series is divided into two categories:


 ✓ Escape


The traveler is an open, fair-sized Tourer, can be towed by most medium SUV's and accompanies light rough road capacity. The camper is perfect for couples and families. It also has a higher storage capacity you can take a greater amount of what you need with you. In addition to it, there is a 5-leaf shackle spring suspension for light off-road use and 15” Steel wheels. 


The escape is a well-known rough terrain Cub model, ideal for couples or families needing considerably more space to move. It can easily tow behind any 4WD, rushes to open and gives you the alternative to include additional capacity and is flexible to suit your needs. In addition to it, there are 12" Electric Brakes and 17" Alloy Wheels4kg Gas Bottle and Holder x 2.


3.2 M series:

The biggest and innovative Cub that includes a family-size tent with all the liabilities that promote the best quality of Cub Camper. With internal living space that extends up to extend to 21ft for a spacious 25.4ms. The two categories are as follows:




The great size of the Longreach has constantly caused it to feel progressively like a band yet with the advantages of being lightweight, reasonable for full rough terrain experiences and portable enough when stashed to be put away at anyplace.  


The biggest of the Cub Camper family, the Longreach LE reaches out to 21ft when completely opened, which makes an immense inside and living space of 25.4msq. This camper is the perfect rough terrain partner and provides a comfortable bed with heaps of extra room. 


Features of Cub Camper:

 1. Flexible opening and closing: 

Every cub is designed in a way that it is easy for every individual to open it and fix it in a proper way. There is a special Ezy-Wind system placed that provides an ease to the traveler. In no time, one can easily set up the camp. 



The cub has a continuous approach of investment in R&D and development and each Cub is structured with TARE and Ball Weight as a significant thought. Every camper has likewise been designed to head out low to limit wind drag and enormously help with efficiency. The camper has likewise been designed to head out low to limit wind drag and enormously help with efficiency. 


 3. Customize your Cub:

The design and manufacture of these camper trailers are performed in the factory located in NSW which is beneficial for the customers as they can customize their cub and we can make their customers cub according to their demands. You only need to call us and detail us about your vehicle requirements, we will design and transform it according to your given conditions. We take time to focus your demands and add creativity to it. Customized cub campers for sale re available in the market in the traveling season. Customize cub camper’s prices are usually higher than usual.


every Cub camper is tested: 

For the satisfaction of cub campers company's reputation and customers' demand, every camper is tested before presenting. For the reliability of the company, we assure the demands of the customers. As well as they offer a 5-year warranty for the cub. The tests include:


 ✓ Severe Angle

 ✓ Corrugation

  Ground Clearance

 ✓ Chassis Twisting



To conclude this article with the fact that traveling has been made easy with the help of Cub Campers. All the products are easy to get while traveling. So for the comfort during traveling is easily accessible. Cub campers for sale are easily available in the market. Traveling was tough before this fine invention. Therefore, with the help of these campers traveling has become easier and exciting. Second-hand cub campers are also available in the market but it’s useless to buy used one.

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