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Australia’s Best Caravan Awning 2021 Review


The most favorite part of camping is enjoying the outdoors, but it makes sense to have an awning on your caravan when the sun is beaming down! Caravan awnings provide you with an increased living space and a comfortable outdoor space protected from sun, wind, and rain. Due to increased popularity, there is a wide choice of styles and materials available. You can have awnings from the simplest rollout caravan awning that provides sun protection to an electronic caravan awning. Most caravan awnings offer wind and rain protection and privacy, all at the same time.


In Australia, there is a range of awning brands. Therefore, choosing the right awning caravan might be a tricky job. It becomes challenging to select the one awning for your caravan to fulfill all your requirements while being budget-friendly. In this article, we have narrowed it down to a few great options to make it easier for you to select the best caravan awning.


The Best Caravan Awnings In Australia:


Allshield 4X4 Awning:

Allshield 4X4 Awning is a fantastic awning that is built for 4WD vehicles. The fabric used can cool down the temperature in the shade. It is also very durable and withstands natural forces. Having this caravan awning, you can relax and be cozy under it. This awning has convenient installation requirements. Therefore, you can set up this awning in a short duration, and it does not take much effort. All you need to do is pull out the awning and then use the guy ropes and the supporting poles to erect it.


Carefree Awning Vinyl:

AWA has carefully designed carefree Awning Vinyl to provide a cool shade under the awning and inside the annex. One can easily install it as well. In order to set it up, you just need to slip it through the sail track, and then the guy ropes and poles can be used to keep the awning intact. Carefree Awning Vinyl is very durable. It can withstand heavy hailstorms and acts as a cushion to muffle the sound of falling rain or debris. A night of peaceful sleep is what every camper yearns for. This is because sleeping peacefully in the outdoors is impossible. But if you buy this caravan awning, you can have a peaceful sleep anywhere!


Fiamma F45s Wind Out Awning:

Fiamma Wind Out Awning is a European-style awning. It is perfect for Jayco campers, Small campers, Hiace, and large motorhomes. It is also very easy to install. To set it up, you just need to pull it out and position the supporting arms. According to the awning length, you may need a few brackets only.


Austrong Awning Vinyls:

Austrong Awning Vinyls is AWA’s special replacement awning. This caravan awning has heavy-duty fabric. This fabric reduces wear and tear and has sunblock features that keep the shade under the awning cool. The modern colour schemes and high-frequency welding of this caravan awning provides complete waterproofing. This awning for the caravan is also budget-friendly and is better than most other types of vinyl available in the market.

Carefree Fiesta Caravan Rollout Awning:

This caravan rollout awning is the only one in the market with a low price tag and a heavy-duty caravan awning worth buying. This Rollout caravan awning is pretty good and is made from high-quality materials. The caravan awning uses heavy-duty fabric that is easy to manage. It also appeals to customers in the budget segment. It is perfect for the campers who are interested in buying the best rollout caravan awning but do not want to spend a lot of money on it.

Camper Room Awning Walls:

If you are looking for an innovative caravan awning, this is what you need! This AWA product can be equipped on any wind-up camper. The awning comes with a simple rollout bag awning attached to the trailer using a sail rack. The anti-flap kit is used in order to prevent the awning from flapping. The sail rack also serves as an inclusion of a full annex or walls. If you are looking for the comfort of your home, this fantastic product is just a few minutes away.

Dometic 9000 Caravan Rollout Awning:

If you are looking for a premium rollout awning caravan, then this is the caravan awning you should go for! With this awning, you will get all the features provided in the Domestic 8500 model. In addition, you will get a thick grade vinyl colour on both sides. In this awning, the arms have been strengthened. This is done by integrating the cast iron locking mechanism. This rollout awning caravan is the best portrayal of the brilliance of AWA’s designs. In short, this awning caravan is a perfect amalgamation of performance, durability, and visual appeal.

Tips For Maintaining Caravan Awnings:

There are plenty of caravans awning mishaps, and it’s pretty easy to understand how these mishaps happen. This is because it is not hard to know what happens when we combine a large piece of fabric with lightweight aluminum poles and the extremes of rain, wind, and trees. Therefore, we have gathered some tips that will help to keep your awning in good shape for longer.



Cleaning prevents the grime from building up. This grime usually damages the fabric. To clean the awning for the caravan, use a mild detergent. It is recommended to avoid harsh abrasive cleaners or bleaches. At the end of every holiday season, check your awning for any damages and clean it.


It is mandatory to check your awning for damage regularly. If you want to ensure that your awning is set up quickly each time, make sure to oil all the elements so that the tracks can run smoothly.

Rain Protection:

It is essential to protect the joins on your awning and stop water from leaking. You can protect the caravan awning joins by waxing them regularly.


Take Care During Wind & Rain:

Caravan awnings provide good protection from the sun, wind, and rain. But these awnings are not designed to withstand extremes, mainly powerful winds. Retract your caravan awning if the weather forecasts strong winds. In addition, one should avoid allowing water to pool on the awning. This is because this water can stretch the material, cause weaknesses and lead to tears.

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