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Best Car Reviews Australia 2020 | Australia’s Best Cars

Car reviews Australia


Do you know what thrill really means? Different people have different definitions of the word. The thrill can mean something that brings chills, it could also mean something shocking, something scary, or something dangerous. However, they all have the same element hidden deep inside of them. The thrill is accompanied by the adrenaline rush, a.k.a excitement. Whether you look at it in a positive way or a negative one, it is still there. In scary situations, you will just ignore its existence but it will be there to help you in the time of crisis.

You might be wondering, okay! But what does that have anything to do with the title, and we would simply tell you: “Mate, driving a car is fun, sure, but driving the best car in the entire country, that is a thrill!”. So, we are going to be doing car reviews Australia to ensure that you know about the best cars in Australia. Hold tight folks, it is going to be a long journey.

What is the best car in Australia?

There is no one car that can be considered as best. We have compiled an entire list of eight cars that we consider to be Australia’s best cars. They are put in our list based on various factors; the foremost being their price. The “best” car is not the one with the best performance and everything. Our list contains cars which have a good performance as well as a good price that a normal person can purchase too. Today, we are going to do a cars review Australia on following Australia’s best cars:

 1. Kia Stinger GT

 2. 2019 Porsche Cayenne Coupe

 3. Holden Commodore

 4. Audi A1

 5. Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport

 6. 2020 Dodge Ram 1500

 7. 2020 Jaguar F-Type SVR AWD

 8. 2019 Renault Megane

 1. Kia Stinger GT:

 KIA Stinger

Kia Stinger GT is the first sports saloon vehicle from Kia. Before that, Kia mostly focused on hatchbacks or mini-SUVs, however, this time, Kia changed the strategy and unleashed this beast. Kia Stinger GT is a powerful vehicle with five doors instead of a regular four. Apart from that, the vehicle is a rear-drive vehicle as compared to the previous ones which were all-wheel driven. It has an excellent value for money since the price is reasonable and one could save up this much in just a year (may vary depending on salary). 


 1. Kia Stinger GT has a modern, interesting look and design.

 2. The vehicle has a great performance due to a good engine in terms of performance delivery.

 3. It contains all the modern equipment a vehicle needs in this era.


 1. The shifting system is a bit itchy. It could use some work but with a good hand, it can be overcome.

 2. The interior of the vehicle seems somewhat dull.

 3. Fuel consumption is really not Kia Stinger’s good points.

Price: $39,240

 2. 2019 Porsche Cayenne Coupe

Porsche cayenne coupe

The second car in our car reviews Australia is none other than from every kid’s dream vehicle company; Porche. The 2019 Porche Cayenne Coupe is a vehicle that does not really follow the regular Porche vehicle design. It is somewhat different in looks than the other Porches considering the SUV-ish design it possesses. The interior becomes smaller than normal due to this “update” to the vehicle too. However, the power and performance remain pretty good for a vehicle with this price.


 1. It has excellent speed! Porche Cayenne Coupe can go from 0 mph to 60 mph in about 4-5 seconds.

 2. It has a choice for two V6s or one V8 engine in different trims.


 1. Sadly, the space in the cabin is lesser than a regular vehicle of this type.

 2. The look feels somewhat off.

Price: $65,000

 3. Holden Commodore

Holden Commodore

Holden Commodore gets a spot on our list because of the amazing design it has. It looks and feels like a muscle car combined with a sports saloon. This combination does not feel any weird and in our car reviews Australia list, this definitely deserves a spot. Definitely one of Australia’s best cars.


 1. The performance of this vehicle is top quality for its price!

 2. The look, as explained before, is highly appealing.


 1. Fuel consumption may be a little problem.

Price: $33,690

 5. Audi A1

Audi A1 2020

Did you really think we would omit the best car company when making the list of Australia’s best cars? Audi A1 is a compact car that is designed for people with a taste for casual cars. Technologically advanced, this vehicle makes it easy for anyone to drive due to the amazing number of features available for driving assist.


 1. Really great performance when driving casually.

 2. It has all the latest technology equipped in it including satellite navigation, cruise control, etc.


 1. The vehicle does not deliver maximum performance when driving at low speed.

 2. It is somewhat noisy.

Price: $32,350

 6. Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport

Toyota Ascent Sports

Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport is the vehicle that is not only listed in our car reviews Australia article but also in the best small cars Australia article. We reviewed it and considered it to be one of the best small cars in the entirety of Australia’s small cars that a regular person can use. Running on a 2.0-liter engine with a CVT automatic transmission, this vehicle delivers a performance not matched by any of its direct competitors.


 1. The available colors for the vehicle are amazing!

 2. It delivers a great performance.

 3. The mileage is good.


 1. None that we have noticed or are worth mentioning.

Price: $24,370

 7. 2020 Dodge Ram 1500

Dodge RAM

We could include the latest Tesla CyberTruck in our list but not knowing the entire details about that vehicle, it is not wise to do so. However, the 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 is a truck that made a spot on our list. This 3.0-liter engine truck delivers excellent performance along with being eco-friendly and increased torque and power. Definitely a good edition in this list of Australia’s best cars. Oh, and you guessed right; this Car Reviews Australia article is not only limited to cars but all sorts of personal ground vehicles.


 1. Extremely powerful truck for its price; it delivers a great performance.

 2. Excellent value for money.

 3. Spacious cabin with great storage cabinets.


 1. Technologically limited; It does not have a lot of modern driving assisting features.

Price: $32,145

 8. 2020 Jaguar F-Type SVR

Jaguar F-Type

Being part of one of the top niche-oriented vehicle manufacturing company, the 2020 Jaguar F-Type SVR is absolutely amazing. It’s not designed for anyone, so you would probably have to save up a lot of money to purchase this vehicle. Yes, it is that expensive but it delivers performance unmatched.


 1. Advance technological features; Front-Parking sensors, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, etc.

 2. Four Cylinder, V6 engines, or V8 engine choice.

 3. Extremely great performance, handling, speed, and design.


 1. Noisy. A bit. But then again, sounds amazing.

Price: $123,600

 9. 2019 Renault Megane

Renault Megane 2020


Of all the vehicles in today’s car reviews Australia article, the 2019 Renault Megane is probably the cheapest. That is one of the major points that lead it to be one of Australia’s best cars. It is a five-door hatch with a classy look and a great value.


 1. It has a good performance for a casual vehicle.

 2. Handling is amazing.

 3. Possesses modern technology for ease of access.


 1. Feels a little bit compacted.


So, in this car reviews Australia article, we reviewed several different types of vehicles which we considered to be Australia’s best cars. However, there might be some disagreements. We should let you know that this list is compiled off different variables and not just one. If you think that some other car deserves a spot in this list, be sure to let us know about it!

If you plan on buying a vehicle, be sure to perform a car history check, VIN number check, etc. as a precaution so you can know everything you need to know about a car. QuickREVs does it for you at a really great price and in a matter of seconds.

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