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Best Car Insurance Companies of 2019 in Australia

Best car insurance companies in Australia



Overview & Importance

Having car insurance is actually having the reach to a legal document that comes into play in case of any road mishap involving your car. This document wows to fulfill financial losses associated with that particular accident you came across. 


Everyone is the expert most driver in his own eyes so why do we need insurance after all? Accidents do not always happen because of our own mistakes. Right? 


It can be due to anyone’s fault. Apart from that even the most skillful of drivers can come across such road accidents anytime. So what if we allow these insurance companies to pay for our financial losses in such cases?


Comparison between Car Insurance Companies:

Every company is unique in its own way as far as car insurance is concerned. Each company is facilitating its customers with their own game plan. 


Some are better for cheap cars while others are taking care of expensive sports cars. Some are targeting particular groups of people while some are willing to provide their services for all careers.


In the content below we have discussed a few companies based on the peculiar services they are providing. If you are looking for the best car insurance companies in Australia then this is your article to read.


 1- GIO

Initiated in 1927, GIO has been one of the most experienced and trustworthy companies currently working in Australia. Mainly giving two types of insurances which are “ Comprehensive Car Insurance “ and “ Third Party Property Damage“. 


They offer 24/7 service which can be easily relied upon with any major issues. 


Another main plus of this company is its well managed and innovative mobile app which really helps customers to review the company's policy.


They have different insurance package starting from platinum insurance which by its name suggest that it would be the most beneficial yet expensive. Apart from the other two more common types are mentioned above.


 2- Allianz

Another quality name that deals with the best car insurance dealings are Allianz. Allianz is also providing services for both insurance types, comprehensive insurance, and third party damage.


It covers accidental damage to your car as well as the other person’s damage which might be partially or fully your fault. Very reasonable prices are available in case you need a towing facility after an accident.


Trained and well-mannered staff members, excellent customer care, cheap rates, are some of the key features.


Payment methods are pretty flexible. Premium offers are available for long term candidates. 


 3- AAMI

A company with one of the easiest and straightforward methods to record your claim with the management. 24/7 service facilities all over Australia and not specified in some areas. You can hire the car till your car is being taken care of in case of some accident.


Discount offers are being presented on a regular basis.


AAMI gives keen attention to customer care services. Better customer service is always a bonus for higher ratings of the company. 


AAMI does not give any assistance in case of damages caused by hail storms and floods.


 4- Bingle

An online car insurance company that was being introduced in 2007 and mainly deals in budget car insurance. For this reason, it lies in the list of cheap insurance companies. Like most of the major companies, Bingle offers 24/assiatnce. 


You can hire a car in case your car is not ready for driving. They also deal with replacing old cars with new ones.


Apart from all the positives, this company is not that much customer-focused as there are no options for face to face which could be a problem for customers who mostly do not interact through digital accessories.


There is no roadside assistance in case of accidents. But it covers for accidental damages as well as the damages that might be caused by storms.


 5- ING

Lifetime repair guarantee. You don't hear that very often. This facility is being provided by ING. An additional offer of saving up to 15% for the first time when you register online. 


It provides a 24/7 road assistance in case of any emergency. Moreover, this company also presents the customers with safe driving incentives in case of a good driving record.


Like Bingle, ING also does not offer roadside assistance which is a major drawback. Apart from that, this is a beautifully balanced and well-managed company.


Selection Criteria

The requirements of the selection criteria depend solely on the customers and the type of facilities they are looking for. The customer has to analyze his requirements first whether he is looking for cheap rates only or he will prefer better customer service. 


Whether he is fond of online claims or he likes to deal with such problems via face to face interactions.


Once the customer has decided on the needed factors then he should look for online reviews and recommendations with the help of complete and thorough research.

Prerequisites To Be The Best

The companies who really want to be on the list of best insurance companies should maintain a balance between the perks they are offering and should be targeting all types of cars and all groups of people.


They should not be customer-specific or car specific if they really want to be THE BEST. A proper customer service system should be available 24/7 in order to satisfy customer queries.


The discounts must be offered occasionally. The older cars must be having the opportunity to avail of roadside assistance. 


The bottom line is that the companies should be well aware of the needs of the customers and they should be happily willing to fulfill them.


Best Customer Service Requirements

This is a wide domain that includes all the domains which might help in building a better relationship between the company and the customer.


This basically depends on the demands of the customers. The customers demand an easy and trustworthy procedure for the claim. The services must be available 24/7 because no time is specifically designated as the time of accidents. 


Mishaps can occur at any time during the day or night. The company policies must be flexible enough to be modified according to the requirements of both parties. 


Communication is the key here. Good communication skills always help with better ratings and reviews.



The insurance companies know what they are here to provide, it's on the customers now that they should know what are they here for?


Every driver is unique in one way or another and the same is the case with the requirements he wants from insurance companies. Hence it solely depends on the customer in order to get better services.


This is only possible if the customer goes thorough research on this specific field and takes the decisions accordingly. 


Moreover, if you want enough details about the history of the car you are going to buy then you don't have to worry at all. All this can be done under one roof. One visit to our page and you will be satisfied in a comprehensive way.


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