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Australia’s Best Car Battery Chargers Review


No matter how fine your car is running, the battery of your car can lose power due to several reasons. These reasons may include its age, use, and temperature. If all of a sudden your car’s battery dies, you will be left stranded on the side of the road. The only way would be to wait for roadside assistance or find someone to assist you with a jumpstart. This situation can be problematic and frustrating. Therefore, having a good car battery charger is essential. A portable car battery charger offers a safer and easier solution. If you have a car battery charger, you can power your vehicle’s battery at any time and any place.


To help you choose the best car battery charger, we’ve gathered some of the most popular car battery chargers on the market. We chose these battery chargers by assessing them against a range of important criteria. Below, we have mentioned our findings and outlined the key feature you need to consider when choosing the best battery charger for your vehicle.


Some Features To Look Out For Charge Life:

It is essential to look at a car battery charger’s charge life before buying it. Also, find out the duration of recharge time. 



Another feature to look at is the amperage and voltage the charger offers. 



It is essential to find out How long the charger will take to charge a battery fully.


Indicator Lights:

Having LED lights is a valuable feature. This feature lets you know what is going on.



As there is a lot of variation in the price of car battery chargers, it is better to consider your needs and the budget before buying a car battery charger.


Best Car Battery Chargers Australia:

1. AIMTOM Smart Charger

2. CTEK MXS 5.0 12V Smart Car Battery Charger

3. Beleeb 6-Stage Car Battery Charger 

4. Schumacher SPi15-12 Charger

5. Maxxlee Smart Car Battery Charger


AIMTOM Smart Charger:

The AIMTOM battery charger is suitable for both the 6V and 12V batteries. Therefore, it is helpful if you need a charger for a car or a smaller voltage battery in a boat, motorbike, lawnmower, etc. This car battery charger knows the level of charge needed. Thereby it switches to the required mode. This feature makes it a reliable car battery charger.


It also includes some other safety features:

 Protection against reverse-polarity






 Snow mode


AIMTOM car battery charger’s LCD shows the voltage, current, charge mode, battery type, and the percentage of power that is left. It resets to the last setting automatically when turned on. In addition, it detects and repairs the battery if it is sulfated. This car battery charger has an 8-stage smart charging process that helps avoid overcharge and the need for the user to check the charge level constantly. This fully automatic multi-use battery charger completely meets the needs of any battery. It is a good car battery charger that keeps your batteries topped up and safe. Use this charger to avoid overcharge or damage to the battery.


CTEK MXS 5.0 12V Car Battery Charger:

If you are looking for a user-friendly car battery charger, the CTEK MXS 5.0 12V Car Battery Charger is the best option for you. It is controlled by an advanced microprocessor that offers a reliable and fast charge. This portable car battery charger automatically considers the fluctuation in the temperature and provides the best charging performance.


This car battery charger can be used on any battery (1.2Ah – 110Ah) and assists with many issues. It is an automatic 12V car battery charger that solves car battery issues easily.


It also has some amazing safety features that include:

 Reverse polarity protection





It is an easy-to-use car battery charger that is safe and durable. We listed it among the best car battery chargers because it is reliable and provides selectable battery programs.


Beleeb 6-Stage Car Battery Charger:

If you are looking for a car battery charger that is budget-friendly, the Beleeb 6-Stage Charger is one of the best options for you. You can use this all-in-one car battery charger on any battery-powered equipment, including boats, cars, lawnmowers, etc. It can also be used on all lead-acid batteries that range from 6V- 24V (under 100Ah). This battery charger just plugs in and automatically maintains the voltage without overcharge or damaging the battery. Its repair mode reverses the damage that might be caused by a long duration of low or no charge. It is a safe and reliable car battery charger ideal for maintaining multiple batteries without spending too much.


Schumacher SPi15-12 Charger:

There are several Schumacher car battery chargers models, and all are made up of good quality materials. This brand has been around in the world of car battery chargers for a long time and is recognized worldwide. If you want to have a safe, precise, and extended battery life charging, the multi-stage Schumacher SPi15-12 Charger is the one for you. This is a fully automatic charger with a 12V 15A. It controls the charging process using microprocessor technology.


This portable battery charger suits:

Gel cell batteries 

 AGM batteries 

 Calcium batteries

 Start/stop batteries


If you are not using your car for an extended period of time, the Schmacher SPi15’s float-mode monitoring will automatically maintain optimum battery charge.


This charger’s safety features also protects against: 


 Reverse charge




 Reverse connection

 Reverse polarity


To accurately display the working status, this car battery charger incorporates an LCD screen. It offers 3X faster charging and comes with a hook attachment and protection bumpers.


Maxxlee Smart Car Battery Charger:

Maxxlees car battery charger is an advanced model. It comes with a high-tech 9-step charging system.  Using its range of maintenance modes, this charger automatically diagnoses, recovers, and charges the batteries.


This charger can be used for charging:

 12V  batteries

 24 Wet  batteries

 AGM  batteries

 GEL  batteries

 MF batteries


It has many safety features. This car battery charger prevents short-circuiting, overheating, and bad connections. It also protects car batteries from reverse polarity and overcharging. In order to keep you informed, this charger uses indicator lights. If you want many features at a great price, then go for the Maxxlee smart car battery charger.


Final Verdict:

It is essential to have an extra car battery charger. Having a good portable car battery charger will keep your car and adventure going smoothly. The car battery chargers that we have reviewed above are the most reliable and trusted ones. We recommend our readers to choose the one that suits their needs and budget.


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