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Berrima Diesel Review Australia: Everything you need to know


All cars have an energy source. Whether it’s petrol or diesel. A car does not simply run based on how good of material is present in it. However, when it comes to selecting what’s best for your car, there’s always been a war between Petrol vs Diesel. Diesel is considered to be a little better than patrol because its performance is usually better.


Following are a list of things that make diesel the easier and better choice:

 ✓ If we talk about engines, diesel engines are considered to be more efficient as compared to patrol. The best thing is that they can use up to 30% less fuel.

 ✓ They have 20% lower CO2 emissions. This automatically makes them a lower tax band and it means that their payment in car tax is lesser, especially in the first year.

 ✓ If you have a bigger vehicle, diesels are more powerful. Even when you want to tow a caravan or trailer.

 ✓ Their lifespan is also longer than patrol.

 ✓ Cars that run on diesel depreciate at a slower rate.


One of the side effects of diesel is that they cost a little more than patrol but once you have your car run on diesel, you wouldn’t want to switch back to patrol. Your car would run smoother than ever.

Speaking of diesel’s, in Australia, there’s a huge market where you can buy diesel and come up to talk about diesel related queries. If you want to operate your car on diesel, it’s natural that you have multiple questions in mind. There is a lot of discussion in the market where to buy diesel from and what diesel is better. It’s difficult to make a decision if you have millions of things going on in your head. For something like this, you should rely on one company, Berrima Diesel.


Berrima Diesel Service is a company owned and operated by a family business. It is located 100km south of Sydney and 1km South of the Southern Highlands in the historic township of Berrima. Hence, the name. The company has expertise in giving away accurate information about diesel and produce high-quality diesel repairs and products.



Let’s start from the beginning. How did the company start? Two brothers Andrew and Reinhard are the brains behind the company. They have specialized in the “Black Art” of diesel fuel injection. They are also recognized worldwide among the 4WD community for their exceptional skill set. Their skills include:

 ✓ Injector Servicing

 ✓ Turbo Charging

 ✓ Fuel Pumps


 ✓ Exhaust Packages

 ✓ Diagnostic Testing and troubleshooting

 ✓ Dyno Tuning


Berrima Diesel has been regarded as Australia’s Prime 4WD diesel Turbo Centre. They have an entire range of power-up options available for all factory turbo diesel's 4WD's. Another important thing that they have is an industry-wide reputation for remedial work with problem diesel vehicles. These problem diesel vehicles include those that smoke or lack power.


There are numerous articles that are discussing their ability to rectify these problems and have appeared in the major 4WD magazines. These articles have been written by Berrima Diesel and have been published in famous magazines such as Overlander, 4X4 Australia, Caravan World, Truck, Wanderer, and 4WD Monthly.


In an interview with one of the workers is Berrima Diesel, he explained that people come to them with diesel vehicles that are creating problems from 4WD manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda, and Rover. He also said that they have satisfied customers from all corners of Australia and their 65 years of experience is paying off well. Once you have used a diesel bought from Berrima diesels, you will realize that having a diesel car isn’t much work.


Why should I choose Berrima?

If you’re wondering, why Berrima diesel's are the perfect choice for you. We have an entire list of reasons prepared for you to benefit from:

 ✓ No other company in Australia specializes and has a good amount of experience in 4WD diesel tuning and if you’re smart, you wouldn’t risk taking your expensive vehicle to an apprentice and come to a company that has good and experienced workers.

 ✓ What is the most essential thing you need to get done when it comes to your car? Turbo Charging and trouble shooting. You get both these things done by Berrima Diesel because this is the owner’s specialty.

 ✓ Since the company has been running for 65 years straight, it has more experience than any other company. They also know about their diesels and how to work without machinery. They believe in the old school policy of working from hand.

 ✓ They are also working on setting up injectors to not only atomize but burn Australia’s poor diesel fuel. Along with this, they are also ‘Power Tuning’ all the Factory turbo Diesel's.

 ✓ Usually, when you go to a diesel shop, you’re worried about spending too much because let’s face it, diesel prices are high. However, with the Berrima diesel, you don’t get any unnecessary expense or turbo upgrades.  Berrima diesel price is comparatively lower.

 ✓ They have turbo systems that are specifically manufactured for Berrima diesel. They do not adopt or buy turbo systems from other companies. They have their own sources.

 ✓ One last but not the least important thing is that they are the only company that has their Turbo system’s Warranty backed up Australia Wide by DTS Turbo Systems and DTS has Factory Shops in every State.


Services available at Berrima Diesel:

Following is the list of all services provided by Berrima diesel:

 ✓ Electronic Diesel's that are catered for   

 ✓ Leading Turbo Systems specialists from Australia

 ✓ All diesel 4WD’s Excessive smoking or surging or lack of power troubleshooting

 ✓ Enhancements for factor turbo power

 ✓ Tuning of diesel performance

 ✓ Diesel injector Repair and service

 ✓ Pump repair and servicing.


Some Reviews:

Some of the Berrima diesel reviews from Customers are given below:


Reviews #1:

“Very helpful men that know they stiff. We have to chip for your cars and have been very happy with the services we have received before and after service”


Reviews #2:

“Finally got me a long-awaited DP chip for my beloved kzn165r. My absolute only disappointment was that I didn't do this six years ago. Dave and the boys were absolute champions to deal with. I had some trouble with it not working at first, but the team kept constant with communication and had me sorted asap. I could not suggest these guys strongly enough, I even had an email a few days later checking in. 10/10 will be a repeat customer, thanks boys ps it's like a whole new car”


Reviews #3:

“Such legends, Hilux broke down on the freeway just outside Berrima. Got it towed there and despite them being booked up with services, they managed to fit me in and get it fixed in a reasonable time, will be taking it there for services from now on”


When it comes to selecting the right diesel, the choice is yours. However, the best diesel choice according to this article is none other than Berrima Diesel. They have everything that a company needs along with years of experience and expertise. All you need to know about this company is mentioned above.

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