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Autoglym Review Australia | Best Car Care Products?

Autoglym Review Australia

Do you like cleaning your car with foaming shampoo? Do you prefer applying conditioner after wash for a final finesse? Or do you like your car extra glossy? Because Autoglym offers everything you need to protect your automobile. Are you in the search of products that are suitable and cost-effective? You must try their products. They not only offer a wide range of products but also a reliable and long-lasting range.


Where car maintenance is important, it is also hard work! But, luckily Autoglym has made it quite easy for you. Do you know what is the major benefit of keeping your car in an outstanding condition? You will get maximum resale value! What will happen if you want car assistance but are not able to reach your mechanic or showroom? Try calling them for instant help. Besides delivering cleaning products, they offer their services through an expert advice portal.


Autoglym has been in the automobile market since 1965. Starting with only 8 ground-breaking the best car care products, now they have completed their 50 years! After every couple of years, they have introduced a revolutionary product. Radiant Wax Polish in 1978, high-class treatments in 1984, and Life Shine system in 2004! The major turning point was its carefully formulated “Headlight Restoration Complete Kit” in 2016.



It has several categories from which you can choose any product as per your need. They have made subcategories for your convenience. Their products ensure that we get the expected finesse, and robustness, speedily and effortlessly. Some of the most used and aesthetic products are:



Foaming Car Wash: To get rid of routinely dust and specks.

Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner: A foaming shampoo for deeper rinsing, with less foam and water-repellent features.

Ultra-high Definition Shampoo: Maximum foam, and an additional feature of alluring scent.

Polar Blast: Used to apply thick snow foam before washing your car. It comes with a pressure washer or a gun.

Polar Wash: A shampoo with a pressure washer, used for real-time cleaning of sticky dirt, and road filth.

Magma: A highly advanced method for deeper cleaning based on colour transformation. Its reactive particles go purple after coming in contact with iron.

Autoglym Super Resin Polish: For scraping away the petty scratches restoring the car’s shine.

Ultra-Deep Shine polish: For getting rid of slight scrapes, and leaving the exterior shiny. But, it is more suitable for dark coloured vehicles!

Polar Seal: A water-resistant shielding layer on the car’s exterior for a rapid end moment finish.

Extra Gloss Protection: Long-lasting coating to keep your car glossiness.

Ultra-high Definition Wax: Most premium wax for a lasting gleam and sturdiness of the car.

Bumper & Trim Gel: Perfect choice of a gel that imposes a water-repellent layer on handles, bumpers, wheel arches, and spoilers. It is suitable for vinyl, plastic, and rubber.

Quick Detailers: It has 4 key products including Active Insect Remover, Bird Dropping Wipes, Rapid Detailer, and Instant Show Shine. Instant Show Shine can be applied all over the vehicle.



Clean Wheels: The product is made for lacquered alloy, painted, and plastic wheel trims. It offers the quickest and easiest way of making your wheels free from rust, dirt, mud, and corrosion.

Custom Wheel Cleaner and Custom Wheel Cleaner Complete Kit: Cleaner tailored with a potent acid-free formula to offer everlasting finish. The kit is a whole package featuring every item you will be needing to remove brake dust with no time.

Wheel Cleaning Mousse: A premium product based on Colour Transform Technology (turns red), with a neutral pH to clean every inch of the wheels.

Hi-Tech Wheel Brush: Handy tool to remove fixated brake dust. It features chemically resilient, durable, and flexible brush strands.

High-Performance Tyre Gel: Fragrant spray-able gel with silicone polymers for natural finesse. It can be used on wet or dry tires.

Wheel Protector: A waterproof sealant offering ultimate protection to the wheels. It is applicable on lacquered, unlacquered, mirror-finish, and alloy wheels and stays intact for 6 weeks.



To keep your interior exotic, fresh, and updated, Autoglym offers a wide range of shampoos, fresheners, balms, and gels. They work effectively on vinyl, plastic, mirror, glass, and leather.

Shampoo: Compatible with all fabrics, easily washable, and effective in removing deep stains.

Vinyl & Rubber Care: Customised product to renew your plastic interior, by restoring the natural color. It is present in lemon fragrance, offering extensive protection to plastic and rubber parts.

Leather Care Balm: Suitable for faux leather without fading color, greasing or rusting the structure as it is pH neutral emulsion. It makes your seating crack-free, and smoother.

Car Glass Polish: Cleaning gel for extensive scrubbing. Workable on glass, mirrors, Perspex, acrylic, and plastic windows. Get a crystal-clear vision!

Air-Con Cleaner: Long sustaining fresheners for a car cooling system that works within 20 minutes.



If you want to buy not one but multiple products, you can ask for their “Complete kits” which comprises all required items for a superficial or deep cleaning.

Bodywork Wash & Protect Complete Kit

Rapid Aqua Wax Complete Kit

Surface Detailing Clay Kit



It has Intensive Tar Remover which is a quick-acting liquid for removal of obstinate tar specks, glues, uncleanable marks of diesel or oil, sticky dirt, and polish streaks. Secondly, it has an exclusive Paint Renovator, to make your paintwork look flawless. But, only apply it over the blemishes. They have Metal Polish and Motorcycle cleaner also. These are found to be practicable on brass, copper, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, and unlacquered aluminum alloys.


Carbon Shield:

Finding a way to keep your car brilliantly clean inside and out? Autoglym has provided us the ultimate solution with its reliable, enduring, applicable, and manageable coatings for a complete car. A carbon shield is found ultra-durable in keeping all fabrics, paint, and glass squeaky clean. Make your car stain-free, and glass water-resistant.


Why you should buy from Autoglym:

Vinyl & Rubber Care has dual use as it prevents the sticking of rubber doors in cold climate conditions

Every item is carefully formulated to keep the hard-wearing structure original

Hi-tech aqua dry is highly absorbent, leaving no greasy looks

The carbon Shield system comes with a 7 years warranty

Exterior coating products have hydrophobic, neutral, and quick-acting formulas

These products make the surface water repellent, non-corrosive, and glossier

Layering your car with such gels will offer maximum resistance to climate contaminants

Aqua Wax has carnauba wax and applies to alloy wheels


Customer’s feedback:

Review 1:

“I’m now on my third bottle of this polish. It works so well with white cars and even removes mild scratches and watermarks.”


Review 2:

“I am a fan of car detailing, and I have tried a lot of brands which we can get in Australia. So far, i would recommend Super Resin polish.. The price is reasonable.”


Final verdict:

Autoglym products are known for providing matchless shine to your vehicles which will last for months. Their services are also pocket-friendly. They have formulas that work promptly and give a fresher look to your car. Their exclusive Aftercare Collection provides conveniences to keep your car radiant for a longer time.


While Carbon Shield guards your car against usual traffic dust and muck, routinely car care is also a necessity. But what if you purchase a car with dents, multiple malfunctions, and a filthy structure, you must be in the need of detailed cleanup, as soon as possible. If you are looking for a car with a refreshing look, you must know about its previous details. And, now, it is just a matter of minutes to get the theft and accidental history of your desired car from accessing our all-time accessible portal or  visit our official site Quick Revs.

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